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Aji hamaari pehli mulaaqaat

Posted on: September 5, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from film Maldaar-1951. It was an obscure film which no one remembers now. The songs of this film were composed by a young Satish Bhatia. Songs were quite good. Unfortunately, 1951 was a period when the HFM was in its Golden period and Ek se badhkar Ek melodious songs were offered to the people by well known composers.

Satish Bhatia was a name no one knew and his songs could not compete with other songs. Musical films like Aaraam, Aawaaraa, Albela, Baadal, Baazi, Bahaar, Dholak, hum Log, Jaadoo,Madhosh, Malhar,Naadaan,Nageena, Naujawan, Sagai, Sainya,Sanam, Sazaa, Shabistaan, etc were roaring with success and the listeners were mad after their songs. In these circumstances the sweet songs of Maldaar-51 were lost forever.

Satish Bhatia was a talented composer. Born in Shimla and educated in Delhi, Satish was working for All India Radio, first at Bombay and then at Delhi. He was an expert in folk music of the North. He made many albums of such songs, Ghazals and private Geets. His first film was Maldaar-51. After the debacle of Maldaar-51, he immersed himself in Radio work. He went to Delhi on promotion. However V.Shantaram had heard many of his songs and he offered his film ‘ Boond jo ban Gayi Moti ‘-1967 to Satish Bhatia. His songs from this film became quite popular,particularly Mukesh and Suman duet ‘ Haan maine bhi pyar kiya’. Manna Dey, Asha, Mahendra Kapoor sang the other songs of this movie. After this film, however,Satish turned his back on Film Music for ever.

In the early era of Hindi films, most of the Music Directors used to act and sing songs in their films, as playback system had not established till 1935. After that,MDs were not acting in the films, but they continued to sing as playback singers. Many examples can be quoted like Anil Biswas (acted in 2 films), S D Burman, Ravi, Chitragupta, Naashad, C.Ramchandra, Hemant Kumar, S N Tripathi ( acted in many films), Snehal Bhatkar, Sudhir Phadke etc.

However,there were equal number of Music Directors who never sang for films or otherwise. Examples are Naushad, Shankar jaikishen, Pyarelal (Laxmikant sang few songs in films), Kalyan ji- Anand ji, Sajjad Husain, O P Nayyar, N.Dutta, Dattaram, Jaidev etc. It is nevertheless,interesting to note that even in the 50s to 90s period, the singing composers’ number was anytime higher than the Non singing composers. ROSHAN was a name which never featured as a singer of film songs or otherwise, though his wife Ira Nagrath ( Ira Moitra earlier) was a singer who has some private albums to her credit ,but no film songs.

When film Maldaar-51 was released on 30-6-1951, it was noted that few songs in the film were sung by a Roshan.. The ‘quick- Guns’ immediately jumped to the conclusion that Composer Roshan has sung these songs. Many Internet sites still mention this.

The fact is this ROSHAN was a different singer. Music Director of Maldaar, Satish Bhatia had his sister Usha Bhatia,a singer,working in All India Radio,Delhi. Satish called his sister to sing songs in Maldaar. There was one Mr. Roshan ,working with Usha,who too was a singer. Both Usha and this Roshan came to Bombay and sang songs in the film Maldaar. They were also invited to sing songs in film Ratnadeep-52,but that could not happen. it was this ROSHAN who sang these songs.

All this is documented by the famous collector and an expert on singers of Yore, Shri Girdharilal Vishwakarma ji of Rajasthan. Here is what he said-

“kuchh din pahale mere paas singer Usha Bhatiya ke bete Ajay Mankotiya ka phone aaya. unhone kaha ki hum kai barason se Ushaji ke gaye film- maldar_1951 kegane dhoondh rahe hain. Maine kaha ushaji ne film maldar main 5 geet gaye thhe 2 solo aur 3 duets [with Roshan]. Ye sabhi hain mere pas main aapko
mail karata hun. Doosare din hi unka phone aaya ki maine mother ko gane sunaye to unki aankhon main aansoo aa gaye, unhone socha thha ki shaayad hi wo kabhi ye gaane sun paayegi wo bahut hi bhaawuk ho gayi thhi.

kuchh din baad jab meri phone par Ushaji se baat hui to mera pahala sawaal ye thha ki ye Roshan kaun thhe jinhone is film main gaaya tha. Tab unhone bataaya ki….roshan radio singer thhe un dino hum[Usha Bhatiya, Satish Bhatia and Roshan] all india radio Delhi main saath kaam karte thhe. Jab Satish Bhatiya ko ye film mili tab unhone ismen gaane ke liye humen Mumbai bulaa tha…unhon bataya ki ek our film ratan deep_1952 ke liye bhi hamen bulaava aaya thha aur hum mumbai gaye the lekin Roshan ki wajah se is film mein hamen gaane ka mauka nahin mila…au bhi bahut yaad unhone mere sath baanti…thanks Usha Bhatia ji… “.

( free translation in English- Few days back I received a phone call from shri Ajay mankotiya,son of usha Bhatia. He said that for a long time they were searching for songs of maldaar,sung by Usha ji. I told them,i have all the 5 songs of hers and sent them to her. next day he phoned me to tell that after hearing those songs,usha ji became very sentimental.She had thought that she would never be able to hear these songs in her life. After some days,i phoned her and asked her who this Roshan was,who sang with her. Usha ji told me that In Delhi,A.I.Radio,Satish,usha and Roshan were working together. When satish got the film Maldaalr-51,he called us to sing in it. We were invited to sing for film Ratnadeep also,but it did not happen. She shared many other things with me…..)

Thanks, Girdharilal ji for clarifying that singer Roshan and Composer Roshan are different, with proof.

Today’s song is written by Lyricist Pran. I could not get any information about this lyricist. May be he too was one of the acquaintances of Satish Bhatia. With this song Usha Bhatia and Pran both are making a debut on this Blog. Satish Bhatia is already there with songs from ‘Boond jo ban gayi Moti’-67.

So, enjoy this song from an obscure film of the Golden era…


Song-Aji hamaari pehli mulaaqaat (Maaldaar)(1951) Singer-Roshan, Usha Bhatia,Lyrics-Pran, MD-Satish Bhatia


Aji hamaari pehli mulaaqaat
ban gayi prem kahaani
dil se dil ki baat
hui aankhon ki zubaani ee
ban gayi prem kahaani
ban gayi prem kahaani

nainon mein bhar pyaar tumhi muskaaye saajan
tum to jeewan mein basant ban aaye Rajan
nainon mein bhar pyaar tumhi muskaaye saajan
tum to jeewan mein basant ban aaye Rajan

naina ho gaye zaar
ho gayi main bhi deewaani
ban gayi prem kahaani
ban gayi prem kahaani

masti ka sangeet aaj jeewaan mein chhaaya aa
tan mein man mein nainon mein bas pyaar samaaya
masti ka sangeet aaj jeewaan mein chhaaya aa
tan mein man mein nainon mein bas pyaar samaaya
o man bhaaye raaja
o manchaahhi raani ee
ban gayi prem kahaani
ban gayi prem kahaani

in haathon se haath kabhi na mera chhoote ae
jeewan bhar ye meethha sapna kabhi na toote ae
in haathon se haath kabhi na mera chhoote ae
jeewan bhar ye meethha sapna kabhi na toote ae
tum ho meri bahaar
tum ho meri jawaani ee
ban gayi prem kahaani
ban gayi prem kahaani

Aji hamaari pehli mulaaqaat
ban gayi prem kahaani
dil se dil ki ye baat
hui aankhon ki zubaani ee
ban gayi prem kahaani
ban gayi prem kahaani

6 Responses to "Aji hamaari pehli mulaaqaat"

Usha Bhatia’s only song and Satish Bhatia first movie second being Boond Jo Ban Gayi Moti as Arunji mentioned. Pran’s another movie was Faisla-1947


Thanks for this information,Nitin ji.
Usha Bhatia sang 5 songs,not just one song,in this film.


Right, what I meant she sang only in one movie.


DearArun Kumar Deshmukh

Thanks a lot for your comments.I had known Mr Satish Bhatia and was a fan of him.I visited, sometime around 1965, his house at Pandara Road Delhi(Ultimately he shifted to Vasant Vihar, New Delhi) and also met his mother.I had also the occassion to attend rehersals /performances for his musical programmes.It was heartening to know that Film Maldaar was composed by him in addition to Boond……All the songs in the film were great compositions.

I would like to add that i had the privillage to see an album when at SB,s house and I recognised music director Roshan in one of the picture ,so i would like to say that may be the singer in this song is Music Director Roshan and not any other Roshan.It will be a strange coincidence that there were 2 Roshans at the same time as i was told that MD Roshan also, at one time, use to work in All India Radio Delhi along with Satish Bhatia.

I do not know if i can request u to send me other songs of Satish Bhatia.That will be great.

I must congratulate you for your efforts in bringing this song and article to us.

Ashok Mehta
New Delhi
Mobile : 8447770133


Actually, I also thought the same.
I understand that music director Roshan had worked in AIR, Lucknow, where at that time his contemporaries were some of those who later became HFM stalwarts, like Mukesh,Talat & Madan Mohan.
Avadh Lal


Ashok mehta ji and Avadh Lal ji,

Thanks for your comments.

You are right that MD ROSHAN worked in A.I.R.

Yes he did work in All India radio. He learnt music in Morris college,Lucknow and then went to Delhi. he was expert,by then ,in playing Sarangi,harmonium and Dilruba.he became friends with mukesh in Delhi. Z.A.Bukhari,Station Director,Delhi Radio,was impressed with his Dilruba and gave him a job in Delhi radio on rs.70/- pm. Roshan spent 12 years there.
Meanwhile he met,fell in love and married his student Ira Moitra. He also got acquainted with Anil Biswas and on his advise,Roshan came to Bombay. He contacted Kidar sharma,whom he had accidentally met on dadar Station. Sharma offered him his film ” NEKI AUR BADI ” in 1949. Then onwards he remained and prospered in Bombay,till his death.

Film Maldar was a 1951 film and the singer Roshan was still working that time in Delhi Radio. Obviously,this was a different Roshan.

Above all,when Usha Bhatia, the co-singer in this duet has confirmed that singer Roshan was her colleague in Delhi and that they both came from Delhi,for singing songs of Maldar-51,there is no scope for any confusion at all.

Mehta ji, talking of strange coincidences of same name people in Films at the same time,please read my 3 articles on , . I have discussed atleast 10 to 12 pairs of same name artistes in Film Industry,operating at the same time,causing such type of confusion. So, it is not at all unusual. One of the pairs in this article is the Roshans too.



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