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Hari Om kathha aarambh hoti hai

Posted on: December 1, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Can you guess how many actors and actresses must have worked in ALL Hindi films from 1931 to 2000 ?
I asked this question to my friend and he hazarded a figure of 2000. I put the number at around 3000 to 4000, myself.

What is your Guess ?

It is unimaginable that some good soul had the time and energy to compile this list of 70 years of film acting.

Yes , it’s true. Such a list is available with ALL names arranged alphabetically. And the number…..?

It is a whopping 7000 !

The list of names of ALL actors and actresses who worked in films from 1931 to 2000 was published on the RMIM Forum, by none other than Dr.Surjit Singh ji of USA.

No-he has not compiled it, he got it from an Internet site-Now Defunct-,and published it 0n 29-8-2006.

This is a common list, not distinguishing by sex or the standing-like hero, heroine, villain etc.

This is a problem, because we in India are habituated to labelling people. A Hero is never just a Hero-he has to be a comedy hero, a Tragedy Hero, an Action hero etc.

Similarly, Heroines have to be Tragedy queen(like Meena Kumari-although she did many comedy film roles in Bandisah, Ilzaam, Sshararat, Kohinoor,Azaad, Miss Mary etc), Comedy heroine like Meena Shorey, Sex bomb heroine like Shekhavat, Dancer heroine like Madhuri Dixit or a Weeping heroine like Nimmi etc.

Even the comedians are stamped as the Drunkard(Keshto Mukherjee), Buffoon(Rajendra Kumar) or a Miser (Ompraksh, though he did all types of roles).

OMPRAKASH BAKSHI was born on 19-12-1919 at Lahore. At the age of 12 , he started learning classical music. In 1937,he joined A.I. Radio on a salary of Rs.25 pm.

He took the penname of ‘FATEH DIN. He presented entertaining programmes. He was very popular in Punjab and Lahore during that period. In private parties he was a centre of attraction. In one such Party, where he was regaling his audience, he was noticed by Dalsukh Pancholi and he offered Omprakash a role in DAASI-1944. Then came Dhamki-45 and Aayee Bahaar-46. In Shehar Sse Door-46, he was a co Hero with Al Nasir and later in Ghungroo-52 he was the Hero opposite Sumitra Devi.

Just when he was settling in films, partition took place and he landed in Bombay. His first film in Bombay was Lakhpati-48 and then there was no looking back. He acted as Villain in Naach, Nirdosh, Baghi Sipahi etc. He was a good actor and played a variety of roles. In many films he was shown as a Pehelwan. In Pehli Jhalak, his bout with Dara Singh became the film’s attraction. Even in Chameli ki Shaadi, he was a pehelwan.

There were many films made with him as a central character like, Annadaata, Dus lakh, Sadhu aur Sshaitan. Dil Duniya, Daulat -72 was a remake of Pugree-48 in which he did the role which was done by comedian Ghori in Pugree.

C.Ramchandra was his best friend. They together produced Duniya Gol Hai, Jhanjhar and Lakeer. The trailer of Duniya Gol Hai was more interesting than the film In this trailer, Raj Kapoor, Dilip Kumar and Ashok kumar come on the screen one after another and say- I have directed this film, so you must see it. Lastly Omprakash comes on screen and says,” Ye sab pagal hain. Picture to maine direct kee hai”. Anyway all the 3 films flopped despite good music. Later Omprakash produced films like Gateway of Iindia, Chacha Zindabad, Sanjog and Jahan Ara. After Jahan Ara’s colossal losses he stopped producing films and converted his office into a Card Game centre for friends.

His last days-

He lived in Union Park, Chembur, a suburb of Mumbai. He died at age 78 in Mumbai, India of a heart attack. The actor who was always so full of life was still full of life till just two days before his death. He knew he was not well. He knew he was suffering from various complications but he never gave up his zest for life till his heart betrayed him. He kept calling friends to play a game of rummy or just chat. He had an office at the Roop Tara Studios which was only used for “rummy sessions” and “chat sessions”. Then, some years ago, he shifted his office to the suburbs to make it more convenient for his friends. He attended this office regularly till his health started failing him. He was confined to his bungalow (next to Ashok Kumar’s bungalow). He suffered his first heart attack in his own bedroom. He was rushed to the Lilavati Hospital where he suffered a second heart attack and went into a coma from which he never came out. He was declared dead at 1.30 pm on February 14. The news spread fast and the industry was shocked and stunned because he was the kind of man who could not be easily associated with something so sombre and solemn like death.

Omprakash had acted in more than 200 films.

let us see and enjoy his song in the film Bindiya-1960-

BINDIYA(1960),was a typical south indian movie depicting Saas Bahu jugalbandi.

Produced by A.V.M.Productions for Kamal Brothers, Madras,it was directed by Krishnan Panju(Ladlaa,Do Kaliyan etc),and the Music was by Iqbal Qureshi.
The cast was Balraj Sahni, Padmini, Vijaya Chaudhari, David,Jagdeep,Omprakash, Jayashree Gadkar, Achala Sachdev, Rajendranath etc. There were many South Indian actors also in it. It was a story of Dervraj(Balraj Sanhi) and Bindu(Padmini) who have a love marriage. Trouble starts when Devraj’s step mother enters their house. In a true South Indian movies tradition, theend is sweet and all gather for a Group Photo at the end.

Omprakash,who does the role of Shastriji, sings a song “Hari om katha arambh” in this film in his own voice and a record also came out.

Krishnan Panju, as the popular belief is, was NOT one person but it was a duo of directors R.Krishnan and Panju Arunachalam. They were very successful director duo in Tamil films and did about 70 films together till late 80s. They directed 4 films in Hindi also.

Song-Hari om katha aarambh hoti hai (Bindiya)(1960) Singer-Om Prakash, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Iqbal Qureshi


hari om katha aarambh hoti hai
baitho mere jazmaan
ek sudama bhakt thhey
dooje krishn bhagwaan
suno khol kar kaan

haan to bandhuon mitron
bhraataaon aur maataaon
aaj grishpravesh ke shbhv awsar par
main aapko shri krishna bhagwaan
aur unke very very poor friend
arthaat bahut gareeb mitr
sudama ji ki katha sunaataa hoon

mitron sudama ji bahut gareeb thhey
aur uspar ghar mein khaanewaale ek kam tees
ek sudamaji dooje unki patni
aur baaki twentyseven pc children
arthaat ke sattaaees adad bachche
ae ae
mitron aap to jaante hi hain
ki gareebon ke ghar mein
santaan zara zyaada hi hoti hai
aur un dinon birth control bhi nahin thha
heh heh heh heh heh
to gareebi aur bhookh se tang aakar
sudaama ji ki patni ne ek din
sudama ji se kaha

mere swaami bhookha marna kyaa
mere swaami bhookha marna kyaa
jab krishn se saathi hain tere
phir chhup chhup aahen bharna kya
mere swaami bhookha marna kyaa
mere swaami bhookha marna kyaa

to sajjanon
mrs sudama ki ye baat
mr sudama ki samajh mein aa gayi
aur woh praatahkaal hi dwarka ki yatra ke liye
taiyyar ho gaye
jaate samay unki patni ne ye kaha
ke bachpan ke mitr se milne jaa rahe ho
kuchh bhent to lete jaao
magar kangle ke ghar mein thha hi kyaa
jo wo lekar jaata
to uski patni ne kya kiya
ek mutthi bhar chaawal
potli mein baandhkar sudama ji ko de diye

to sajjanon
sudama ji din bhar chalte rahe chalte rahe
raaste mein kayi nadiyaan aayin
unhone tair kar paar kar lin
pahaad aaye
aap to jaante hi hain
ki sudamaji koi tensing to thhe nahin
jo aasaami se pahaad par chhad jaate
kintu jyun tyun karke unhone pahaad bhi paar kiya
uske baad shaam pad gayi
aur sudama ji ko bhookh ne bahut tang kiya
idhar udhar dekha
magar unko khaane ko kuchh nazar nahin aaya
itne mein sudama ji ne kya dekha
ki unke samne ek jungle ki bakri
aakar khadi ho gayi hai
sudama ji man mein bahut pulkit huye
unhone vichaar kiya apne mann mein
ki ye bakri ka doodh peekar
apne pet ki agni ko shaant kar lete hain

magar bakri bhi sajjanon badi clever thhi
jab usne dekha ki sudama ji uski taraf aa rahe hain
to usne kyaa kiya
dhadid dhidda ?? dhen karke wahaan se fauran bhaagi

sudama ji ne bakri ko bhaagte dekha to to zor se pukaara

ruk jaa o jaane waali ruk ja aa aa
main to raahi teri manzil ka
dekh na tu phate huye kapde ae ae
aaadmi bura nahin main dil ka aa aa
aaadmi bura nahin main dil ka

parantu sajjanon
sudamaji ji ki ye besuri taan
bakri devi ji ko pasand nahin aayi
aati bhi kaise
sudama ji gaa rahe thhe
koi Mukesh nahin

to bakri bhaagkar
khazoor ke darakhth ke ooper chhadh gayi
sudama ji ne bhi ye socha
ki main bhi is darakth ke neeche
apni raat vyateet kar loon
to sudama ji darkth ke neech late gaye
ab neeche se sudama ji
ooper bakri ko dekh rahe thhe
aur bakri neech sudama ji ko
ooper se dekh rahi thhi

full moon thha sajjanon full moon
full moon aur bakri ko dekh kar
sudama ji ne kahaa

khoya khoya chaand
khula aasmaan
aankhon mein saari raat jaayegi ee ee
aankhon mein saari raat jaayegi ee ee
bakri bhi hans kar boli
tujh ko bhi kaise neend aayegi ee ee
tujh ko bhi kaise neend aayegi ee ee

ab sajjanon
bhagwaan ki leela dekho
jab sudama ji ki aankh khuli
tu unhone apne aap ko
gomti nadi ke tat par paaya
aur phir sudama ji ne snaann kiya
chandan ragad par maathe par lagaaya
phir dwarkapuri mein prawesh kiya

sudama pandey ka naam sunana hi thha ki
shri bhagwaan krishn
bijli ki tarah daudkar dwaar par pahunche
aur jaate hi unhone apne mitr ko galey se

un hoon
ye to american sudama hai

phir sudama ji ko bhagwan krishan mahal mein le aaye
andar laakar unhone unko uchh sthaan par bithhaya
aur phir charan dhoye
charan dhokar charnaamrit
saari dwarka mein baanta gaya
phir bhabhi ke bheje huye rookhe sookhe chawal
sri bhagwan krishn ne iss tarah chabaaye
jis tarah ke aajkal aap
dehradoon ki basmati khaate hain

haan to sajjanon
uske baad lunch huaa
is prakaar saat din aanandpoorv
sudama ji bhagwan sri krishn ke charnon mein rahe
aathwen din unhone bhagwan se
apne ghar jaane ki aagya chaahi
bhagwaan sri krishn sudama ji ko khud
dwaar tak chhodne ke liye aaye

sudama ji wahaan se vida huye
raaste mein aate aate unhone
man hi man mein krishn ko kosaa
ki meri sewa to itni ki hai
parantu meri family ke liye kuchh nahin kiya
sudama ji bahut dukhi huye
aur ek bade patthar ke paas baithh gaye
aur shri bhbhagwan krishn ko dhyaan mein rakhhkar
ro kar kehne lage

mujhe tum se kuchh bhi na chaahiye
mujhe mere haal pe chhod do
mujhe mere haal pe chhod do
mujhe tum se kuchh bhi na chaahiye

to mitron
isi prakaar
rotey rotey thhake maande
girte giraate
sudama ji sudama nagri mein pahunche
apni kutiya ko dhoondhne ke liye
jab wo apne sthaan par pahunche
to hairaan rah gaye
kya dekhte hain ki unki kutiya ki jagah
wahaan par ek mahal khada hai
bechaare bahut pareshaan huye
to kya dekhte hain ki
na unki kutiya hai
aur na brahmini hai unki
to phir sudama ji ne devdas bankar
apne kaan par haath rakhkar
apni brahmini ko pukaara

aawaaz de kahaan hai
arre bhai tabley wale
tu bhi dwarka pahunch gaya kya
saath de
aawaaz de kahaan hai
aawaaz de kahaan hai

to mitron
itne mein mehal ke andar se
ek sundari
maathe pe bindiya lagaaye
aur paaon mein bichhuaa
bilkul hamaari bindu bitiya ki tarah baahar aayi
aur jaakar usne sudama ji ke charan chhuye
sudamaji bidak kar peeche hatt gaye aur kehne lage
arri o madhumati paraayi naari
tu mere paaon kyun chhooti hai

tab sudamaji ki stree ne haath jodkar
apna ghoonghat uthhaaya
aur kaha
ke hey prannath
main to aapke charnon ki daasi hoon
tab sudamaji bahut khush huye
tab unki patni ne unko bataaya
ki ye sab bhagwan krishn ki leela hai
jo mahal khada ho gaya hai
ye sab aapke mitr ki den hai

to sajjanon
ant mein meri yahi prarthana hai ki
har sudama ko uska krishn milta rahe
jaise ki mere jazmaan
shri devraj ji ko
rai sahab kedarnath ji
krishn bankar mile hain
aise hi
shri rai sahab ji ko bhi
jab ye sudama honge
koi na koi krishn mila hoga

aise hi sajjanon
meri ye prarthna hai ki
sabke mahal bante rahen

isliye ab ant mein
sab ek saath ho kar kahiye
triloki nath sri krishna ki
triloki nath sri krishna ki

8 Responses to "Hari Om kathha aarambh hoti hai"

Arun ji

Enjoyed the post and song very much
Kithna lamba ganaa hai, likhne mein bahut time lagaa hogaa !!

I like Om Prakashji`s personality very much, I liked him very much in Namak halal,chupke chupke,Aa gale lag jaa(character with grey shades),Golmal(scenes with Utpal Dutt & Kesto Mukherjee at police station)Annadata,Gopi, Pyar Kiye jaa, Padosan,Pati Patni, Basant Bahaar,Do Kaliyan,Buddha Mil gaya, Apna Desh,Amar Prem,Joroo ka Gulam,Naya Daur(Mahesh Bhatt directed),Naram Garam,Saheb Bahadur,Julie,Aandhi,Chowkidar,Prem Rog,Neend hamaari khwaab tumhaare,Mere humdum mere dost(He dance in a very endearing way with Mumtaz for “Allaa ye adaa”)(and his superb expressions in Sagina song “Salaa main toh saahab bann gaya”)

I miss you very much Om Prakash ji, wherever you are.

Thanks Atulji and Arun ji again


Thanks Arunji for groundwork on my favourite Om Prakash. There isn’t and can’t be anybody like him. He was the best in the business. His style was inimitable with a tangy/nasal sing song voice as only he could manage it.
He used to send Money Orders to even unknown people all over India.
Padosan was one of his best portrayals of a typical old man doing his daily exercise in laal langota to look young yearning for the beautiful damsel. His role in Asha was equally good. In Annadata, Buddha Mil Gaya and few more he was practically a hero.
Tragedy was all the pictures produced by him were utter flops while the ones he acted in were super success. Maybe some sort of jinx.
I saw him and talk to him( he was getting a massage in a lungi) when I went to read out my poems to Rajendra Krishan in Roop Tara Studio, Dadar
I saw Bindiya a couple of times on B&W Channel of Hathway


oh wow! what a song and very nice mix of old songs in between. have never heard this before. now i can’t wait to see this movie. specially for this KATHA. thank you Arunkumarji & Atulji


Fantastic. Never heard this song before, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am just loving this series on non-singers. Thank you.


Extremely well-written article. As per the way you are describing him I think he had the top most work ethic…and that is the reason he was getting offer from the film industry.
Well, I am not familiar with sex bomb actress…Shekhavat 🙂
Sometimes I think …Om prakash and Johny walker was the best actors and they did most of the work in their film.
I do not know Tamil…but Bindiya was remade film of Deivapiravi 1960.
So they have similar Katha in that film…I do not what is the story here 🙂


Thanks Avinash ji.


My pleasure Sir !!
Thanks are due to ‘Yippee Guru’ & ‘Yippee Project’ 🙂


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