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Bolo bolo tum mere ho bolo

Posted on: September 16, 2013

“Murder in Circus” (1971) was produced by B K Adarsh and directed by A Salaam under the banner of Adarshlok. The movie had Sujit Kumar, Jayamala, A. N. Ansari, Bela Bose, B. M. Vyas, Shetty, Sapru, Rajan Haksar, Dilip Dutt, Daisy Irani, Kundan, Baby Poonam, Rajan, Akash etc in it.

One song from this movie has been discussed in the past. Here is the second song from the movie. This song is sung by Shyama Hemmadi (sister of Suman Kalyanpur) and Rafi. Hasrat Jaipuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Usha Khanna.

The print of the video is of very poor quality, still one can somehow make out that the song is picturised on Sujit Kumar and Jaymala.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Atif M.



Song-Bolo bolo tum mere ho bolo (Murder in Circus)(1971) Singers-Shyama Hemmadi, Rafi, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Usha Khanna

Lyrics (Provided by Atif M)

bolo bolo
bolo bolo bolo bolo
bolo bolo
tum mere ho bolo
bolo nahin to main shor machaaungi
baat badh jaayegi dekho
bolo nahin to main shor machaaungi
baat badh jaayegi dekho
nahin nahin nahin nahin
nahin nahin nahin nahin
hai koyi naazneen
tumse bhi hai haseen
naam jo sunogi jal jaaogi
hai koyi naazneen
tumse bhi hai haseen
naam jo sunogi jal jaaogi

nahin nahin nahin nahin
nahin nahin nahin nahin

chaal chaloon jaise hirni chale
haan hirni chale
zulf khule to shaam dhale
haan haan shaam dhale
meri taraf duniya jhuke
haan duniya jhuke
mera rang woh hai woh hai woh
nahin nahin nahin nahin
nahin nahin nahin nahin
jab woh chale to ghunghroo bajen
haan ghunghroo bajen
jab woh hanse to phool khilen
haan phool khilen
baat kare to hosh uden
haan hosh uden
mera dil woh hai woh hai woh
main tera hoon
nahin nahin nahin nahin

dekho mujhe ab tang na karo
haan tang na karo
maaf kiya ab sang mein chalo
haan sang mein chalo

kaun hai woh ab to kaho
haan ab to kaho
woh hai tu hai tu hai tu
lala la la lala la la
lala la la lala la la

3 Responses to "Bolo bolo tum mere ho bolo"

Atul ji,

MURDER IN CIRCUS-1971 was an Adarsh Lok Bombay production,directed by Abdus Salam.The music was of usha Khanna,whose assistant was arranger and a talented musician Bal parte. The songs were written by hasrat jaipuri. The cast was Sujit kumar,Jaymala,N A Ansari,Bela Bose,Rajan haksar,Dilip Dutt,daisy irani,kumdan,B M Vyas,Sapru etc.
The story was-
Ramniklal,a famous and wealthy Indian jeweller is murdered in nairobi and his all diamonds are stolen. This act is done by a group of 3 crooks. Kunwar saab ,an ex Jahagirdar(Rajan Haksar),Vakil- a prize winning boxer(B M Vyas) and Jogender(N A Ansari) a circus owner. They run to India with Diamond. Ramniklal’e daughter Usha follows them to India and joins circus as a Trapeze artiste.
On the day of distribution of the loot, Kunwar is murdered and Vakil is seen running with the diamonds. same day vakil too is murdered.before dying,vakil tells joginder that diamonds are hidden somewhere in the Circus. Now Joginder and Asha bothe search for the diamonds.
Bhola (Sujit Kumar), a young handsome man joins the circus and falls in love with Asha. She tells him everything and they jointly search the diamonds.
One day Bhola gets hold of the diamonds,but soon he is captured by the henchmen of joginder,who learns the real identity of Asha and captures her also.
Before they are all killed, Bhola manages to flee from there and soon appears there…….as a police officer ! (Surprised ? No ? Even I was not surprised !)
Bhola is the special duty officer to investigate Ramniklal’s murderers and discover the loot of Diamonds.
He not only discovers the loot and the murderers,but also discovers his life partner in Asha……..Now,dont tell me this is not a revolutionary cinema plot ! It must be due to dirty politics only,the film did not get president’s Gold Medal for an original storyline !!!


Arun Ji, loved the write up on the movie :). I also notice that you are 3 short of reaching a milestone of 500 movie descriptions :). Advanced congratulations Arun Ji! This is no mean feat!.



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