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Aaj ki ye baaten raaja bhool mat jaiyyo ji

Posted on: December 1, 2013

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Gems from obscure movies-Song number 4

The 4th song in the series “Gems from obscure films” is from film DHOLA-MARU-1956, sung by Asha Bhonsle and Manna Dey. The composer is S K Pal (Suryakant Pal).

“Vividhata mein Ekta” was how Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru used to describe India,our motherland. How true ! The statistics of Languages and Religions in India is mind boggling.

29 different states and 6 union Territories, 22 languages mentioned in the constitution.
30 languages spoken by more that 30 Lakh people
122 Languages spoken by more than 10 thousand people.
1652 total languages.

* Major Religions being practiced, comparatively peacefully, for over hundreds of years. Till the British divided us on Religion, this was the most exemplary country with such a variety of languages and religions. Even today, apart from being the largest Democratic country of the world, it is also the only country with so many languages and religions. The common thing binding these various people is The Indian Culture !

With so much variety in the people, no wonder there are separate Folk-lores in almost all states involving local history. Amongst the Folk-Lores, it is the Love story that is a major contributor. While love stories like Heer-Ranjha and Sohni-Mahiwal are famous all over India, Punjab leads with most Folk- Lores of Lovers.

Sohni Mahiwal, Heer-Ranja, Sassi-Punnu, Monal-Rano, Umar-Marvi, Lila-Chanesar, Noori-Tamchi, Dhaj-Rorkumar and Mirza-Sahiban are the most popular love stories of Punjab and Sind.

There was yet another popular Folk-Lore of Lovers in the states of Rajasthan, M.P., Chhattisgarh and Gujarat and that is the story of Prince Dhola and Princess Maru. Unlike the Punjab Folk-Lores of Lovers, Dhola Maru has several versions, especially Rajasthani and Chhattisgarhi versions. Several Books and stories as well as Folk songs were written on Dhola-Maru. There was a Gujarati Hit film Dhola-Maru-1983.

Dhola – Maru story took place somewhere in the 15th century. However this is a Happy ending Love story, unlike most Punjabi tragedies.

The Rajasthani version of the story is-

The Legend of Dhola and Maru is the Indian version of Romeo-Juliet saga. The princess Maru was from a place called Pugal near Bikaner while Dhola was the young and handsome prince of Gwalior. A terrible drought in Pugal made Maru’s(then 2 years old) father shift to Gwalior, which was ruled by his friend, the father of Dhola. He stayed there for three years and before leaving for his hometown, the two kings each promised to get their children married to each other. However, after a span of 20 years all promises were forgotten and Maru was betrothed to a man called Umra. But destiny prevailed, and bard from Pugal who had travelled to Gwalior sang at the royal court about the childhood betrothal of Dhola and Maru. After listening to the song Dhola fell hook, line and sinker for the virtuous princess Maru. With love in his eyes Dhola began wooing Maru who also fell in love with the handsome Dhola. Where two hearts collide there has to be an outcome, and so they decided to run away.

Umra came to know about their plans and went after them with his brother sumra. The eloping lovers on their Camel with their bows arrows were no match for the Umra-Sumra brothers who had guns. However, they were able to evade the evil brothers and took refuge in a forest. Unfortunately Dhola was bitten by a snake and died on the spot, Maru, thus cheated by her lover, proceeded to weep the death. Luck favoured Maru and her cries were heard by Lord Shiva and consort Parvati. Parvati requested her husband to revive Dhola and thus by divine intervention the lovers were united to live happily ever after.

There are some differences in the Chhattisgarhi versions, where in prince Dhola gets married to Rewa for 12 years, after which,he goes for Maru etc.

Film Dhola Maru-1956 was made by ‘Cine workers society’ Bombay and the Director was N R Acharya. Most readers will not know who this Acharya was.

N R Acharya ( 1909-1993) was a Reporter turned Director from Bombay Talkies. He actually became a production Manager for ‘Achhut Kanya’-1936 and then he directed his first film- Bandhan-1940. Later he did Azad-40 and Naya Sansar-41 too. He also left in 1942 when Bombay Talkies divided, but without joining any group, became a free lancer. Amiya Chakravarty and Gyam Mukherjee were his followers, working then as story,dialogue and screenplay writers. In 1942, Acharya produced and directed Kunwara Baap. Then he did uljhan-42, Aagey kadam-43, Parivartan-49, Lagna mandap-50, Shohrat-56, Dhola maru-56 etc.

The music was by S.K. Pal-Suryakant Pal, nephew of Music Director Ramchandra pal. His assistants were Gaur Ghoshal and Chunnilal. There were 11 songs in the film,5 duets and 6 solos. All songs were good. I have selected a duet of Asha and Manna Dey for you today.

The cast of the film was Pradeep Kumar, Usha Kiran, Rehana, Saproo, Kumkum etc . The story was with plenty of cinematic liberties taken from the original folklore and it was a mix of many versions.-

Navalgarh’s king Nal and Queen Damayanti were a popular ruler duo. Their son was 4 year old Dhola. Once there was a severe drought and famine in the kingdom. Along with his people the king too moved out and went to the King of Punalgarh-King Buddha Singh,along with queen and Dhola. One day in a game of dice he defeated King Buddha and as a reward,asked for his daughter Maru for his son. The marriage was fixed. On the day of marriage ,however there was a big fire in the pandal and the Grooms were saved somehow. Thinking that Maru is a bad omen for them Nal-Damayanti refuse to take her .king Buddha takes it as an insult and challenges King Nal. In the subsequent sword fight King buddha is killed and Nal goes away with Dhola. maru weeps.

After few years one day the young Dhole goes hunting in punalgarh jungle and meets Maru. They fall in love but King nal forbids him to meet her again. Dhola is enticed by a beautiful girl Rewa,who wants to marry him. When King Nal and queen Damayanti go on a pilgrimage,Rewa’s uncle usurps Nala’s throne. When Maru learns about it,she reaches Navalgarh,meets Dhola and they want to run away,but The new ruler sends his army to kill Dhola. Dhola and maru run away,but on the way Dhola is bitten by a snake and dies. Maru starts wailing, which is heard by Shankar-Parvati and they revive Dhola. Dhola gathers his own army and defeats Rewa’s uncle. his parents also return. they learn everything and accept Maru as their Bahu.

Let us now hear this “Gem from this obscure film”….

Song-Aaj ki ye baaten raja bhool mat jaiyyo ji (Dhola Maaru)(1956) Singers-Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Lyrics-Bharat Vyas, MD- S K Pal


aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyo ji
aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyo ji
ham to nahin bhoole raani
tum na bhool jaiyyo ji
tum na bhool jaiyyo ji

aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyo ji

aaj mere preet ka papeeha
boley boley ji
ho piya piya boley ji
aaj mere laaj ka ghoonghat koi kholey ji
baaton hi baaton mein
mera man liya chor
meri bagiya ke
ho meri bagiya ke mor
mohey bhool mat jaiyyo ji
aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyo ji

aaj mere pyaar ki
bahaar aayi aayi ji
bahaar aayi aayi ji
dekho koi jhoomti surangi(?) naar aayi ji
ghoonghat ki oat teekhe nainon ki chot
dil pe chhuriyaan
ho dil pe chhuriyaan chalaake
hamen bhool mat jaiyyo ji

aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyyo ji

chaandni raaton mein dhola
chori chori aaiyo
chori chori aaiyo ji
soyi hoon akeli
hauley hauley jagaiyo ji
soyi hoon akeli
hauley hauley jagaiyo ji
ho ho o o o
ho o o

ho ho o o
o o

chori aaye chor
ham to chaude dhaade aaye ji
chaude dhaade aaye ji
haule haule kyun ji
ham to halla kar jagaayen ji
halla kar jagaayen ji
okhli mein
okhli mein sir dharna
moosli se kaahe darna
raj ke pooton ko
o raj ke pooton ko
ulti baat na sikhaiyo ji

aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyyo ji
ham to nahin bhoole raani
tum na bhool jaiyyo ji
tum na bhool jaiyyo ji

aaj ki ye baaten raja
bhool mat jaiyyo ji


2 Responses to "Aaj ki ye baaten raaja bhool mat jaiyyo ji"

ghoonghat ki oat deekhe nainon ki ??

This line is :

ghoonghat ki oat
‘ teekhe nainon ki chot ‘

I liked your blog.

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