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Rona hai to ro chupke chupke

Posted on: August 23, 2014

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“Duniya” (1949) was produced by Fazli brothers and directed by S F Hussain. The movie had Karan Dewan, Suraiya, Yakub, Anwari, Bhudo Advani, Shakila, Zubeida, Jankidas etc in it.

Nine songs from this movie have been discussed in the past. Here is the tenth song from the movie.

This song is sung by Rafi. There were four lyricists in this movie, viz. Aarzoo Lakhnavi, S.H. Bihari, Asad Bhopali and Saraswati Kumar Deepak. The HFGK does not indicate which lyricist penned which song, but according to Rafi excel sheet, this song was written by Saraswati Kumar Deepak.
One article on Asad Bhopali (originally in Urdu) mentions that Asad Bhopali had written two songs in “Duniya” (1949) viz “rona hai to ro chupke chupke” and “armaan lute dil toot gaya”.

Asad Bhopali came to Bombay in 1949. He was the first poet from the city of Bhopal to enter the film industry. At the time Fazli Brothers of Bombay were planning their film “Dunya”, to be made under the direction of S.F. Hasnain. One of the lyricists of the film was the noted Urdu poet Aarzoo Lakhnavi, who wrote just two songs and then migrated to Pakistan. So, Fazli Brothers were on the look-out for a new talent to write the remaining songs. At the time, one Sugam Chand Kapadia (who owned a couple of cinema theatres in Bhopal) was in Bombay. When he came to know about Fazli Brothers’ problem, he gave them a suggestion : “Bhopal is home to many good Urdu poets. I can arrange a Mushaa’ira there and you can come over there and attend the same. Whichever poet impresses you, you can ask him to come to Bombay for writing the remaining lyrics”. Accordingly, a Mushaa’ira was arraged at Bhopal Talkies (then owned by Kapadia) on the 5th May, ’49. Fazli and Hasnain attended the same. When Asad Bhopali recited one of his well-known poem with revolutionary overtones, the attendees went wild with joy. When the Mushaa’ira was over, some of his fans chaired him right up to his residence. Next day, around 10.00 am, someone came to his house with a message that Misbaah Saheb, the Manager of Bhopal Talkies wants him to go meet with him. When Asad met him, Misbaah invited him to Bombay for writing the lyrics of the film that was in the making. Such an invitation was like a dream come true for most poets and when Asad agreed to go to Bombay, he was immediately paid an advance of Rs. 500/-. On 18th May 1949, Asad travelled to Bombay and stayed there permanently, till Death called him back to Bhopal.

The main stars of this film “Dunya” were Karan Dewan, Suraiyya and Yaqub. C. Ramchandra was the Music Director. Apart from Aarzoo Lakhnawi, some songs had also been penned by Deepak, S.H. Bihari and Taalib Ilaahabadi. Asad wrote two songs for this film, one of which was sung by Mohammed Rafi : “Rona hai to chupke chupke ro, aaNsoo na baha, aawaaz na ho”. The other song was recorded in Suraiyya’s voice : “Armaan luTe, dil TooT gaya, dukh dard ka saathi chhooT gaya”.

C Ramchandra is the music director.

Only the audio of this song is available. According to Rafi excel sheet, this song was picturised on and Karan Dewan.
Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With this song, “Duniya” (1949) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

Song-Rona hai to ro chupke chupke (Duniya)(1949) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Asad Bhopali, MD-C Ramchandra

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho
wo dekh na le
wo jaan na le
soourat se teri pehchaan na le
ab ponchh de aankho se aansoo
ab pochh de aankho se aansoo
maalum kisi ko raaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho

majboor hame rehna hoga
mar mar ke yahaan jeena hoga
majboor hamen rehna hoga
mar mar ke yahaan jeena hoga
dukh-dard ka saathi dil hai mera
dukh-dard ka saathi dil hai mera
iss dil pe mujhe kyun naaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe
aawaaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansu na bahe
aawaaz na ho

jo baat hai dil ki dil mein rahe
wo dil hi kya jo gham na sahe
jo baat hai dil ki dil mein rahe
wo dil hi kya jo gham na sahe
shiqwa na zubaan per aane de
shiqwa na zubaan per aane de
fariyaad mein bhi aawaaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho
rona hai to ro chupke-chupke
aansoo na bahe aawaaz na ho

10 Responses to "Rona hai to ro chupke chupke"

But for the poor audio, this is a gem by Rafi Saab


According to an English transcription of an Urdu Article posted on a Google Group forum, Asad Bhopali wrote 2 songs for ‘Duniya’ (1949) – ‘armaan lute dil toot gaya’ and ‘rona hai to ro chupke chupke’.
The link to the write-up:!topic/

I also recall that Ghalib Asad Bhopali, the son of Asad Bhopali, in a radio interview, mentioned that ‘rona hai to ro chupke chupke’ was written by his father.


Thanks for this information.


“jo baat hai dil ki dil mein rahe
wo dil hi kya jo gham na sahe”

what beautiful lyrics…..

Thanks Atul ji and Nitin ji.


Yes the words are simple therefore more effective.


Moreover Saraswati Kumar Deepak was a Hindi Kavi. His style does not match this Urdu ghazal, Atul ji, you have correctly credited this song to Asad Bhopali, I would like to know more about Asad Bhopali,
Arun ji recently covered artists who had migrated to Pakistan. In this series he did not cover Lyricists. Arzoo Lakhnavi was one (I don’t know how successful he was), but the other, Kateel Shifai was a very successful lyricist writing bulk of the songs till he died. Jagjit Singh has sung many of his ghazals.


One Gujarati song is based on this tune. Bharatbhai/Khyati Bhatt can help.
There you are


All u Sangeet-premi are worthy of great praise…for yr involvement and dedication….This gem of a song is one of the treasure of my beloved music director Annasaheb …..


Nitin ji thanks a ton for better audio quality link!


YiPpEe 🙂 !!
(got this one which I had missed earlier, but YIPPEEed now !!


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