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Ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain

Posted on: November 24, 2013

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Divas of hindi Film music (8) :
Lata Mangeshkar is the highest represented artist of this blog. Still there are thousands of her songs still to be posted. And if I want to really pick and choose, it is just not feasible in the absence of the explicit information as is available in the case of Mohammed Rafi songs, in the excel sheet. So I am relying on instinct only and trying to feel my way into a maze of Lata solo songs. Every day at least one solo song of Lata Mangeshkar is posted. The other day the last and final song from ‘Saanjh Aur Savera “ a solo by Lata was posted, which was in my list.

So I am presenting a solo song by Lata Mangeshkar, from the film Ambar (1952). The lyricist is ever dependable Shakeel Badayuni and music Director is Gulam Mohammed. Nargis is singing the song on screen and trying to pacify Raj Kapoor who is angry for some reason.

It is fine , till Nargis runs behind Raj Kapoor and starts to sing. Raj Kapoor is not affected at all by the words or the melody of the song and is standing there with the fierce expression. By the time the last stanza starts, Nargis has fallen to his feet and still pleading with him. Eventually he brutally pushes Nargis away to one side and stalk off.

Really, I have seen some groveling songs, but this one takes the cake. I have no problems with the lyrics and they give no indication that the heroine is required to fall to the hero’s feet. I personally draw the line at verbal groveling, if at all necessary. But this is a film so may be the audience were emotionally moved by seeing such scenes and liked to see them. All that is old is not necessarily gold. Some things shown in the old films were accepted by the society than, but now those same practices are considered morally incorrect. Thankfully, even the old fashioned ‘slap’ is gone out of style since 80’s.

Behind the epithet ‘Nadaan Balam’ there is a sense of indulgence, as though giving an excuse for such abusive behavior. This is an exaggerated tolerance at best and medieval self sacrificial at worst. I am all for marking this song’s video as “ Parental Guidance Only “. So there is an audio link also for sensitive souls.

None of this takes away anything from the song itself. The clear and natural tone of Lata’s voice is always a delight.



Song-Ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain (Ambar)(1952) Singer-Lata, lyrics-Shakeel Badayuni, MD-Ghulam Mohammad


ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain
nadaan balam tum kya jaano o
tum roothh gaye dil toot gayaa
paaya hai jo gham tum kya jaano o
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain

jab ham ko banaaya thha apnaa aa aa aa
kyun haal na dil ka jaan sakey ae ae ae
ik phool chunaa aa aa aa
ik phool chunaa aur phenk diyaa
khusbhoo bhi nahin pehchaan sakey
thhukraa diyaa meri ulfat ko
apnaa ye sitam tum kya jaano o
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain

mit jaaye muhobbat ki duniyaa
aa aa aa
ye baat koyi aasaan nahin
ee ee ee
armaan bharaa
aa aa aa
armaan bharaa ye dil meraa
naazuk hai magar naadaan nahin
tum pher lo ham se laakh nazar
badlenge na ham tum kya jaano o
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain
naadaan balam tum kya jaano o
tum rooth gaye dil toot gayaa
paaya hai jo gham tum kya jaano o
ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain

6 Responses to "Ham pyaar tumhi se karte hain"


I had watched this film on VCD a few years back. If I remember correctly, Raj Kapoor’s role is that of a bandit and Nargis is a simple village girl who is adopted by a king. So there is some rustic elements in their characters to picturise the song as such. Moreover, as you have mentioned, such type of scenes were liked by a majority of film audience of that time.

In a lighter vein, if this song were to be written by Majrooh Sultanpuri, he would have written the lyrics something like that of customising to suit the characters in the song under discussion 🙂 Of course, this is more of a teasing song than the song for specifying an angry hero.

However, the above example of the song does not undermine the caliber of Shakeel Badayuni as a poet-lyricist.



You are right. By giving the example of the song from ‘ Kaala Paani ‘ , you have reminded me of the best song of this ‘teasing’ situation song. This is the best Asha-Rafi duet and the best of SDB – Majrooh team. How could Dev Anand think of anyone else singing for him, after such songs is beyond me. And Asha again here is giving it all she has , to SDB who was utilizing her as a stop gap, while he was not working with Lata Mangeshkar.

The pircturization too reminds of duets of ‘Tere Ghar ke Saamne’ .


Sensibilities have changed over the years, so what was accepted earlier is not accepted today. I didn’t want to see Nargis kicked by Raj Kapoor, so I heard the audio only!!


Raj has had a habit of mauling and pawning his heroines.


I am surprised that Raj ‘pawned’ his heroines. His financial condition was so low ?


Arun ji, Nitin ji perhaps meant pawing 😀


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