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Jannat ki hoor hoon dil ka suroor hoon

Posted on: December 11, 2013

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Gems from obscure films- Song no. 8

This is the 8th song in the series- “Gems from obscure films”. It is from the film Ghulam Begum Badshah-1956, sung by Shamshad Begum. The Music Director was Sudipta.

Does Reel Life reflect the Real Life ? Or is it the other way round ?

In my humble opinion (IMHO), Reel life really reflects the real life and not the other way round certainly. When the Moving pictures or the Silent Films started in India, it was just the beginning of the 20th Century. There were not many means for entertainment for the people, except probably books, Newspapers and magazines. There was no Radio also.

[ Radio started in India as Radio Club in Bombay in 1923, with a limited range. Bombay Radio station began on 23-7-1927 and Calcutta station on 26-8-1927. These stations were run by a private company called Indian Broadcasting company Limited which went into liquidation and the Government took it over establishing Indian state Broadcasting services on 1-4-1930. Finally it became All India Radio only on 8-6-1936.( Today A.I.R. has 403 Radio Stations in India). ]

People would attend Keertans, kathas, maha poojas in temples. In rural areas some Folk dances and song programs were conducted on festivals. People were influenced only by history and mythology. This was reflected in the type of Silent Films made. Almost 90% of the silent films made were based on History or Mythology. When the ‘Talkie’ started, majority of films initially were based on History, mythology, stage dramas or tradional folklores. With passage of time as the literacy rate improved and a sizable Middle Class emerged in the society, social problems and activities became the main themes of Films.

Films on Arabian Nights, Panchtantra, Ramayan, Mahabharat, stage dramas, social issues, reform measures, patriotic themes (in disguised forms, of course, since it was still a British rule) etc. became the subject matters of films. Movies based on Kings, Queens, Vazirs and magicians continued to be made till 50s and mid 60s. Slowly and steadily the generation which had lived under King’s rules and seen Kings and queens themselves gave way to the next generation, who were not interested in these stories anymore.

This generation knew that kings and queens (post independence) had no powers leftand were becoming extinct. The last straw came,when Indira Gandhi scrapped the privy purses of kings and Nawabs in 1969 and they all became ordinary citizens like anyone else. There was no glamour left intheir stories now. From around 1965 onwards films based on kings and Queens quietly bowed out.

This is how the Reel life reflects the Real Life ! Films based on common man’s problems, aspirations and lives as well as issues plaguing the middle Class ( India has the Largest Middle Class population in the world ! ), were made into films by daring new generation. This was called ‘Parallel Cinema” or ” The New Wave Cinema”.

That was the scene in the 70s and after that.

However, in the 50s, movies centering around kings, vazirs etc were being made. One such film was Ghulam Begum Badshah-1956. Produced by H S Puri, the film’s story was written by Shyam Hindi-who wrote couple of songs for this film as well. The screen play and Direction was by Jugal Kishore. The music was by Sudipta, with assistance from J.D.Majumdar. Not much information is available about the music director Sudipta. I tried various sources, including the Cine Music Directors’ Association, but could not get any information about Sudipta, except that he gave music to 4 films- Ghulam begum Badshah-56, Taj aur Talwar-56, The Silver King-57 and Shan-e-Hind-60. Then he disappeared.

The cast of the film was Daljit, Sheila Ramani, W M Khan, Nishi, Khairati, Chand, Prakash etc. The Guest artist was Johnny Walker, who had one qawwali type song also in the film. Those days Johnny Walker was a big name. He was extremely popular and it was almost an unwritten rule he MUST have songs in his films,, sung preferably by Rafi, who would provide a special voice for johnny Walker.

Today’s song is sung by Shamshad Begum. I like her style of singing. It is a typical Punjabi forceful style. That is why in my opinion sad songs of Shamshad are not memorable. I feel her voice was suitable for naughty songs, teasing songs, comedy songs, field songs, group songs etc ,but emotional and sad songs were not her forte at all. On the Internet, I find many sites for many singers. Lata, Asha, Rafi, Mukesh, Talat have several exclusive sites for them, but surprisingly I found only ONE site for Shamshad Begum. ( I am open for correction). I find it very strange.

The story of the film was-

Salim is a slave who is bought by the Shah of Ishra and set free as a kind gesture. Tarak is the wily Vazir of the Shah. Tarak finds the daughter of the trader of slaves very beautiful and he orders the Trader to send Najma,his daughter to him within 4 days,or else….

The trader is terrified. he seeks protection from the Shah. However after 4 days, the soldiers of the Vazir come to take away Najma. Suddenly the Shah himself appears there in disguise and starts fighting with the soldiers. Incidentally, Salim also comes there and the two together drive away the soldiers, but the Trader dies in the fight. The Shah falls in love with Najma and takes her in his safe custody.

Impressed with his bravery, the Shah appoints Salim as the chief of his Army,which is not liked by the vazir. He is waiting to usurp the throne. Salim falls in love with Begum, a dancer in the court of the Shah. One day the Vazir rebels and captures the Shah and Najma and keeps them in jail. Salim gathers his army, which is divided now and with the help of trusted friends rescues Shah and Najma. There is a fierce battle in which Salim kills the Vazir.

Najma becomes the King and Salim marries begum. Thus the Ghulam,begum and Badshah are all happy, in the end.

Let us now enjoy this song by Shamshad Begum from this film…



Song-Jannat ki hoor hoon dil ka suroor hoon (Ghulam Begam Badshah)(1956) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Shyam Hindi, MD-Sudipta


jannat ki hoor hoon
dil ka suroor hoon
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
shola vo noor hoon
teri guroor hoon
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le

masti mein jhoome bahaaron ka mausam
aankhon ko choome khumaaron ka mausam
aise khumaar se
aisi bahaar se
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
jannat ki hoor hoon
dil ka suroor hoon
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le

sun le zara ye kisi ki pukaar hai
dil mein kisi ke tumhaara hi pyaar hai
kehti hoon pyaar se dil ki pukaar se
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
jannat ki hoor hoon
dil ka suroor hoon
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le

nagme bhare dil ke taaron ko chhedo
chehdo ji in bekaraaron ko chhedo
dil bekaraar de nagmon ke taar de
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
jannat ki hoor hoon
dil ka suroor hu
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le
ho o
aankhen mila le sanam jhoom le

5 Responses to "Jannat ki hoor hoon dil ka suroor hoon"

As usual you have presented a nice blog.Thanks.


I think we have forgotten some of the sad gems like na aankho me aansu from Aag just one example which sends shivers down the spine. They are many more such sad songs from SB. One can’t shy away from the fact she was a versatile diva.


nitin ji,
I have expressed only and specifically my opinion. likings and choices can/will/do differ from person to person.




Movieman ltd
Niagra films presents
Gulam(daljit) begum(Sheila ramani)badshah(w.m.khan)
Altaf,w.m.khan,sadiq,kharaiti,malika,Prakash,Nishi,R.Nath(aka Rajindernath)Paras,Rajni,
Chand bala,Savitri,Shivji Bhai,Raj Puri,Dev Raj,Bomb Lahri,Pritam,Jogender,Wajid Ali,Kamaldeep,
Banesh Kumar,Sagar, Johny walker(Guest Artist)
Written by Shyam Hindi
Lyrics by Shoukat Pardesi,Indiwar,Roopbani,Shyam Hindi,
Photography:Kewal Malhotra,
Art direction:Purshottam
Dance directors:Mohan Shah,Amrit Kumar
Music assts:Jeevan,Santosh Prasad
Music:SOODIPT(as spelt in the credit sequences)
Produced by H.s.puri
Screenplay & direction:Jugal Kishore

dancer lip syncing for the song may be Malika(if at all another Malika is there other than Mumtaz`s sister ??) or
Rajni or
Chand bala or
Savitri or
any other artiste
(as Minoo mumtaz`s dance is there in the movie ,but her name does not appear in the credit sequences)


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