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Dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji

Posted on: December 2, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Collecting information from forgotten artists is extremely difficult. First problem is to find them. Many yesteryear actors who are still alive are living in anonymity. People who live around them also may not know their identity, many times. If they are members of CINTAA (Cine and TV Artists’ Association, Mumbai), one may get their addresses, but some actors do not even inform CINTAA, when they shift.

Secondly information collected from the senior artists is not always reliable, because many time they give wrong information-knowingly or unknowingly- and sometimes they do not remember the information accurately due to their old age. In all such cases, the collected information has to be corroborated with materials from books, other sources or other connected people.
I was somehow lucky to come in contact with a few old timers. Music Director Chitragupt was the father of Anand and Milind, the composer duo. Milind’s wife is the daughter of my friend Mr.Kashyap, a Director of a Pharma Company. Thus when the talks of marriage were in progress, Kashyap ji would take me with him to Chitrgupt’s house. We were all of the same age group and we used to have several sittings discussing music, artists and related topics. Some of the things were noted down by me and they came in very handy when I started writing about old films and Music.

Likewise when I was working in a Pharma company, Bhushan Tiwari’s( Hindi and Bhojpuri film’s Villain and son of old villain Ramayan or Ram Narayan Tiwari) son was working in our office. Throughu him I got to know the Tiwari family and collected lot of information. Bhudo Advani-the famous comedian of 30s,40s and 50s- was also known to me.J ust before Bhudo died in 1986, his son had come to live in our society and we were good friend. Throughu him I got to see lots of old photographs of films and also collected information on his father.I wrote an article on Bhudo Advani,based on this,on Memsaab’s Blog early last year.

Throughu Ramesh Advani(son of Bhudo Advani), I got a contact of Mirza musharraf’s daughter, who stays in Versova itself, where I too stay. I contacted them. Her husband Muneer Khan, a production manager of Feroze Khan earlier gave me some information on Mirza Musharraf Agha.

The name of MIRZA MUSHARRAF AGHA may not ring any bells in the minds of the newer generation, as he was a comedian in the 30s and 40s-till the late 60s.

During the 30s and 40s there were quite a few real comedians, who regaled the audiences with their humour. Comedians like V.H.Desai, Ghory and Dikshit (the jodi like Laurel and Hardy), Mirza Musharraf, Bhudo Advani, Noor Mohd.Charlie, Yakub (he had travelled to 15 countries including UK and USA,before joining films) and Gope, Fatty Prasad and Durga Mota were much in demand for comic roles in the films. With the passage of times,one by one,all went behind the curtains, giving way to newer set of comedians like Bhagwan, Sunder, Radhkishen, Mukri, I.S.Johar, Majnu, etc.

Artists fading away is a natural phenomena, but out of the above comedians, the end of Durga Mota was very pathetic and touching.

Durga Mota or Durga Prasad was very fat and this fatness which fetched him name and fame in the industry also became the cause of his death. In 1947,there were riots everywhere. Durga was in Lahore.He wanted to come back to India like other thousands.He came to Lahore station and boarded the train. Just then a frenzied mob came to the station and started killing the
passengers. People ran helter skelter and saved themselves, but due to his fatness Durga Mota could not run and he was slaughtered on the station of Lahore itself.

Mirza Musharraf was born in a sophisticated educated family. He was very fond of writing Lyrics. He came to Bombay to write film songs and was employed by General films. Those days educated persons were eagerly employed by film studios. He first wrote Lyrics for A.R.Kardar’s film “Baghbaan”-1938. During shootings Kardar required an artist and Mirza was called to fill up the slot, as per the studio norms. Mirza had no dialogues, but he exhibited excellent use of facial expressions and comic timing. This actually killed his dream of becoming a lyrics writer, because afte that he was made a comedian and got several films. As a comedian, Mirza worked from 1938 to 1972, working in over 400 films. His last film was Roop tera Mastana-1972.

When he was at the peak of his career, a happy producer gave his Bungalow at Versova free to him for living. Though Versova was then quite far off and sparsely populated. Mirza lived there like a king. The marriages of both of his daughters took place there. Mr.Sanjeet Narwekar-the famous Film historian/journalist writes in his book, The story of Hindi Film comedy, about mirza ” His speciality was interspersing his Hindi dialogues with English words-quite a curiosity in the pre-independence days. He was almost a permanent fixture with V.M.Vyas and played cameo roles in a fairly long career.” According to Saadat Hasan Manto in his book, stars of another sky says-whichever film he acted he used to be the darling of the Heroes. He was perticularly liked by Kardar, K.Asif and Rafik Ghaznavi.

In many films Mirza lip synched songs, but only in ONE film, he got few lines to sing himself. That was the film CAPTAIN KISHORE-1957. He sang along with Mohd.Rafi and Tun Tun.

Tun Tun is the same lady who became famous overnight with her first song in Dard-1947-” Afsana likh rahi hoon”. She was known as Uma Devi then. She sang about 120 songs in about 42 films. Her singing career lasted for just about 6-7 years. After Rajmahal-1953 she got hardly 1 or 2 songs in about 7 films till 1964 when she last sang in Khufia Mahal as Tun Tun.

From Babul-1950 she was renamed as TUN TUN (though in Babul she was credited as Uma Devi only) and her songs became a rarity. Even in this song with Mirza, her voice is still melodious.

Her career as a comedienne was longer ,with almost 40 years,with 200 films to her credit.

This is only audio. The sweet song gives a feeling that it must be shot on a funny situation.

Song-Dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji(Captain Kishore)(1957) Singers-Rafi, Mirza Musharraf, Tuntun, Lyrics-Raja Mehdi Ali Khan, MD-Chitragupta
Rafi + Tuntun


dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
phir bhi ismein bada maza hai o beta jee
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji

kis gali mein toone bete
apne dil ke afsaane
ye dard khareeda kaise
wallah ham bhi to jaanen

keemat ka kuchh nahin pata hai o chacha hai
buri tarah se tu phansa hai o beta ji

main gaya thha sabzi mandi
wahaan mil gayi ek haseena
gir gaya nazar milte hi
sab dhaniya aur pudina
dil mera ab tak wahin pada hai o chacha ji
buri tarah se tu phansa hai o beta ji

dil ke badaam aur piste
milte nahin bhai saste
is raah mein Laila Majnu
reh gaye thhe joote ghiste

ahahahah muqar irshad
dil ke badaam aur piste
milte nahin bhai saste
is raah mein Laila Majnu
reh gaye thhe joote ghiste

qurbaan jaaun
sach kaha hai o chacha ji

arre munna
ye to bataao
kaisi hai uski naaz o adaa

uski zulfen naran naram hain jaise ho sewaiyyan
mooli jaisi gori gardan
kakdi jaisi bainyya
teetar jaisi
teetter jaisi uski ada hai o chacha ji
dhhak dhhak dhhak dil
dhadak raha hai o chacha ji
haan haan
jaise ki
dooddh ka bartan ubal raha hai
o beta ji

aa aa aa aa aa
aa aa aa aa aa
dil ki pateeli mein pakey
dard e judaayi raat din
dard e judaayi raat din
khaata hoon main hijr mein
gham ki malaayi raah din
gham ki malaayi raat din
haan gham ki malaayi raat din
gham ki malaayi raat din

dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
aji maine bhi pyaar kiya thha

lekin kyaa
maine bhi pyaar kiya thha
par khaaya aisa ghaata
chaaki mein pis gaya haay
mere armaanon ka aataa

tabse bechaari ho gayi
hai dubli patli aisi
ye gaal bane hain gobhi
aur kamar hai kaddoo jaisi
arre bhed ko bhains bana diya hai o chacha ji

ishq kare to tinda ban jaaye
naa kare to bhopla
bhopla bhopla
furqak ka bhurta kha khak ke
munh mera ho gaya popla
popla popla
phir bhi mujhko nahin gila hai o chachi ji
kyun nahin munna
ye to
kaale paani ki saza hai o beta ji

dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji

aa aaa aa aa aa aa
subhan allah barkhurdaar
arre furkat ka choolha jalta hai
mere dil ke baawarchikhaane mein
o chacha mera jawaab nahin
gham ke pakwaan pakaane mein
o chacha mera jawaab nahin
aahon ki aag jalaata hoon
furkat ki kheer pakaata hoon
ashqon ki chaay pilaata hoon
lohe ke chaney chabaata hoon
waah waah
ulfat ke musaafir khaane mein
o chacha mera jawaab nahin
gham ke pakwaan pakaane mein
o chacha mera jawaab nahin

haay haay haay
qurbaan jaaun

dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
haay haay haay haay
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji
dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji

11 Responses to "Dard e muhabbat buri bala hai o chacha ji"

Dear Arun,

I was not aware of most of the information given in this as well as other articles of this series about old time actors and other film personalities. Thanks very much for sharing such rare information.

Collecting and collating such rare information in your younger days is one thing but preserving them to be shared now is the most difficult part of this exercise. You deserve a salute for your perseverance.


Kamath ji,
Thanks for your appreciation,but I must admit that but for Atul ji’s Blog and his encouragement it was not possible.
After retirement i was in much demand for my Astrology,which I studied for over a period of 40 years,and have secured ‘Jyotish Praveen’ diploma from Poona University.I also restarted that work freshly and my visitors were too many.
However after I got my laptop in late 2010,I chanced upon Atul ji’s blog and was quite impressed with his sincerity and dedication.Slowly I started my stray comments and then one day I dug up all my old files,noebooks,papers related to old films and songs,brushed up my knowledge(whatever I had) and threw myself fully into it,keeping Astrology on Hold.
I thoroughly enjoy doing this bit and sharing my info with the likeminded people.Encouraging responses from people like Atul ji,Sudhir ji,Raja,ji,yourself ji (?),Prakash ji and a host of other regulars of this Blog have strenghtened my desire to continue here.I must give my thanks to you all.


What a great ride to go back in memory lane of yester years.
It brings tears to my eyes when people tell story about the partitions. What did we got or they got for doing that? Gandhi and Jinnah both are gone!

Well, during my college years (mid 60’s)…I wanted to learn astrology…but my mom discourage me, simply telling me that this type of occupation will bring bad luck. (I know it just old wives tales).
Great up load…nice finding…love it.


We used to watch Mirza Mushraff’s ” GRUHASTHI ” movie, the acting was natural and so good that we watched atleast for 15 times at Swastik talkies (now New Era ) at Malad,Bombay.


Arun ji

Yesterday,I missed your article, Sorry ,

Thanks for this “Anmol” information.

Your articles are becoming like School Text books for me.

God Bless you.



Arun ji,
As Prkash ji has aptly said, your articles are indeed text books…..
Thanks a ton for sharing, I am always on look out for your comments, it will have a nugget of wisdom of two for sure!

Warm Regards,



Arun ji

Apologies for the delayed responses. I am going through the posts only now. I have been reading the posts as they came in on email, but responding only now.

It is a veritable treasure house of information on artists of yesteryears that you provide. Hats off to you sir, for sharing such gems of information that are as or even more rare than some of the songs we bring to this blog. Some of the information you post is simply not available elsewhere.

Thanks a ton,



Thank you Sudhir ji.
Your comments are valuable to me.



Mirza Musharrff listed as the singer for Garib Ka Lal (1939) and Piya Ka Milan (1945) is the same guy or a different one? Just wondering since u have mentioned he only sung one song, this one from Captain Kishore.



bluefire ji,
He is the same.
I had also seen this but when I started searching for these songs,I found that these songs were cancelled by HMV long back.HMV and many other companies have a system by which some Records are cancelled from time to time.I do not know why,but these songs and their record numbers are published in their official catalogues.


uski zulfen ‘ naram ‘ naram hain jaise ho sewaiyyan
?? jaisi gori gardan
kakdi jaisi bainyya

missing word :

‘ Mooli ‘ jaisi gori gardan


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