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Preet banaake toone jeena sikhaaya

Posted on: November 27, 2013

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Divas of Hindi film music (11)

Two days back I found a link on youtube, tagged as ‘duniya banaanewaale- Mukesh-Suman K- SJ”. The clip was 12 minutes long, and it had all 5 stanza’s in it by Mukesh on Raj Kapoor, with intermittent dialogues and a small portion or rather a stanza of the song by Suman Kalyanpur on Waheeda Rehman.

I have seen the movie ‘Teesri Kasam’ 1966 on T.V. long back. Unforgettable songs by Mukesh and Lata, was my full and final impression about its music. Now that I have taken a good look at the list of songs of this film, I know that there are two Lata solos, 3 Asha solos, 3 Mukesh solos, I Manna Dey solo, 1 solo of Suman Kalyanpur and last one is a group nautanki song by Shankar Shambhu-Mubarak Begum. Total 11 songs, this is the tenth song to be posted.

The solo by Suman Kalyanpur is the one which is being posted here, which starts with ‘preet banaake toone jeena sikhaaya”. Actually the lyrics are the same as the stanza in the Mukesh song ‘duniya banaa waale kya tere man mein samaayi’ posted. I for once had ready made lyrics and just had to write the post. So the lyrics in this post are courtesy Atul ji. The only difference is that the first line ‘duniya banaane waale’ never gets sung. The song is barely one minute long, but it is enough to be appealing.

The song in question is a scene stealer, as a rendition almost perfect foil for the mukesh version. Here again Suman Kalyanpur gets a clincher of a song, which reminds me of the classic Roshan-Majrooh-Lata creation rahen na rahen ham from “Mamta” (1966), where she got to sing the duet version with Rafi. But that was Roshan, with Lata dominating the score as only she can, with one duet each for Asha and Suman Kalyanpur.

Whereas in the case of ‘Teesri Kasam’, there is no sign of Rafi here still Shankar – Jaikishan as many as four singers for Waheeda Rehman. Tables had turned and how, for Lata Mangeshkar by 1966 vis-à-vis Shankar-Jaikishan can be judged from this. And this was an all important film produced by Shailendra, as significant as the other three in the team.

Some people think that Suman Kalyanpure’s voice was very similar to Lata Mangeshkar, and in some songs,she sounds very much like Lata. I have also found the similarity in some songs, but in this song Suman has a distinct style of her own. The fact that she was not from the hindi belt and the accent in the words of urdu/hindi was detectable, may have been her only disadvantage.

Despite the music industry being too much enamoured and in awe of Lata and Asha, Suman Kalyanpur, got a lot more opportunities than some others. She is one the luckier ones to have sung for not just Shankar-Jaikishan but S D Burman, Ravi, Roshan, Madan Mohan and Naushad etc.

So here is a solo song by Suman Kalyanpure, in one of the all time great music scores of the golden era of Hindi film music.

Song-Preet banaake toone jeena sikhaaya (Teesri Kasam)(1966) Singer-Suman Kalyanpur, Lyrics-Hasrat Jaipuri, MD-Shankar-Jaikishan


hmm hmmm
hmm hmmm hmm
hmmm hmmmm
hmm hmmm
hmm hmmm
hmmm hmmmm
preet banaake toone jeenaa sikhaayaa
hansnaa sikhaayaa
ronaa sikhaayaa
jeewan ke path par meet milaaye
jeewan ke path par meet milaaye
meet milaake toone sapne jagaaye
sapne jagaake toone
kaahe ko de di judaayi ee
kaaheko duniyaa banaayi
toone kaaheko duniyaa banaayi

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What a film it was? The melancholy, the void and the impact of sudden loss it left behind is still felt even after the lapse of so many decades.


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