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Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

Posted on: February 7, 2013

“Beimaan” (1972) was produced and directed by Sohanlal Kanwar. The movie had Manoj Kumar, Rakhee, Prem Chopra, Murad, Pran, Nazima, Snehlata, Premnath, Sulochana, Raj Mehra, Brahm Bharadwaj, Lata Bose, Tuntun etc in it.

It was exactly four decades ago that a big controversy had erupted vis a vis “Beimaan”(1972) and Filmfare award. It was often suspected that Filmfare awards were rigged/ manipulated through various means. For instance, there were occasions in the past when movies with great music missed out winning the Filmfare awards and there have been occasions when people have admitted that they bought copies of “Filmfare” magazines containg the voting form in bulk, so that they may be able to vote in favour of their movies. For instance, Laxmikant Pyarelal admitted that they did that to enable their “Dosti” (1964) to win the Filmfare award for best music that year.

But the movie “Beimaan” (1972) took the cake as far as winning Filmfare awrads were concerned. This movie won not one or two or three, but SEVEN filmfare awards !

The movie won the awards for the best movie, best direction (Sohanlal Kanwar), best actor (Manoj Kumar), best music director (Shankar Jaikishan), best lyricist (Verma Malik), best male playback singer (Mukesh) and best supporting actor (Pran). It was Pran who came forward and called the spade the spade, by refusing to accept his award in protest, staing that the best music award should have gone to “Paakeeza”. Indeed, 1972 had movies like “Apna Desh”,”Paakeeza”, “Rampur Ka Lakshman”, “Bombay To Goa”, “Jawaani Deewaani”, “Kal Aaj Aur Kal”, “Baabul ki galiyaan”, “Aankhon Aankhon Mein”, “Piya Ka Ghar” etc and to imagine that “Beimaan” was superior to them all in as many as seven categories appeared far fetched even those days.

The most popular song from this movie was its title song. Here is this song from “Beimaan” (1972). This song is sung by Mukesh and chorus. Verma Malik is the lyricist. Music is composed by Shankar Jaikishan.

This song had finished sixth in Binaca Geetmala behind two songs of “Paakeeza”, and behind a few more songs of 1971 movies like “Hare Rama Hare Krishna”, “Dushman” and “Amar Prem”.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

Audio (Full)

Video (Partial)

Song-Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo (Beimaan)(1972) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Verma Malik, MD-Shankar Jaikishan

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Bolo beimaan ki
Beimaan ki
Beimaan ki

naa izzat ki chintaa
naa fikar koi apamaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo
naa izzat ki chintaa
naa fikar koi apmaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

beimaan ke bina maatre
hotey akshar chaar
ba badkaari ei irshyaa
Ma se bane makkaar
Na se namak haraami
samjho ho gaye poore chaar
chaar gunaah mil jaayen
hotaa beimaan taiyyaar
arre usase aankh milaaye
kyaa himmat hai shaitaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo
O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

bholaa mukhdaa ujley kapdey
mann hai kaala kaala
jiski dayaa se mandir chaltey
hai aabaad shiwaalaa
nit mandir me pujaa kartaa
deepak jalaa jalaa kar
khush kartaa bhagwaan ko dekho
ghantaa bajaa bajaa kar
dndar bhagwaan ki jai ho
aur baahar beimaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo
O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

beimaani se hi bante hain
bangaley baag bagichey
sar ke upar pankhe chaltey
paanv taley gaaleechey
reet reevaj dharm aur mazhab
dab jaate hain neechey
beimaan sabse aage aur
duniya peechhe peechhe
mehnat se baney naa kutiyaa
arre chhodo baat makaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo
O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo
naa izzat ki chintaa
naa fikar koi apamaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo
O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki jai bolo

pet bhi asali seth bhi asli
naqli maal banaaye
oopar asli label andar
naqli ghee aur chaay
poplene kaa badal ke number
terelene banaaye
ya beimaani teraa aasraa
bol ke loottaa jaaye
arre apne desh kaa kapdaa
aur lagee hai muhar Japaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo

O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo

Vindravan ke ham sanyaasi
Kaam hai chalate rehnaa
Maukaa hai takdeer banaa lo
Haath naa malte rehnaa
Haath ki choodee paanv ki paayal
Yaa ho gale kaa gehnaa
Maar ke mantar duganaa kar dein
Maane agar tu kehnaa

Do din peechhe kholo
Leela dekho bhagvaan ki
Jai bolo bhagvaan ki
Jai bolo
Jai bolo bei …
Jai bolo bhagwaan ki
Jai bolo

poori seat pe jataajut sang
hain mahaaraaj padhaare
Chimataa charas chilam aur chele
Saath saath hain saare
Tikte lekar bhi gaadi mein
Khade shareef bechaare
Aur ye dekho bhagwaan ke chamchey
pade hain paanv pasaare
Bin tikat yaatra karte
dekho tirth sthaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo

O bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo
Naa izzat ki chintaa
Naa fikar koi apamaan ki
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo
ho bolo
Jai bolo beimaan ki
Jai bolo

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Thanks Atul ji for the post and the detailed informative write up.

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