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Ek gagan ka raaja

Posted on: December 4, 2013

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Divas of hindi film music (14)

From this song of 1952, fast forward to 1970, almost two decades later. The movie is Darpan (1970), has some lovely songs, written by Anand Bakshi and composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal.

This is a moving story telling song of Lata Mangeshkar composed by Laxmikant Pyarelal, who had by this time become the new Shankar-Jaikishan for her. I had sent the lyrics of this song long back, but it must have got lost in transit. Having seen this movie on TV eons ago, seeing the song has brought back the whole sordid story. Here is the long and short of it :

Waheeda Rehman is the wronged woman, who has finally taken refuge in an ‘Anaath Ashram’ after losing her mother and her respect in society for being an unwed mother. She is treated as fair game by men in society who consider her to be characterless woman.

In the ‘ashram’ Waheeda Rehman is content, but Sunil Dutt turns up in her life and falls in love with her. She is not willing to taint his life with her past, but Sunil Dutt is persistent and finally persuaded by the well wishers at the Anath Ashram and seeing Sunil Dutt’s devotion, she marries him. Here her troubles start and the past comes back to haunt her. Sunil Dutt’s elder brother Rehman is a doctor, the same who was treating Waheeda Rehman’s mother and who is also the father of her child. Rehman was already married to Seema Deo and was childless, so he adopts the girl. But no one knows that she is his real daughter.

Now Waheeda has to stay in the same house with her husband and his brothers family, who is the father of her child. She is unable to disclose this to Sunil Dutt. Than Sunil Dutt’s close friend who has been abroad, comes back after many year, to see him. This friend is Ramesh Deo, who is also one of those who tried to take advantage of Waheeda Rehman when she was working in his office.

Finally, the truth is out and Sunil Dutt is devastated. He still believes in Waheeda Rehman and wants to leave home forever. In the end, one of them has to die and Waheeds Rehman takes her own life to solve the quagmire.

All the characters involved in the story are present in the song, where Waheeda Rehman is playing with her daughter in the garden and trying to make sense of her life’s tragedy. Rehman is watching from his room upstairs, while his wife Seema Deo is looking on. Sunil Dutt is very happy to meet his dear friend Ramesh Deo and can’t wait to introduce him to his wife.

So here is song no. 14 of the series, a fine solo song by Lata Mangeshkar.



Song-Ek gagan ka raaja (Darpan)(1970) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-Laxmikant Pyarelal


hmm hmm hmm

ek gagan ka raaja
ek chaman ki raani
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek gagan ka raaja
ek chaman ki raani
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek ka naam chandaa
ek ka naam chakori
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek gagan ka raja

chaandni raaton mein
baaton baaton mein
chaandni raaton mein
bas ye donon samaa gaye
ek dooje ki aankhon mein
chaandni raaton mein
aen aen aen
wo bhi paagal premi
ye bhi prem deewaani
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek gagan ka raja

phir wo din aayaa
sab ne samjhaaya
phir wo din aayaa
dekho dharti gagan nahin
milte kyun dhokhaa khaayaa
phir wo din aayaa
aa aa aaa
jhoothi aas lagaayi
sachchi baat na maani
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek gagan ka raja

aage sun haaye
naina bhar aaye
aage sun haaye
ik din donon bichhad gaye
aakaash mein baadal chhaaye
aage sun haaye

chham chham barse naina
rim jhim barsa paani
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek ka naam chandaa
ek ka naam chakori
in donon ke pyaar ki
sunaaun main kahaani
ek gagan ka raja

6 Responses to "Ek gagan ka raaja"

Stanza exists only in the audio track, for which I am not able to find Youtube Link:
Audio track contains all 4 stanzas.
I am unable to find any audio link for the song which is having all 4 stanzas

guzri kuchch raathein…..
banke baraathein
guzri kuchch raathein
door hi door se kiye ishaare
kar lee/le jee ki baathein
guzri kuchch raathein…
man ke meet ko de dee
apni neend nishaani
in dono ke pyaar ki sunaaoon main kahaani
ek gagan ka raajaa



Here is the link of audio with all four stanzas on smasHits.


Khyati ji

Thank you for the song link



Khyati ji and Prakshchandra ji,

Thank you for the full audio link and additional stanza.


new video link:


full audio link:


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