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Dil ki baaaten dil mein hi rakhna

Posted on: September 1, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog.

This is the 6th song in the series, “Music Directors sing for other Music Directors”.

The song selected today is from the film TAJ AUR TALWAR,-1956, sung by composer Hemant kumar, for Music Director Sudipta.

It was so difficult to get a suitable song by Hemant Kumar sung for other MD for the simple reason that most of the songs are already posted on this Blog already ! I had to go through at least 135 such songs which are available on Internet. Actually many songs are not even available anywhere, not even as MP3 !

Hemant Kumar has sung a total of 1642 songs,in which there are 397 Hindi songs (Filmi and NFS) and 1245 songs in other languages. He gave music in 207 films,out of which 55 were Hindi, 6 other languages and 146 Bangla films.(statistics are from the book, “Tum pukaar lo” by Raj kumar ji).

Hemant Kumar, who entered the Music field essentially as a singer, both in Bangla and Hindi, later sung songs in Films and as NFS. His NFS in Hindi as well as Bangle are equally famous. Some of them like, “Bhala tha kitna bachpan” are all time favourites. He has sung songs for almost all First and Second rung actors in Hindi during that time, barring a few.

One reason for his songs becoming popular was his clear pronunciation of words, without the customary Bangla touch. In his songs, Pathos and melody were unique. There was Pathos in the voices of Mukesh and Kishore Kumar too, but its type was entirely different. Another speciality of Hemant Kumar in singing was that he never took a pause in between or break any words.

Hemant Kumar came on the Hindi film scene in early 50s with his Anandmath-52. That was actually the time when the industry was dominated by Shankar Jaikishen and Naushad. All the Top banner films went to these two Music Directors and Hemant Kumar had to make do with B and C grade films with second line actors mostly as a composer. He compensated this by singing for major stars and actors. That is the reason why his songs are famous but his films are mediocre ! An example would be his ” Main gareebon ka dil” from film “Aab e hayaat”-55 as a singer and a song by Lata in Champakali-57,”Chhup gaya koi re door se pukar ke”, as a composer.

There are many articles on Hemant Kumar’s Biography,Filmography and other matters, freely available on the Internet, so I will not go into the routine, but today we will know the interesting story of his marriage to Bela Mukherjee….

In 1940 a struggling Hemant Kumar was introduced to Shailesh Dutt Gupta, who was a Music Director with Columbia Recording company in Calcutta. Impressed with his style of singing, Shailesh took him to Columbia for test and then recorded two bangla songs. One of them was Rabindranath Tagore’s “Jaani te jodi go tumi”. Shailesh liked this song so much that in the next one year, Hemant cut 12 records of NFS. Later he sang two songs written by Faiyaz Hashmi,with music by Kamal Dasgupta, in Hindi.

To supplement his income, Hemant undertook private tuitions, going from house to house, teaching Music. One of the students was Bela Mukherjee. In due course of time, they fell in love and one day it was Bela Mukherjee who proposed to him ! Hemant Kumar told her,” I have just few records to my credit and I do house to house Tuitions. What happiness will you get from me ?” Bela had judged his potential well enough. She said,” I am also not a Zameendar’s daughter. I am from a poor family, without parents. I have 7-8 siblings and we live in a cramped house. You are starting your career and I know you will make it soon.”

Hemant said, ” This is my beginning. Let me first get settled.” She agreed, but insisted on at least an engagement.

When Hemant Kumar told this in his house,there was a Bomb Explosion ! Marrying a girl from Mukherjee Gotra? Impossible !!

Hemant had to keep quiet then. He continued meeting Bela, however, and concentrated on his career. By 1945, Bela became restless. She insisted on marriage. Hemant kumar was about to get a film ” Poorva Raag”, for Music direction. He consulted his close friends. His best friend was Jagmohan Sursagar,a struggler himself, but on the verge of becoming successful those days. He advised Hemant to get married immediately.

The marriage took place in 1945, but Hemant Kumar was boycotted by his family, who refused to allow them to enter the house. Hemant Kumar had to live in a dilapidated shanty house with his new wife ! very soon, Bela’s 8 siblings also came to stay with them in that tenement !!

In 1947, Hemant Kumar sang few Hindi songs in Zameen Aasmaan,composed by Kamal Dasgupta.

In 1951, Hemen Gupta offered him his First Hindi film, ANAND MATH as an independent music composer. The film and its songs became hit in 1952 and Hemant Kumar’s luck changed, at last. After this film, Hemant Kumar brought Bela to Bombay, to live in a spacious house………

( The above episode is adapted from the article on Hemant Kumar,in his book,” Aap ki Parchhaiyan ” by the noted writer Shri Rajnikumar Pandya ji. My sincere thanks to him.)

Today’s song is from the film ” Taj aur Talwar “-1956. This was a Satya Rai productions film and the producer was Satya Rai himself. Not only this but he had written two Lyrics in this film, including the song under discussion which was sung by Hemant kumar. Satya Rai had written five songs for yet another of his film-National Musical documentary-Jaigaan-which was shown along with ” Soldier’s Dream or Sipahi ka sapna”-1948, a film based on Subhash Chandra Bose. In that film also the Music Director was Sudipta Bhattacharya-just like in this film (Taj aur Talwar).

Sudipta had given music to some other films like Ghulam, Begum,Badshah-56, Silver King-57(with Bipin-Babul) and Shan-e-Hind-1960.

The cast of the film was Satya Kumar, Shashikala, Smriti Biswas, Daljit, B M Vyas, Nazir etc The director was Dwarka Khosla.

The story of Taj aur Talwar was-

Thakur Vijay Singh is the ruler of his jagir. His daughter is rajkumari Shanti. One day, while on an outing with sahelis, Rajkumari Shanti finds an young handsome man wounded and unconcious on the road. With help of others, she brings him to her palace. She tends him, nurses him back to good health and in the meantime, also falls in his love. While they are busy in singing and taking rounds around the customary tree etc, her father does not approve all this, as he wants that she should become the ruler after him. His commander of army, Rana Jung Bahadur, has an eye on the jagir and he is waiting for an opportunity.

One day, Rajkumari Shanti ,in the disguise of her maid, goes out to meet Amar, her lover. Rana comes to know about it through his cronies and informs the Thakur immediately. The Thakur orders Rana to attack the lover Amar.

The trusted maid of rajkumari learns about it and she goes in the disguise of Rajkumari, to inform and warn the lovers. The soldiers of Rana kill this maid thinking that she is the Rajkumari. Rana captures the Thakur and declares himself the ruler.

Amar, who is actually a popular dacoit and helper of poor people, and Rajkumari Shanti go underground. They gather an army of loyal friends and attack Rana. In the final duel Rana is killed, Thakur is rescued and reinstated as the ruler.
Thakur Vijay Singh pardons Amar. Amar and Shanti get married.

Let us now enjoy this melodious song by Hemant Kumar.

Song-Dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna (Taaj Aur Talwaar)(1956) Singer-Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Satya Rai, MD-Sudipta Bhattacharya


dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna
kabhi kisi se kehna na
kabhi kisi se kehna na
dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna
ye duniya hai pyaar ki dushman
ye duniya
ye duniya hai pyaar ki dushman
bhool kabhi tum karna na
bhool kabhi tum karna na
dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna

jisko tumne pyaar kiya hai
jeewan ka sangeet diya hai
o o o o
jisko tumne pyaar kiya hai
jeewan ka sangeet diya hai
bhool ke bhi tum us manzil se
bhool ke bhi tum us manzil se
peeche kadam hataana na
peeche kadam hataana na
dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna

pyaar ki manzil kaanton ki hai
jis par chalna bada kathin hai
pyaar ki manzil kaanton ki hai
jis par chalna bada kathin hai
chaahe jaan bhale hi jaaye
chaahe jaan bhale hi jaaye
pyaar mein dhokha dena na
pyaar mein dhokha dena na
dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna
kabhi kisi se kehna na
kabhi kisi se kehna na
dil ki baaten dil mein hi rakhna


4 Responses to "Dil ki baaaten dil mein hi rakhna"

All Hemantkumar songs ,filmi or non filmi,are rare gems,I like to listen again and again.I remember SALIL CHAUDHRY had said that Hemantda’s voice is just as GOD’S VOICE.Music Director Sudipta is new name,No other film to his credit ?If any body knows plz write here.

paresh ji,
Info about Sudipta is not available anywhere,but I have mentioned about his other films in the above article,in the end part(after thanking Shri Rajnikumar pandya ji). please take a look at it.

He gave music direction in Ghulam Begum Badshah (1956) and Shan e Hind (1960)>(Rafi number Thoda sa hamko)

Sorry. I replied without reading the post. Thanks

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