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Main hoon Rosie main hoon Mary

Posted on: July 24, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is a club dance song from the film KARIGAR-1958. I have already written about the film Karigar and the unique friendship of Vasant Joglekar-the producer/Director of this film and actor Ashok Kumar in my comments on another song from the movie.

This was one of the films where in Ashok kumar had completely overshadowed all other actors of the film. This film was made in the days when special scripts were written for Ashok Kumar and he used to work in as many as 30 films at a time !

Ashok Kumar was a very clever actor. He was also a fine survivor. Every time there was a change in the external circumstances, he shifted to a different Role type to survive. That is the reason, he could remain on the Silver screen from 1936 to 1997-a cool period of 61 years !.

As we all know, Ashok Kumar started his career with Bombay Talkies. Luck changed a Lab Technician into a reluctant Hero, but once he stayed on he made the most of it. Ashok became straightaway a Hero, without much struggle. That too, despite a rejection in the screen test, but only because of the owner of Bombay Talkies Himanshu Rai and the need of the company. Starting with JEEVAN NAIYA-1936, he did almost 20 films of Bombay Talkies, like Janmabhoomi, Izzat, Nirmala, Vachan, Achhut Kanya, Bandhan, Kangan, Jhoola, Savitri, Anjaan etc.

Ashok Kumar’s career can be divided in 4 parts. In part 1, the beginning part, Ashok Kumar was a typical chocolate Hero of the late 30s, a lanky figure, flat parted oily hair, big black eyes and a real ‘Bholu’ type of actor. But then people accepted him as a Hero and soon he became very popular also. Initial pairing with Devika Rani and later with Leela Chitnis made him a darling with the audience. He continued this phase even in Filmistan from Chal chal re naujawan onwards.(When he was a paid employee of Bombay Talkies, another equally good actor Motilal was serving in Ranjit studios. A funny thing was that Ashok Kumar never ever acted with Motilal’s heroines- Khursheed or Shobhana Samarth and Motilal never ever acted with Ashok Kumar’s heroines Devika Rani or Leela Chitnis ! ).

his second phase started with films like Mahal-1949 and in the 50s he did roles of criminal or Police officer, detective and a mature Hero. Some of the films of this phase were Sangram, Samadhi, Deedar, Afsana, Tamasha, Kaafila, Mr.X, Howrah Bridge, Chalti ka naam Gaadi, Night club etc. He also did some stunt films with Nishi as his Heroine.

In the 3rd Phase , in 60s,he turned to serious elderly roles from Kanoon onwards. Some of his films were Kalpana, Dharmaputra, Aarti, Bandini, Ye raaste hain pyar ke, Grihasthi etc.

In the phase of 70s, he did light comedy roles in films like Victoria No.203, Chhoti si Baat, Khoobsurat etc. from Sambandh-82, he fully shifted to senior citizen roles like in Shakti, Farishta, Duniya, Shatru etc.

In all, he acted in more than 300 films and produced 4 films. He was very fond of good food, Homeopathy, Astrology and poultry farming ( He owned few poultry farms on Bombay-Poona road in those days).

Somewhere in 1982, I had the opportunity to meet Ashok Kumar personally, along with his close friend writer/lyricist Madhup Sharma(elder brother of noted announcer Pratap Sharma). I too was an Astrology enthusiast, having completed the ‘Jyotish praveen’ Diploma from Poona, so we had lot of discussions on Astrology, cinema and poultry. He hosted lunch for us that day. My photographs with him are my valued treasures.

Ashok Kumar’s last film came in 1997 and he died peacefully on 10-12-2001.

Saadat Hasan Manto, in his book describes Ashok Kumar as a very simple person. Some extracts from the book-

“When Ashok kumar became a hero, he got a salary of Rs.75 pm. Then it was made 100, then 150, 200 and when he got 250 as his salary he was more worried than happy. Those days Ashok kumar lived in the Bombay Talkies premises, located in a far off suburb, very near to a forest and sea. He had 2 rooms to himself. He did not know where to keep the money. He was scared of thieves. That night he hid the money under his pillow and next day we went to Post office and deposited the amount.

” Ashok Kumar was afraid of crowds. He did not like fans mobbing him. He used to get irritated. Once we were shooting in Kolhapur. Ashok Kumar wanted some medicine(he suffered chronically from Asthma), so we went to a chemist shop. he put a muffler around neck and black goggles. In spite of all that the chemist recognised him and shouted ” Ashok kumar ! “.In no time a crowd gathered there. Ashok kumar dropped the medicines and ran straight to the studio.

” Though he used to receive hundreds of fan letters from loving girls, he rarely read them. His secretary read each letter with relish ! Many Heroines, including Devika Rani, tried to flirt with him, but he spurned them. His wife Shobha was extremely happy with his timidity towards women.”

Ashok Kumar was one of the very few natural actors in the industry. Somehow all types of roles suited him, except his role as Badshah Humayun in the film ‘Humayun’-1945. He looked very funny with a sword in the fencing scenes !

Here is a song from Karigar, produced by his friend Vasant Joglekar. It is a club song which is filmed on Agha and Helen, with Ashok Kumar also figuring in it as an unwilling participant.



Song-Main hoon Rosie main hoon Mary (Kaareegar)(1958) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


main hoon Rosie
main hoon Mary
main hoon Sherry
Dolly mera naam
baby re baby
naam se kyaa kaam
Johny hai dil ka ghulaam

main hoon Rosie
main hoon Mary
main hoon Sherry
Dolly mera naam

baby re baby
naam se kyaa kaam
Johny hai dil ka ghulaam


chehra chameli ka
naam hothon(?) ka
bolo ji bolo khaayega kyun
koi ye dhokha
are naam ho miss bholi
dil ki magar goli
samjho hai kam tamaam

main hoon Rosy
main hoon Mary
main hoon Sherry
Dolly mera naam

arre baby re baby
naam se kya kaam
Johny hai dil ka ghulaam


aayi re aayi hoon
ghar se main daudi
kaisi rahegi Johny re Johny
teri meri jodi
aree rang hai pheeka
nakhra hai teekha
boodhi ghodi laal lagaam





dekh de dekh Johny
mere sunahre baal

rehne bhi de Mary
jaane bhi de Sherry
nakli hai ye to maal
arre asli chhupaaye jo
nakli dikhaaye jo
aise ko mera salaam

main hoon Rosy
main hoon Mary
main hoon Sherry
Dolly mera naam

are baby re baby
naam se kya kaam
Johny hai dil ka ghulaam


7 Responses to "Main hoon Rosie main hoon Mary"

Arun ji

Loved your post on Ashok Kumar ji,





I think the role of hero did not sit well with him. See his expressions in Deedar, Afsana and Sangram; wooden expression. Deedar was the worst. Dilip Kumar easily stole the thunder under his very nose.
Only he was himself from Howrah Bridge, Ek Saal and thereafter; very natural.
Nobody could beat him in character roles. He was into his own zone.


More than the song I liked the write-up. True, I too liked his character roles more than his his hero roles.




Arun ji,

Thanks so much for this wonderful write up. It is just recently that I have got hold of this film, and have viewed it for the first time.

Ashok Kumar is one actor, as you watch him on the screen, you can clearly make out that he himself thoroughly enjoying what he is doing. This is a trait that one cannot find easily amongst even the best performers. They will be concentrating so much on their action and dialogue that it is difficult for them to convey anything else. Ashok Kumar’s presence on screen makes you feel that.

Thanks Arun ji, again, for your storehouse of such details.



Sudhir ji,
Thanks for your comments.
AK probably enjoyed doing a film where he was very comfortable with the Director and the atmosphere at shooting time,due to the extraordinary friendship of Joglekar and Ashok kumar.
Ashok kumar spoke fluent Marathi and made it a point to speak only in Marathi with Maharashtrians.


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