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Ye do aankhen tujhe deekhe hain

Posted on: June 5, 2013

“Sandesh” (1952) was a Sandesh pictures Production. It was directed by Bal Gajbar. The movie had Kumud, Umesh Sharma, Meenaxi, Arvind, Nana Palsikar, Vikas, Durga Khote, Lalita Pawar etc in it.

Two songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the third song from the movie.

This song is sung by Zohrabai Ambalewaali. Kumud Tripathi is the lyricist. Music is composed by S Purushottam.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Avinash Scrapwala.

Song-Ye do aankhen tujhe deekhe hain (Sandesh)(1952) Singer-Zohrabai Ambalewaali, Lyrics-Kumud Tripathi, MD-S Purushottam

Lyrics(Provided by Avinash Scrapwala)

Haan aa aa aa aa
ye do aankhen tujhe deekhe hain aen aen
mohabbat jinmein
haan aa aa
hain ye do pyaale ae
zehar ke
nahin sharbat inmein
aan aan aan
inko honthon se
aan aan aan aan aan
inko honthon se
O nadaan lagaa na lena
inko honthon se
O nadaan lagaa na lena
ye balaa hai ke kabhi
sar pe balaa na lena aa
ye balaa hai ke kabhi
sar pe balaa na lena aa
inko honthon se
O nadaan lagaa na lena
inko honthon se

kya huye shirin aur farhad
kahaanewaale ae
poochh ke dekh lo
keh denge zamaanewaale
aan aan aan aan
inki ginti mein
aan aan aan haan
inki ginti mein
kahin naam likha na lena
inki ginti mein
kahin naam likha na lena
inko honthon se
O nadaan lagaa na lena
inko honthon se

Laila Majnu ki kahaani
to suni hi hogi
aan aan aan
Laila Majnu ki ee ee ee ee
kahaani to suni hi hogi
dil lagaane ki kabhi
dil mein thhani bhi hogi
haan aan aan aan
jaan le legaa
haan aan aan aan haan
jaan le legaa
kahin dard basaa na lena
jaan le legaa
kahin Dard basaa na lena
inko honthon se
O nadaan lagaa na lena
inko honthon se
ae ae ae

2 Responses to "Ye do aankhen tujhe deekhe hain"

Atul ji,
SANDESH-1952 was a film Directed by Bal Gajbar-who was a known name in marathi films,but ih Hindi,he was a total failure.
This was a story of a doctor with distorted principles. Dinanath’s father Vidyadhar,an honest and straight forward School teacher is falsely implicated in cases of treason and mutiny against the British and is convicted in 1922. This shock takes Vidyadhar’s life.
Dinanath and his mother go to Kashinath who was a favourite student of Vidyadhar,for help. Kashinath promises Dinanath that he will make him a doctor. During his education,Dinanath falls in love with a rich Barrister’s daughter Sudha,but their marriage can not take place as Dinanath is very poor. She gets married to his classmate.
Dinanath goes to England and when he comes back as a Doctor,he becomes only money minded,as he realises the value of money in this world. Due to his this nature,his mother Saraswati bai leaves him.
One day,his mother meets with an accident and is brought to his Hospital,but she refuses to be treated by him. he realises that relations are more important than money and a Doctor’s profession is a noble one.
He repents and changes himself. meanwhile,Sudha gets a divorce and they meet again and unite,finally.
The Hero of the film was Umesh Sharma,who acted in Deepak-51 and Apna desh-49 also as a Hero. later he worked in many other roles,as well as as a writer,director and producer also. he acted in 33 films.he was the writer of the famous film BOMBAY-1995.
S.PURUSHOTTAM was the Music Director.he was born in kolhapur in 1919 and rose as an assistant to Kumar gandharva in his mehfils.V.Shantaram tried to help him by giving 2 films,Bhool-1948 and Apna Desh-49. though he gave very good music,but his luck did not favour him. he also gave music for 2 songs in Dahej-1950,mere Laal-48,Devyani-52 and Sandesh-52.
He became so dejected that he left films and went back to Kumar Gandharva as his assistant in mehfils.


Sir, thank you very much for information. I was eagerly waiting for it, because though i share the songs from this film, i had no information about it. (and how find it is another interesting story).
I was sure that once you complete your preoccupied posts, you shall throw light on this film also! thanks !!!


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