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Duniya paagalon ka baazaar

Posted on: December 13, 2012

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

In the early era of the Talkie, most films were based on Mythology, History or Fantasy stories. As the years went by,the films were made on social themes and still later the films were produced on the stories written in their ‘story departments’ weaving mystery, humour, misfortune and heroics imaginatively.

Many iconic and milestone films from one language were remade into other languages-lock stock and barrel. It meant that not only stories, dialogues and cast were same but even the tunes of the film songs were used in the remakes. That time it was not falling under ‘ plagiarism ‘ but was considered honourable cultural exchange and no one minded it. Some films were made into two or three languages also to cater to All India Markets.

This was actually a very good idea. The Indian audience could enjoy films made in other languages, which otherwise they would not have understood. Initially the lead was taken by Prabhat Film Company which made films in Hindi and Marathi simultaneously. Later the trend was adopted by South producers. Thus we could get the best entertainment from other languages,in Hindi.

While the flow from south tapered, Marathi films continued to be remade in Hindi.

Raja Paranjape is the Marathi Actor/Director/Producer whose maximum films were remade in other languages.

RAJABHAU DATTATRAYA PARANJAPE was born in Miraj, near Kolhapur, on 24-4-1910. He developed interest in acting and film making soon after his education and he joined V.Shantaram in Prabhat as his assistant. He first acted in films like Pratibha-37 and Aadmi-39, before turning to Direction in Marathi and Hindi. Raja Paranjape has been a legend in Marathi Cinema and is remembered for many iconic and milestone Marathi films. He was an accomplished actor.

He acted in 60 films and directed 27 films, out of which 13 were Hindi films as an actor. He also directed 4 Hindi films.

He is well known in Marathi also for being one of the famous Triumvirate(Trimurti)of G.D.Madgulkar or Gadima as he was known(actor/Poet and lyricist/writer), Sudhir Phadke(Singer/MD) and Raja Paranjape, who ruled Marathi cinema between 1948 to 1969.

Some of Raja Paranjape’s films which were remade in Hindi were Paathlag-65(Meraa Saaya-66), Mumbaicha Jawai-71(Piya ka Ghar-72), Oon paus-52(Baghbaan),Pedgaonche Shahane-52(Chacha Chowdhary-53) etc. Another of his film viz Lakhachi Gosht-53 was remade in Telugu as ‘ Vaddante Dabboo’ -54.

His very hilarious film Pedgaon che Shahane-52 was remade as CHACHA CHOWDHARY-53, in which Dhumal made his debut in Hindi films. Anant Balwant Dhumal had started his drama and film career in the 40s. His first Marathi film was Paisa Bolto aahe-1943. In the era of Mehmood during the 60s, Dhumal played the role of Shubha Khote’s father in several films and with Mehmood, these three played havoc in Hindi films. This perpetual father of Shubha Khote was the ‘Pyar ka dushman’ for Mehmood.

CHACHA CHOWDHARY was a story of twin brothers separated early in life. Keshav(Raja Paranjape) goes to Zanzibar in Africa and becomes very rich businessman there. Madhav(Raja Paranjape) becomes a wellknown Surgeon in India. Once Dr.Chaudhary has to operate on his own wife and she dies in that operation. Dr.Chowdhary becomes mad and is kept in an Asylum. meanwhile the Zanzibar businessman Keshav traces his distant nephew Annasaheb Chaudhary in Pune and informs him that he intends to return to India and stay with them.

On the day the Zanzibar chacha comes to Poona, same day Dr.Chaudhary escapes from the asylum and they get mixed up. Police and Hospital staff catch the businessman(due to extreme resemblance) and take him to the asylum disregarding his pleas. Dr.Chaudhary reaches Annasaheb’s house where he is welcomed as the wealthy chacha from Africa.

Annasaheb’s(S.N.Banerji) house is a madhouse already. His wife Sumati(Durga Khote) is very fond of western culture, fashion and is learning classical music from a Madrasi Teacher(Dhumal) who stays in this house only, the elder son Vasant(Rajan) is fond of Races, Daughter Uma(Shashikala) is learning dance and music from a Dance Master Chandranath(Kamal Mehra), who stays in this house only and finally the youngest son is fond of machines and contineously repairs machines.There is a cook and food is prepared separately for each person.Poor Annasaheb is a sad person.

The story entails how the mad Chacha Chowdhary brings every member on the right track. Thinking of his wealth, no one opposes him. He drives out the cook, Music Master and the Dance master (who has an affair with his student Shashikala and has made her pregnant).He forces the wife Sumati to cook and do household chores. All these things are very funny. He also helps Vasant to get a job,and gets Shashikala married to the master and puts the younger son in Engineering college.

Meanwhile, the Zanzibar businessman escapes from the mad House and reached Chowdhary’s house. He confronts Dr.Chowdhary. Both recognise each others as lost brothers, but the Police and Hospital staff arrive and take away their patient back to the asylum.

This song is sung by the inmates of the mental asylum(madmen,in short), making fun of the Zanzibar businessman.

Audio – Full (Happy version)

Audio – (Rafi solo sad version)

Song-Duniya paagalon ka baazaar (Chacha Chaudhary)(1953) Singers-Shyam Kumar, Rafi, Batra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-Madan Mohan


Gaana gaao meri jaan

duniya aa aa aa aa aa
ye duniya aa toofan mail

nahin bhaiyya,
duniya paglon ka baazaar
samajhe na

he he he he he
duniya aa aa aa
paglon ka bazaa aa aa aa r

duniya paglon ka bazaar
duniya paglon ka bazaar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar

ek baar,sau baar
chaloonga saat samunder paar
Ek baar,sau baar
chaloonga saat samunder paar
arrey nahin bhaiyya nahin,
raavi ke us paar,sajanwa
raavi ke us paar

zanzibar hu hu hu hu
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar

mit gaye
arrey bhai pit gaye re,
banaa ke film kho baithe
kamaayi zindagi bhar ki
na bartan hai na kapda hai ae
ye haalat ho gayi ghar ki


ho o o
ab kahaan Suraiya Nimmi na nargis,
hoy hoy
ab kahaan suraiya nimmi na nargis
raha bangla na rahi motor car
pom pom
raha bangla na rahi motor car
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar

aa gayee,
aa gayee
aa gayee
aa gayee re main to aa gayee
hoy hoy aa gayee re
main to aa gayee
haay haay
aa gayi
aa gayi
aayi derby ki race
lagi bookiyon ko thhos
le lo maze ghud daud ke
ae oh ghud daud ke
oh ghud daud ke ae ae

duniya ka maza lelo
duniya hamaari hai
ye duniya hamaari hai
duniya hamaari hai
ye duniya hamaari hai
duniya hamaari hai
ye duniya hamaari hai

ho duniya ka maza lelo duniya hamaari hai
ye duniya hamaari hai

Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
zanzi zanzi zanzi zanzibar
he he
zanzi zanzi zanzi zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzi zanzibaar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzi zanzibaar
Zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar zanzibar

9 Responses to "Duniya paagalon ka baazaar"

Wow Arun ji
Information ke Anmol KHAZAANA

If I am not wrong,Raja paranjape acted in Basu Chatterji`s
Us paar(vinod mehra,moushumi chatterji,padma khanna, jalal agha)in the role of ailing grand father of Vinod Mehra who acts through is eye expressions and hand signs.


You are right.
He also acted in Ladai ke baad,Baap bete,Aadmi,Do Kaliyan-48,Bandini,piya ka ghar,Din Raat,panna etc etc.



Sir ji


What a delightful song and a wonderful find. This is a parody song. Different lines in the song are sung in different tunes.

Starting with “toofan mail……’

‘ ho o o
ab kahaan Suraiya Nimmi na nargis, ‘

is a parody of “ho ooo mujhe kisi se pyar ho gayaa’ (Barsaat).

As for rest of the tunes , some are familiar but some are not. May be Madan Mohan used more 40’s songs , for this parody.


Do u have only 2 singers listed for this song?


This song is mentioned in the list thrice.

1. Rafi solo,

2. Duniya Paaglo Ka Bazaar -2, Janjibaar _II ( Happy ) Chacha Chowdhury 1953 Mohd Rafi, Shyam Kumar, Batra, Chorus

3. Duniya-2, Ye Duniya Toofan Mail… Duniya Paaglo Ka Bazaar -2, Janjibaar _I ( Happy ) Chacha Chowdhury 1953 Mohd Rafi, Shyam Kumar, Chorus

I guess the song posted in the third one, or maybe second and third are one and the same. In that case we get another singers name i.e. ‘Batra’ .


nahm ji,
You are right.
HFGK lists 3 songs as you mentioned.As per that I think the II and the III song is one song on 2 side of the same record(N0.50576).I have not heard the III song separately.I only got the above song.
May be some other VDO will have a longer version having both sides.
But it seems unlikely.Hardly any persons will be interested in uploading such a combined song,I aver.


And this song has a sad version, Rafi solo, with different lyrics. Here in the link :


New Video link of the song:


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