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Kaisi shaam suhaani aayi re

Posted on: January 22, 2014

This article is written by Satyajit Rajurkar, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

During my early teen days, I was watching movies at the rate of 8 – 10 movies per week. It did not matter whether it was a new movie or an old movie or a repeat. I somehow had to be in a cinema hall between 11.30 AM and 2.30 PM. Sounds very adventurous, right? Yes it was, believe you me, but that was the craze of the movies, both Hindi and English.

It so happened that once in 1972 and again in the late 70s I had the chance to see a very obscure movie called Pasand Apni Apni (1971). It was a social movie produced by Brij Katyal & David Jefferies and directed by Brij Katyal (not to be confused with another famous director Brij, who was Brij Sadanah). The movie starred Sameer, Simi Garewal, Ajit, David Jefferies, Razia Sultana, Santokh Uppal, Vijay Dean, etc,. Sameer was the third of the 4 Khan brothers of the 70s, with the other three being Feroz, Sanjay and Akbar.

As far as I remember (and I do not remember a lot of this movie) this is a movie about a young Indian settled in England, in whose life come two young Indian women, who are exactly identical, one as a girl friend about to marry him and the other, as his wedded wife and mother of his child (son). But false sense of cultural values on his part deprives him of both these, for the time being, and ultimately one takes away the child and the other keeps the man himself.

The songs of this movie were written by Amar and Shiv Kumar Saroj and were composed by an unknown composer, Vishnu Khanna. Some of you may remember Shiv Kumar Saroj from his days as an announcer at Radio Ceylon’s Hindi services. Saroj wrote lyrics for many movies such as Talaash (1952), Zindagi Aur Hum (1962), Naag Mandir (1966), Pratima Aur Payal (1977), College Girl (1978), etc.

Talking about the composer Vishnu Khanna, it looks like he composed songs for only two movies – Patni (1970) and this one.

Rafi sings this deceptively-simple soft romantic song “Kaisi Shaam Suhaani Aayi Re” with its quick change in octaves at the cross-line (the transition from antara back to the mukhda) with relative ease. The song was filmed on Sameer (lip synced) and Simi Garewal.

This song also has a female version sung by Suman Kalyanpur. However, this version is not available on the net, in either the video or the audio format. I have requested a few friends and members of my group to send me this version (if available), which I will surely upload to You Tube.

This is one of my favourite Rafi song and I rate it along with soft romantic songs like “Ek Haseen Shaam Ko” from Dulhan Ek Raat Ki, “Jaag dil-e-deewana” from “Oonche Log, “Aap ke Haseen Rukh” from “Baharein Phir Bhi Aayengi”, etc. This will tell you how powerful yet how loving this song is. I hope you enjoy this rare song.



Song-Kaisi shaam suhaani aayi re (Pasand Apni Apni)(1971) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Shiv Kumar Saroj, MD-Vishnu Khanna


Mere yaaaar
mere yaaaar
kaisi shaam suhaani aayi re,
kaisi shaam suhaani
aayi re..
har shai pe jawaani chhaayi re,
mere yaaaar
mere yaar…
kaisi shaam suhani
aayi re ho

jee chaahe in waadiyon mein kho jaaoon
jee chaahe in waadiyon mein kho jaaoon
kho jaaoon
leke sahaara baahon ka
so jaaoon
so jaaoon
mehke sapne
sapne mehke jhoom ke,
mere yaaar
mere yaar,
kaisi shaam suhani aayi re ho

mast hawa bhi lene lagi angdaayi
mast hawa bhi lene lagi angdaayi
jharnon mein bhi bajne lagi shehnaai
shehnaayi ee
udtee khushboo
khushboo udtee jhoom ke,
mere yaaaar
mere yaar
kaisi shaam suhaani
aayi re ho

saare chaman mein khushboo chhaayi teri
haan teri
saare chaman mein khushboo chhaayi teri
haan teri
main hoon raahi
tu hai manzil meri
haan meri ee
teri raahein
meri raahein
ek hain
mere yaaaar,
mere yaar
kaisi shaam suhaani aayi re..
har shai pe jawaani chhaayi re,
mere yaaaar
mere yaar…
kaisi shaam suhaani
aayi re ho

11 Responses to "Kaisi shaam suhaani aayi re"

During earlier days of Doordarshan(late 80`s),(in their Chitrahaar programme on wednesday) they used to telecast these types of songs from rare and obscure movies. I had seen this song during those days.

My elder cousin sister used to collect Hindi movie(Hindi mein likhe gaye) song booklets during my childhood days. Main woh saare Hindi film geeton ke books ko collect karke rakhaa thaa.But my mother or brother, during one of their cleaning works sold(raaddiwaale ko) those books in my absence(As a school boy I wept very much for this loss 🙂 as if I had lost my valuable things)
In one of such booklets I had read the songs of this movie(I remember the page number of the book on which this song was printed. Crazy me 🙂

Thanks Satyajit ji

aapne phir se unn kitaabon ki yaad dilaayaa, phir se mann unn kitaabo ke liye lalchaa rahaa hai (Gaanon kaa video clip mere saamne hone ke bawajood, 🙂 )


I too have lost lots of carefully and painstakingly collected magazines in my younger days by this method.


Atul ji

Koyee toh hai mere dukh ko baantnewaalaa, Thank God 😦 😦 for small mercies.


I think that loss made me to write the lyrics(of hindi movie songs) in my diaries,notebooks and wherever it is possible(and memorising them passionately) from my childhood days,(and thereby subconsciously challenging others to erase the lyrics of hindi movie songs from my mind) (:


Yep only two movie MD. However no Patni song on YT


Nitin Ji, let me check my collection, for a song from Patni. There’s a slim to none possibility, though.


He also wrote lyrics for Pratima Aur Payal-1977. He also penned 2 NFS : mujhse yu ruth kar kyu ja rahi ho and the more famous tere labo ke muqabil both by Mukesh


Really a very superb song of our beloved Rafi Saab.


Nitin Shah Ji,

I have found out that Manohar Khanna was the father of music director Usha Khanna.

The Wikipedia article of Usha Khanna mentiones this passage –

“Born in Gwalior, her father, Manohar Khanna, was a lyricist and singer, working as Assistant Superintendent in the Water Works Department in then Gwalior State. When he came to Bombay (now Mumbai) for some work in 1946 he met Jaddanbai who was mother of Hindi film actress Nargis Dutt.On her request he started writing Gazals for Hindi films by the name, Jaaved Anwar .He was getting a monthly salary of Rs. 250 in Gwalior State and Jaddanabi offered him Rs. 800 for 3 gazals which he wrote for Jaddanbai,s Nargis Art Productions film Romeo Juliet.”

Not only this but a couple of other sources have also told me that he is Usha Khanna’s father.


Satyajit Rajurkar


New audio link of full song by my friend Surinder Sidhu on his UT account.


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