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Tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar

Posted on: March 28, 2013

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

Shammi Kapoor had acted in over a dozen films as a lead actor in early 50s, most of which flopped at the box office. Chor Bazaar (1954) was one film. It was produced under the banner of All India Pictures and it was directed by P N Arora. The star cast included Shammi Kapoor, Sumitra Devi, Chitra, Om Prakash, Kammo, Amir, Cuckoo. Parshuram etc with a guest appearance by Wasti. This film had six songs all written by Shakeel Badayuni and set to music by Sardar Malik. I remembered the name of this film only because of an immortal song “huyi ye hamse naadaani teri mehefil mein aa baithhe” from this film which I had heard on my younger days on radio. Recently, I had seen this film on the VCD that I have with me. As usual with almost all VCDs of old films, the film lacks continuity in some places because of lots of cuts. I did not find one song ” Har dar ki thokerein hain” sung by Lata Mangeshkar in the VCD.

The story of the film revolves around a kingdom somewhere in the Arabian desert where Mustafa, the caretaker ruler of the kingdom and the uncle of the infant prince Murad, plans to eliminate him to become the king. For this purpose, he entrusts this job to one of his close confidants who zeroes in on Yusuf Ustad (Om Prakash), the Chief of thieves in chor bazaar street of the kingdom in getting the infant prince Murad killed. However, instead of killing the infant, Yusuf kidnaps him and raises him as one of his own offsprings. To be on the safer side, Yusuf even leaves the kingdom with his family to a faraway place.

When Murad (Shammi Kapoor) grows up, he also becomes an expert thief. The family shifts back to the kingdom. Yusuf now become rich but he still needs money to raise an army to overthrow Mustafa and install Murad as the legitimate king. On the advice of his foster father Yusuf, Murad goes for a reconnaissance of the palace for a decoity. During this time, he sees the princes Gulnar (Sumitra Devi) in her chamber and starts liking her. Princess Gulnar is none other than the daughter of the caretaker ruler Mustafa. In the plan for dacoity in the palace, Yusuf and Murad take the help of another thief, Suki (Chitra) who had stolen an invaluable pearl given to Princess Gulnar by Prince Hyder as part of the nikhah. Suki loves Murad who does not respond to her overtures. Rest of the film is full of action and drama on the expected lines.

At the end all goes well and Prince Murad with the help of his foster father Yusuf, his henchmen and Suki, invade Mustafa’s palace. Luckily for Prince Murad, he had on his left arm a seal of his kingdom embossed which proves his identity as Prince Murad, the successor to the kingdom. With this proof, Mustafa’s army becomes loyal to Prince Murad and he becomes successful in taking over the palace with the help of Mustaf’s army. Generally, in a love triangle like this film, one of the lovers would be seen to be sacrificing for the sake of his other love interest to fructify. In this film, all goes well for everyone. Mustafa is pardoned and the new king Murad orders him to leave the kingdom. King Murad marries Suki, the thief (Chitra) while Princess Gulnar (Sumitra Devi) is persuaded to marry Prince Hyder of an adjoining kingdom with whom her nikhah was already fixed even though she and Prince Murad loved each other.

Interestingly, the lead actress Sumitra Devi did not have any song to sing in the film. Even Shammi Kapoor had only one song picturised on him which was sung by Talat Mehmood. The song was “Tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar”. Going by the lyrics and the fact that the song was sung in the voice of Talat Mehmood, I was under this impression from my younger days that it was a sad song. But after watching the expressions of Shammi Kapoor and Sumitra Devi in the video clip, it appears that the song is more like teasing in a poignant note to express love.



Song-Tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar (Chor Baazaar)(1954) Singer-Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Sardar Malik


tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar
tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar
zubaan par gham-e-dil ki roodaad lekar
tere dar pe aayaa

pareshaan hai dil
ghadi bhar ko aa jaa
pareshaan hai dil
ghadi bhar ko aa jaa
zaraa meri sun jaa
aur apni sunaa jaa
kahaan jaaun main haal-e-barbaad lekar
tere dar pe aayaa hoon fariyaad lekar
zubaan par gham-e-dil ki roodaad lekar
tere dar pe aayaa

mere dard-e-dil se nahin bekhabar tu
mere dard-e-dil se nahin bekhabar tu
baney meri qismat
jo kar de nazar tu
mohabbat se naakaamiyaan chhaa gayin hain
ummeedon ki kaliyaan bhi murjhaa gayin hain
kahin mar na jaaun teri yaad lekar
tere dar pe aayaa hoon fariyaad lekar
zubaan par gham-e-dil ki roodaad lekar
tere dar pe aayaa

7 Responses to "Tere dar pe aaya hoon fariyaad lekar"

Kamath ji,
Thanks for posting this wonderful song by Talat.
Actually this song was made to feature in the film “LAILA MAJNU”-1953,in which both Shammi Kapoor and Sardar malik were involved.However,instead of that film,this song was included in this film.
Similarly,the song’ dar dar ki thokaren hai’-Lata did not feature in this film,because it was removed and added to film ” HOOR-E-ARAB”-1955.
Surprisingly both songs appear in the list of songs of both films,though they are not in both films.


Thanks for these revelations which I was not aware of.

Now I understand as to why this sad song was picturised in a style depicting the expression of love which was meant to be the sad song in ‘Laila Majnu’ (1953).


Interesting Details. Never realized this. Thanks a lot!


What a makeover Shammi had. Compare this movie to Tumsa Nahi Dekha and Dil Deke Dekho. From Majnu to Rockstar No 1. What a sea-change. Classic example what exercise aided with makeup can do to the confidence of an actor/any person. Loads of confidence. Same thing happen to Madhubala> from Neelkamal to Badal. From village belle to queen of Oomph. WOW!!!


So a sad song becomes a teasing number because of change of film!!


Whether sad or happy a beautiful composition no doubt! Shammi looks comic in some frames whether intentionally or not 🙂


CHOR BAZAR was the hindi adaption of English movie “THE PRINCE WHO WAS A THIEF”

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