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Haaye re dheemi dheemi chaley hawaa

Posted on: April 19, 2014

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“Nishani”(1942) was produced and directed by Roop K Shorey. The movie had Majnu (real name Harold Lewis-a favourite of Shorey.he paired with I S Johar later as a comedian), Ragini, M.D.Kanwar, Rooplekha, Rani, Mala etc. in it.

One song from this movie has been discussed in the past. Our beloved inhouse encyclopeadia, Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh had shared the story of this movie while discussing that song. Here is what he had to say about the movie:

Not far from Lahore is a village, Desoo. There lives Ajit, the son of the Choudhari-a graduate without work. His father wants to get him married. But Ajit finds it ridiculous. He leaves the house to escape matrimonial bondage. Tired and fatigued he sleeps under a tree.

In Lahore- Lives an exact double of Ajit. Ranjit and his beautiful wife, Indira, are a happy couple enjoying each other’s love and devotion. Ranjit is a rich man and fond of excitement and adventure. Ranjit bumps into Ajit. The collision leads to complications. Ranjit’s motor-bike runs out of control just where Ajit is lying asleep. The one is taken for the other. Ranjit gets caught among the villagers of Desoo and considered a lunatic. He is sent to Lahore asylum. Ajit is taken for Ranjit and is removed to house.

Ajit is dazed to find himself married without marriage. He wants to avoid Indira, the wife of Ranjit. Doctor Ganesh Das puts him down as an unhinged brain. But Ajit knows he has to act under the circumstances. And as usual, the youngman finds love the only thing for a useful diversion. He makes friends with one L.Kishori Lal whose sister Leela easily takes for him. Indira comes to know about the proposed `remarriage’ of her `husband’.

But all her efforts to avert this crisis are of no avail. The pair makes good to escape. Ajit and Leela are enjoying their honey-moon in the Green Hotel. On the other hand, Ranjit manages to escape from the lunatic asylum and comes to town. Here again Ranjit and Ajit exchange their identities.

Ajit is at a barber’s shop when taken for Ranjit, the runaway lunatic. Ranjit is claimed by Leela at Greens. Ranjit knows there is a mistake but cannot help it and there is a terrible row. In the midst of this scene jumps the party headed by Indira and Kishori Lal, chasing Leela Ajit. And then someone calls the Police too.

Finally, it is Indira who checks the Birthmarks of Ranjit and declares him as the Right Ranjit. Thus she gets Ranjit. Then Ajit is brought from the Assylum and identified by the birthmarks by Leela. He is also certified. This way the ‘Nishanis’ or the Birthmarks save everyone( including the audience) and the film ends on a Happy note.

Here is another song from the movie. This song is sung by Shamshad Begam. Aziz Kashmiri is the lyricist. Music is composed by Pt Amarnath.

Only the audio of this song is available. I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Haaye re dheemi dheemi chaley hawa (Nishaani)(1942) Singer-Shamshad Begam, Lyrics-Aziz Kashmiri, MD-Pt Amarnath


Haaye re dheemi dheemi chaley hawa
koi roothh gayaa aa aa
haaye re dheemi dheemi chaley hawa
koi roothh gayaa
sakhi karoon main kya
chup kar ??
chup kar ??
manwa re
koi sun lega
aa aa aa

saajna mukh moda hai kyun
dil toda hai kyun
kya dekhi khata
kya dekhi khata
sukh ke bairi balma re ae
sukh ke bairi balma re
kiya bair ye kya
aa aa aa aa

aansoo ke haar piroti hoon main
dukhi hoti hoon main ain
aansoo ke haar piroti hoon main
dukhi hoti hoon main
dukh jholi pada
hansi hansi mein qismat ne ae
hansi hansi mein qismat ne
sukh chheen liya
aa aa aa aa
haaye manaayen
aahen na bhar
zara dheerej dhar
tujhe ho gaya kya
tujhe ho gaya kya
sukh ke din bhi aayenge ae
sukh ke din bhi aayenge
aansoo na lutaa
aa aa aa aa

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