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Maajhi re raam karega paar

Posted on: September 16, 2013

Though I (as well as other contributors) mainly discuss songs in this blog, we all hold opinions about other subjects as well, and we sometimes express them too in our writeups. I have my views on several subjects and my opinions are often different from the popular opinions on those subjects.

While discussing songs from Hindi movies, I have observed that the basic philosophy behind a majority of Hindi movie songs (or for that matter movie songs of other languages as well) throughout the decades remain steeped in what Indians by and large believe in and practice. There have been movies that have sought to change public opinion by dealing with social ills etc, but most of the time the mainstream movies cater to the usual Indian ways instead of trying to reform or change their beliefs and practices.

I have noticed that Hindi mainstream movies rarely show people working for their livings. Of course there are exceptions like “Do Beegha Zameen”, “Mother India” etc, but by and large the main activity of lead actors in Indian movies appears to be romancing the leading lady, sing songs and in the end either getting the leading lady or meeting with a tragic end. while we have lots and lots of songs about love and its myriad forms and repurcussions, we have very few songs on the subject of earning livelihood.

The other related observation is that improving through intensive skill development is an unknown concept in Indian movies. We all know that one needs to consistently work hard in any field to gain proficiency in it, but Indian movie actors seem to master any skill without needing to work at it. Our heroes invariably stands first in Examinations (without studying), can drive cars and even planes (often without any prior exposure to them), can shoot with guns with pinpoint accuracy (without needing any training facilities for shooting) and last but not the least, they can singlehandedly demolish a whole army of well trained baddies (without undergoing any military or martial arts training).

Actors other than the lead ones also believe in output without input. They believe that one can get desired results without needing to work of it, as long as one can sing a “remonstrating with the Almighty” genre of song.

Movies sometimes have philosophical songs, folk songs etc in them as well. And guess what, the underlying philosophy contained in the songs remain the same. You need not worry, God will take care of you, seems to be the message contained in most of these songs.

I feel that such thinking process has by now become ingrained among Indians thanks to this kind of indoctrination through ages. As a result, people seek success without being prepared to work for it by adopting short cuts. And if one come to think of it, this urge to gain success throuh dubious methods is what leads to corruption in its various manifestations. No doubt there is this tendency of instant success in other places too, but this tendency is limited and the importance of working hard to succeed is still valued in those cultures.

I mentioned above that Hindi movie actors are shown bashing a whole army of baddies without any kind of training. Contrast this to a foreign movie like “The 36th chamber of Shaolin” where the hero is actually shown passing though various (36) stages, each stage more difficult than the previous one, before he becomes proficient enough to take on a horde of baddies on his own. It was such a welcome movie for me which showed the hard grind undergone by the hero in great detail. One can wholeheartedly appreciate it when a hero like him then wins over the baddies. The Indian movie heroes appear totally fake to me in comparison.

It is only a very small minority in India who dare to think differently and believe that one needs to actually work hard and succeed through honest means. One needs such people in every society including societies where majority of people would rather resort to short cut methods for themselves.

That is enough philosophising for a post. 🙂 Here is a philosophical maajhi song for now. And yes, the lyrics of this song conform to my observations made above. 🙂

This song is a rare song which is sung by Nirmal Chaudhary, who makes his debut in the blog. Prem Dhawan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Salil Chaudhary.

This is the sixth and final song from “Biraaj Bahu” (1954) to figure in the blog. With this song, “Biraaj Bahu” (1954) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Maajhi re raam karega paar(Biraaj Bahu)(1954) Singer-Nirmal Chaudhary, Lyrics-Prem Dhawan, MD-Salil Chaudhary


maajhi re
ae ae ae
chal re
maajhi ee re ae
raam karega paaaar

maajhi re ae ae
le chal re naiyya aa aa
raam karega paar
haan kinaara bhavsaagar ka
koi jaane na aa
chalte rehna hi jeewan hai ae ae ae ae
rukna mat ?? naao re
raam karega paar

maajhi re
ae ae ae ae

maajhi re
ae ae ae ae
ae ae ae ae
raam karega paar naiyya
aa aa aa aa
raam karega paar


3 Responses to "Maajhi re raam karega paar"

Atul ji, First of all my heartiest Congratulations on covering all songs for this movie and making it to the list of ‘movies-all songs covered’!!!
Secondly, about the write up – kya baat hain Sir, the subject discussed is very close to my heart , and I always wish that people follow honest means and do hard work to get success.
While relating this with our politicians I always think that if they sincerely face the situations and the stress that we feel at our workplace w.r.t. achieving day to day targets, facing all and different types of audits, compliance to the audit and the CA/PA and the NCs, then the continual improvement, objectives, performance etc etc.
When you in your last write up on Asha ji’s birthday you mention about the continual improvement I was thrilled and happy too, that you took on this, and today coming to INPUT/OUTPUT and Productity, I think the game is set now.
May be in future write up I hope that ‘process ownership’ w.r.t. INDIA inc. is also discussed. after all we have to own our country first and take its ownership to find solutions for the many many social evils and corruption still prevalent in the system.

Dear Atul Saheb,
You have pin pointed very much rightly,we all of subcontinent (Indians,Pakistani,Bangladeshi)are ‘Aiyashi’ type, we just dream when you are in your own country, but when go abroad you learn lesson there and then become matured and little honest about yours self,I am not bluffing,our many attitudes and manners are imported from west, but still
our public life we are corrupt all the way, this is a bitter pill, just ask any oneself that how many times you have given ‘Rishvat’ in your life time?
true answer will be yes and quite a few times!!
At the this time very quickly I have responded your factual criticism,
Many of readers would perhaps take as an insult or offence to this but
truth must prevail.

Yippeeee!! Another movie joins the ranks of movies where all songs from the movie have been discussed on this blog. First time I have heard of this movie, let me go check out the other songs from the movie now. Thank you Atul Ji!

36th Chamber of Shaolin is one of my favourite movies :).

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