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Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron

Posted on: August 15, 2014

This article is written by Raja, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today is the 15th of August 2014.

Indians all over the world will be celebrating this day as their Independence Day.

And yes, it is an occasion to celebrate. For, 67 years ago, India, after a long freedom struggle, achieved independence from colonial rule. Indians are now, politically, masters of their own fate – they are not subjects of any other sovereign power.

While there will be celebrations, from flag hoisting to March Pasts, this is also an occasion for introspection and reflection.

In our daily lives, time goes by so quickly that we rarely seem to get time to introspect and reflect. Every day feels like a blur, with the sole purpose of linking yesterday with tomorrow. For many Indians, their daily life is so full of challenges that they hardly have time to look beyond their own personal lives. They are often just overwhelmed by their circumstances.

Yet it is very important to reflect. Not just on one’s own life but also on a bigger picture – the world that one is living in. Or, narrowing it down a bit, at least the society one is living in.

A day like Independence Day is ideal for such reflection because it marks an important event in one’s nation’s history. At least on that day, we can find the time to reflect on the state of the nation, and see how we can work towards bettering the future for the nation and its people.

Like many others, I too have my own take on the state of the nation. On its issues, on possible solutions to these issues.

But I realize that this is, first and foremost, a song blog. Where people come primarily to listen to songs and to read about them. This is not the right platform to write lengthy pieces on topics like the state of the nation and solutions to its ills. In any case, one could write a book on this – and, in fact, many have been written by people far more competent to do so, than me.

So I will try to keep this relatively brief – while still not losing sight of the fact that it IS Independence Day, after all.

On this occasion, last year too, I had written a reflective post. I’ve just dug it out, here it is .

This post talked about the sacrifices made by the Founding Fathers of the nation just to see an independent India. It talked about how we somehow seemed to have lost our way over the years, how a sense of frustration has crept into our mindset as a result of a deep distrust for the political system and the institutions that are the hallmark of a democracy. In that post, I had also tried to strike a positive note, saying that it is not all doom and gloom. That, inspite of everything, we are still a vibrant democracy.

And, as I reflect for 2014, I continue on that positive note this year too.

Yes, there are still many issues facing India. The cynics and skeptics, buried as they often are in daily alarmist reports of crime, inflation, corruption and every form of bad news, are not likely to buy any positive stories, dismissing them as nothing but spin.

But, while accepting that all of this is happening and is true (I am not living in denial), I do think things can get better. Will they? Depends.

On us.

Yes, note that I am not saying “the government”. I am saying “us”. All of us – and that includes the government. Because the government is a construct that has been created by us. And consists of people just like you and me. I.e “us”.

This is very important to realize because we are very used to blaming the government for most of our ills. And yes, it has often failed the people.

But have the people done their duty as citizens of the country? When John F. Kennedy, in his inaugural address as US President in 1961, told the Americans “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” he had a very valid point.

The citizens of a country have a duty towards their country as much as they have rights as citizens. While many of these are defined in the Constitution, even the Constitution should not be seen as limiting one’s duties. You don’t have to have everything defined in black-and-white always.

Today’s Indians are in a much better position to do good for their country, than Indians of previous generations. As India has developed, every generation has become more affluent compared to the previous one. While many in earlier generations had a hand-to-mouth existence, depending on support from the government, today’s Indians, many of them also much better educated than their predecessors, are in a much better position to give back to their country.

Do they? Or do they only have a sense of entitlement, where they take from the country, but don’t care to give back to it?

A country is nothing without its people. NOTHING. Yes, it may be land and sea. Mountains and valleys. But all of this means nothing without the people inhabiting that land. They make the country what it is.

If we look around, we see the US, Germany, Japan as developed countries. How did they get to where they are? It is mainly because of their people. Yes, of course the governments played their role – but the governments were elected by the people.

Nation-building, just like building an individual’s life, is hard work. One can dream – but that dream has to be backed by a lot of hard work and unflinching focus if it has to be realized.

Again, that comes down to the people. Do they have the required work ethic?

In addition to sheer developmental issues, India has a whole lot of other issues.

Like preserving its pluralism. No country in the world probably has as big a challenge as India has in this respect, given its sheer population.

Again, this comes down to the people. Do they have the inclusive mindset to allow for those of a different faith or belief system to co-exist and flourish? A “live and let live” approach?

Then there is the issue of injustice. However much India might develop economically, it means little if the society in which Indians live does not seek to provide justice (even if there is a mechanism on paper) to each and every individual in the system.

Again, this comes down to the people. Do they believe in fairness? In equal-opportunity? Or are they purely selfish, seeking to leverage every opportunity to exploit the less-advantaged?

There are many more issues – but I will stop here because this post has already become way too long. And I haven’t even come to the song part of it.

Let me just close this by saying, as we reflect, we need to realize that it is upto the people of India to bring about whatever change they want to see in their country and in society. In a democracy, the people cannot just blame the government for everthing. In a dictatorship, yes. But not in a democracy.

So it is time Indians stepped up and took ownership of their country.

Time they behaved like responsible citizens, thinking about their DUTY towards their country too, and not just about their rights.

Time they realized that dreaming is easy, but realizing a dream calls for a lot of hard work and focus.

Time they realized that economic growth is all fine but there can be no compromise on, or damage to, India’s pluralistic fabric.

Time they realized that economic growth is all fine but a society steeped in injustice is hardly a society one can be proud of. On the contrary, it is one to be ashamed of.

Time they realized that independence of a nation is incomplete without independence of every individual of that nation. For, the nation is just a collective. It is the people that make a nation, not the other way round.

Ok, I think that’s enough reflection for now. Like I said earlier, one could write a book on this. (I think Atul will start defining word-limits for posts from now on, if I keep going like this. 🙂 )

Coming to the song for today, it is a wonderful song for the occasion.

Sung by Asha Bhosle (lip-synched by Mala Sinha), written by Sahir, composed by Ravi, this is an inspirational song that exhorts children to imbibe certain values that will help them build a stronger nation. Mala Sinha is teaching a bunch of kids these values in the form of a song.

And what are these values?

Hard work. Helping others. Respecting all faiths. Respecting their books (education). Asking them to learn for themselves, and also to teach others. Bring light to remove darkness from this world. To build friendships. To avoid having enemies. To fight injustice of “oonch”/”neech”.

Sahir’s lyrics are simple but powerful, as usual. You wouldn’t expect any less from Sahir.

As I listened to this song today and noted down the lyrics, I could not help feeling that it would be very useful if today’s children learnt this song in primary school. This song does not promote any religious text or anything of the sort. (It should therefore be non-controversial). It talks only of values. That is what I like most about it.

Another thing that struck me is that the children are all just sitting in the open under a tree. No fancy buildings or infrastructure. Also, Mala Sinha comes across as a very dedicated teacher here, who seems to enjoy interacting with the kids.

This is another thing today’s schools could learn from. Finally what matters is WHAT children learn. And that is a function of the content and HOW it is delivered (quality of teacher).

Before I get tempted to start a discussion about another of my pet topics (education), I better stop RIGHT NOW. 🙂

Hope you enjoy the song.

Happy Independence day, everybody!



Song-Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron (Bahu Beti)(1965) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Sahir Ludhianvi, MD-Ravi


Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
nanhe munhe raaj dulaaron
Jaise maine tumko sanwaaraa
Waise hi tum desh sanwaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
Nanhe munhe raaj dulaaron
Jaise maine tumko sanwaaraa
Waise hi tum desh sanwaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron

Ye jo hai ek chhota sa basta
Ilm ke phoolon ka guldasta
Krishna hai is mein, Ram hai is mein
buddhmat aur Islam hai is mein
Ye basta Isa ki kahaani
Ye basta Nanak ki baani
Is mein chhupi hai har sachchaai
Apna such, auron ki bhalai
Is baste ko sheesh nawaao
Is baste ko sheesh nawaao
Is baste par tan mann vaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
Nanhe munhe raj dulaaron
Jaise maine tumko sanwaaraa
Waise hi tum desh sanwaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron

Chhod ke jhooti zaati paati
sab se seekho achhi baati
apna kisi se bair na samjho
jag mein kisi ko ghair na samjho
aap padho auron ko padhaao
ghar ghar gyaan ki jyot jagaao
Nav jeevan ki aas tum hi ho
banta hua itihaas tum hi ho
jitna gehra andhiyaaraa ho
jitna gehra andhiyaaraa ho
utne oonche deep ubaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
nanhe munhe raj dulaaron
jaise maine tumko sanwaaraa
waise hi tum desh sanwaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron

Ye sansaar jo humne sajaaya
Ye sansaar jo tumne paaya
Is sansaar mein jhoot bahut hai
Zulm bahut hai, loot bahut hai
zulm ke aage sar na jhukaana
har ek jhoot se takra jaana
Is sansaar ka rang badalna
Oonch aur neech ka dhang badalna
saara jag hai desh tumhara
saara jag hai desh tumhara
saare jag ka roop nikhaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
Nanhe munhe raaj dulaaron
Jaise maine tumko sanwaaraa
Waise hi tum desh sanwaaro
Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron
Nanhe munhe raaj dulaaron

8 Responses to "Bharat Maa ki aankh ke taaron"

Ham honge kaamyaab … Ek din…!!!


Happy Independence to all my brothers and sisters. Watching live the first Independence Day speech by the first Prime Minister born after India’s Independence.


Lovely write up, Raja.

I remember this song. I cannot recollect whether I have seen the movie, or watched the song on Chitrahaar, but I do remember it.

The song is almost ‘recited’ not sung, which is apt as the lyrics get the maximum attention that way.

Happy Independence Day to all.


Happy Independence Day!


Raja ji,

Saare jahaan se achha hindustan hamaara

Happy independence day to all.

Good to see a mature, timely and reflective write up on this happy occasion.


That’s a lovely post and thoughtful, as the occasion demands. Thankfully, Hindi cinema is one sphere of our lives, which has always upheld the ideals of secularism, federalism and egalitarianism ( almost all save feminism ) and espoused values such as honesty and hard work.
The industry has also been a true melting pot of people from all regions and religions.

The cinema of today has stopped any such overt or covert attempts at spreading values. It’s all about self interest and furthering one’s own agenda. Quite befitting of the “me” generation. The question is, is art imitating life or the other way round ?


Thanks Raja for the reflective post. Where this is a will there is a way.
Happy Independence Day.


It is true that people should not blame government for all the ills that plague the country. Today, many people are teaching underprivileged children free of cost, people are cleaning up streets and localities using their own resources and there are many such instances. As long as these activities are done with a non-profit mindset and commitment, we have hope. Don’t we?
Happy Independence day to all!


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