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Nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi

Posted on: March 29, 2014

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“Do Gunde” (1959) was directed by V M Vyas for Minerva Movietone. The movie had Ajit, Kumkum, Raj Kumar, Pran, Jayshree Gadkar etc in it.

Six songs from this movie have been discussed in the past and we have listed this song among those that have all their songs already covered in the blog. It turns out that the movie has another song in it that has not been covered so far.

This song is sung by Lata and chorus. It is picturised on Jayshree Gadkar and others, with Ajit Also visible towards the end of the song.

Majrooh Sultanpuri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Ghulam Mohammad.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With this song, “Do Gunde” (1959) finally and actually joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.


Song-Nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi (Do Gunde)(1959) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Ghulam Mohammad

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

sun sakhi ee
morey ae man ki baat
koyal tarse aam ko
aur bann ko tarse ae mor
main tarsoon us preet ko
aur chhaayi ghata ghanghor

nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi
haay pi bina jiyara
taras-taras reh jaaye ae ae
nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi
haay pi bina jiyara
taras-taras reh jaaye ae
aisa bhi aaye koi baadal
hamaare angna
rimjhim pyaar lutaaye

ae ae
nadiya kinare phiroon pyasi
haay pi bina jiyara taras-taras reh jaaye

o o o
sajna milan ke gaaun main taraane
rang bharey lo aa gaye zamaane
o o
aa aa aa
khoyi rahoon main kyun raam jaane
dhoondh rahi ho pyaar ke khazaane
kuchh bhi na apni khabariya khabariya aa aa
kuchh bhi na apni khabariya
main aisi bhooli
din kab aaye kab jaaye
aisa bhi aaye koi baadal
hamaare angna
rimjhim pyaar lutaaye

ae ae
nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi
haay pi bina jiyara
taras-taras reh jaaye

o o o
pyaase hain dono ankhiyon ke bhanwre
daalo kisi par kajra se dorey
o o o
pankh pasaare chup hain nigode
lootenge dil mad ke katore
dhoondhe kisi ko najariya najariya
dhoondhe kisi ko najariya
ye bairi mausam aag ?? lagaaye
aisa bhi aaye koi baadal
hamare angna
rimjhim pyaar lutaaye

ae ae nadiya kinare phiroon pyasi
haay pi bina jiyara
taras-taras rehe jaaye
nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi
haay pi bina jiyara
taras-taras reh jaaye

18 Responses to "Nadiya kinaare phiroon pyaasi"

Congratulations Atul ji – Shah Saheb on covering of all songs of this movie ‘Do Gunde -1959’ and its joining to the ‘list of movies-all songs covered’ ! 🙂


Maaf karna, but this song according to Lata’s encyclopedia “Gandhaar – Swaryatra’ by Viswas Nerurkar is from 1956 film ‘Raajhath’. The MD being Shankar Jaikishan and Lyrics by Hasrat Jaipuri.
Arun-ji, our encyclopedia, often points out that so many times the information on youtube are faulty and the details should be checked before posting.


Bharatbhai, I just checked in HFGK. You are right. Song belongs to Raajhath-56. 🙂 Good “observation”.


The song is picturized on Jayshree Gadkar and like Atulji has mentioned, Ajit can be seen in the song. These two artists are in Do Gunde-59.
Arunji, can you help clarify this matter.


Songs with similar mukhdas can be there in different movies. “Rajhath” song is different from “Do Gunde” song.


But this song is not listed in the HFGK under Do Gunde. Just curious about the real answer.


Khyati ji/ bharat ji,

This song (not the VDO) was used in both films,though it is not mentioned in HFGK as in the list of songs for ‘Do Gunde’-59.
Please remember both Rajhath and Do Gunde were Minerva Movietone films produced by Sohrab Modi. he was known to do odd things. In all probabilities this song was used in Do Gunde on his wish and was included later on,without issuance of a record. Here is the song from Rajhath-



here are the lyrics of Rajhath song-
sun sakhi more man ki baat
koyal tarase aas ko
aur ban ko tarase mor
main tarasun us prit ko
aur chha_i ghata ghanaghor

nadiya kinare phirun pyasi
hay pi bina jiyara taras-taras rah jaa_e
aisa bhi aa_e ko_i badal
hamare angana rimajhim pyar luta_e

sajana milan ke ga_un main tarane
rang bhare lo aa ga_e zamane
kho_i rahun main kyon ram jane
dhundh rahi hun pyar ke kazane
kuchh bhi na apani khabariya
main aisi bholi din kab aa_e kab jaa_e
nadiya kinare phirun

pyase hain donon ankhiyon ke bhaunre
daloo kisi par kajara se dore
pankh pasare chup hain nigode
lutenge dil madhu ke katore
dhundhe kisi ko najariya
ye bairi mausam ag hai laga_e
nadiya kinare phirun


Please listen to both the songs. Both songs are enrirely different songs. The Rajhath song in fact does not at all contain the line “nadiya kinaare phirooon main pyaasi”. This song’s mukhda is “aaja aaja nadiya kinaare”.. The phrase “phiroon main pyaasi” is not there in the rajhath song anywhere.


With due respect, I do not agree here.
I have HMV disc of Raajhath and the song wording has the line nadiya kinare phiroon pyasi. I played posted song along with the disc song and they are same … ditto…. moreover the song has distinct SJ style too.
I also played the link mentioned by Arun-ji

and that too contains the line you referred.
May be the song is used in both the Sohrab Modi’s productions but they are NOT DIFFERENT ‘ad verbatim.’


Videos of the songs of “Do Gunde”(1959) as well as “Rajhath” (1956) are available and they are two different songs altogether with different lyrics and different music. The actors seen in the picturisation of “Do Gunde” song have not acted in “Rajhath” (1956) so that song cannot be from “Rajhath” (1956).

Here is the video of “Raj Hath” (1956) nadiya kinare song.

The uploader who has uploaded audio of “nadiya kinaare phiroon main pyaasi” describing it as “Rajhath” (1956) song has also uploaded “aa ja nadiya kinaare”, and calling this too as “Rajhath” (1956) song.


yes indeed,these two are entirely different songs.
This again stresses the point that NOT always,the information on YOU TUBE is correct !
The uploaders get confused and confuse others too.


But then,why this song is not shown by HFGK,as in the list of songs of do GUNDE ?.
Probably this song,as I suggested earlier,was included afterwards without issuance of a record. OR It could simply be a mistake of HFGK,like many others.


Thanks Arunji and Atulji for clarifying the confusion. Appreciate your love and passion. 🙂


Atul ji,

I have written to Harmandir ji and Harish ji, reuqesting for additional details to clarify the situation. Since both films are from Sohrab Modi’s Minvera Movietone, it is likely the song may have got reused with some changes.

I will update as soon as I have more inputs from Harmandir ji.



Atul ji,

So here is the update, based on the information received from Harmandir ji.

This song was prepared for the film ‘Raajhath’, and its 78rpm record is released in the name of this film – no. is N52004.

Eventually this song could not be used in the film ‘Raajhath’.

When the film ‘Do Gunde’ was planned in 1959, this song was used in this film now. Since it was originally released on 78rpm as a song from ‘Raajhath’, this song was not re-released on a new 78rpm bearing the name of ‘Do Gunde’.

However, it is clear that this song is filmed in ‘Do Gunde’, but it is NOT filmed in ‘Raajhath’.

In the songs list of the film ‘Raajhath’, there are two songs with the words ‘Nadiya Kinaare’ in the mukhda or the leading verse. These are
1. “Sun Sakhi Morey Mann Ki Baat. . . . Nadiyaa Kinaare Phirun Pyaasi”
2. “Aa Jaa Aa Jaa Aa Jaa Nadiya Kinaare, Taaron Ki Chhaiyaan Tohey Kab Se Pukaare”

The no. 1. above is the same song as the song in film ‘Do Gunde’.

I think that the presence of these words in the mukhdaa may have caused some confusion.

As we have discussed even earlier in posts and comments, there are some cases when songs are used in two films. Also, as in this case it happens, the song is prepared and released for one film, but eventually gets used in a different film altogether. This mostly happens when the two films are from the same banner or the same producer.

The reason this song did not appear in the HFGK listing for ‘Do Gunde’ since this song is not in the booklet for the film and no 78rpm record is released for this song under this film name. (During original compilation, Harmandir ji has based his work mostly on the film booklets and data from 78rpm records. In many films, a lot of extra information has since been gathered, just as in the case of this song.)

I hope this clarifies the situation regarding this song.



Thanks a lot for this clarification.


Thanks for solving the mystery with in depth clarification. Harmandir ji ko bhi sukriya kehna.


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