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Pal pal hai bhaari wo vipata hai aayee

Posted on: October 3, 2014

This article is written by Bharat Upadhyay, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Raag Maalikaa in Hindi Films – 15

This RaagaMaala from film Swades (2004) is like an oasis in the wide spread desert of Hindi film music. We are listening to a RaagaMaala in a Hindi film after a very long gap of several years.

Swades (2004) is a film written, produced and directed by Ashutosh Gowariker. The film stars Shahrukh Khan and Gayatri Joshi (in her first film). Although it was a failure at the Indian box office, it was successful overseas and received critical acclaim. The film was featured on Rediff’s list of the 10 Best Bollywood Films of the decade. It was later dubbed and released in Tamil under the title ‘Desam’. Swades grossed 152.5 million (US$ 2.5 million) in India and was given the verdict of a flop. Many attributed this to its competition with Veer-Zaara, another Shahrukh Khan film, which had released on Diwali only three weeks earlier and was still continuing to garner strong box office collections. However, in the overseas market Swades made $2,790,00 and was given the verdict of a semi-hit. Swades was Shahrukh Khan’s first flop after many years; in that year he had two other major hits ‘Main Hoon Na’ and ‘Veer-Zaara’.

But our discussion, as mentioned in the first paragraph, is about this RaagaMaala. Music Director A R Rehman has shown his creativity and has done a memorable job for the lovers of classical music. The composition written by Javed Akhtar, includes the Raagas, in a sequence Asawari, Piloo-Khamaj, Jaijaiwanti, Bahar, Yaman Kalyan and Khamaj. The playback singers are Madhushree, Vijay Prakash and Ashutosh Gowarikar. A R Rahman’s soundtrack was acclaimed by critics and audiences. His background score won him the Filmfare award. However, he lost the Filmfare award for Best Music Director to Anu Malik. It remains the only time he has been nominated for the award and not won.

The presentation is a staged ‘Ramayan’ drama that starts with Sita-ji in ‘Ashok vaatika’ and ends with Raavan being destroyed by Shri Ram, on ‘Vijaya Dashmi’ (Dussehara).

Today (3 october 2014) is Viajadashmi. On this occasion, here is this song which is tailormade for the occasion. Happy Vijayadashmi to all.

Song-Pal pal Hai Bhaari wo vipata hai aayee(Swadesh)(2004) Singers- Madhushree, Vijay Prakash, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Lyrics-Javed Akhtar, MD-A R Rehman


Aaaaaa aaaaaa aaaaaaa

pal pal hai bhaari voh bipata hai aayee
mohe bachaane ab aao raghuraai
aao raghuveer aao raghupati raam aao
morey man ke swaami morey shri raam aao
raam raam japti hoon
sun lo mere raam aao
ram ram japti hoon
sun lo meri raamjee
bajey satya ka danka
jaley paap ki lanka
isi kshan tum aao mukt karaao
sun bhi lo ab meri duhaai
pal pal hai bhaari voh bipata hai aayee
mohe bachaane ab aao raghuraai

raam ko bhoolo
yeh dekho raavan aaya hai
phailee saari shrishti par jiski chhaaya hai
kyun japti ho raam raam tum,
kyun leti ho ram naam tum
raam raam ka rattan yeh jo tumne lagaaya
seeta tumne raam mein aisa kya gun paaya

gin paayega unke gun koi kya
itne shabd hi kahaan hain
pahunchega us shikhar pe kaun bhala
mere raamjee jahaan hain
jag mein sabse uttam hain
ye maryaada purushottam hain
sab se shaktishaali hain ye
phir bhi rakhte sanyam hain
par unke sanyam ki ab aane ko hai seema
raavan samay hai
maang le kshama

baje satya ka danka
jaley pap ki lanka
are aaja ram, karen ham pranaam
sang laaye lakshman jaisa bhai

pal pal hai bhari voh bipata hai aayee
mohe bachaane ab aao raghurayee eee eee eee eee

raam mein shakti agar hai
raam mein saahas hai jo
kyon nahin aaye abhi tak woh tumhari raksha ko
jinka varnan karne mein thakti nahin ho tum yahaan
yeh bataao voh tumhaare raam hain is pal kahaan

raam hirday mein hain mere
raam hi dhadkan mein hain
raam meri aatma mein
raam hi jeevan mein hain
raam har pal mein hain mere
raam hain har shwaas mein
raam har aasha mein mere
raam hi har aas mein

ho ho o o
raam hi to karuna mein hain
shaanti mein raam hain
raam hi hain ekta mein
pragati mein raam hain
raam bas bhakton nahin,
shatru ke bhi chintan mein hain
dekh taj ke paap raavan,
raam tere man mein hain
raam tere man mein hain
raam mere man mein hain
raam tere man mein hain
raam mere man mein hain
raam to ghar ghar mein hain
raam har aangan mein hain
man se raavan jo nikaale
raam uske man mein hain
man se raavan jo nikaale
raam uske man mein hain

ho ooo aaaa ho ooo aaaa
ho ooo aaaa
ho ooo

pal pal hai bhari voh bipata hai aayee
mohe bachaane ab aao raghuraee eee eee eee eee

suno raamji aaye
more raamji aaye
raaja raamchandra aaye
shri raamchandra aaye
raamji aaye
more ramji aaye
raaja raamachandra aaye
shri raamachandra aaye
raamji aaye
more raamji aaye
raaja raamachandra aaye
shri raamachandra aaye
raamji aaye more raamji aaye
shri raamchandra aaye…..
ho oooo

raaam ..
bolo siyavar ramchandra ki

6 Responses to "Pal pal hai bhaari wo vipata hai aayee"

Happy Dussehra to the Family
Bol Siyawar Ramachandra ki Jai
Pawan Putra Hanuman Ki Jai


Ramapati krishna Chandra ki Jai
Umapati Mahadev ki jai
Bolo bhai sab Santan ki jai


Bolo re sab Bharatbhai ki jai… 🙂
Thank you Bharatbhai for the perfect song on Vijayadashmi. I had no idea about the success rate of this movie compared to SRK’s other two hit movies during that year. Message was strong for all NRIs. As we would expect, music was gr8 by A R Rehman. This is one of my fav (love Madhushree’s sharp and sweet voice) along with Ye jo desh hai tera and Aahista aahista nindiya tu aa….. My son loves Yun hi chala chal raahi.
Thank you again


Thanks for the most appropriate post on Vijayadashmi.
At some places, the interlude reminds the listener of ‘O palanhare, nirgun aur nyare; tum bin hamra koi nahin’. Naturally by A.R. Rahman.


Bharat ji,

Vijaydashmi greetings to yourself.
And also to all other friends and readers on the blog.

Thanks for this new Raagmala. Really appreciate your effort to search out such special creations and bring them up for our listening pleasure and information.

In the begining of the article you have used an interesting phrase – “… widespread desert of Hindi film music”. As I understand, you refer to the current landscape of music in Hindi cinema. And I am thinking, we have come so far away from civilized habitation (the Golden Era of film music), treading the dry sands (of the electronically synthesized monotony) in search of some respite from dazzling lights and the heat (the cacophony that is an excuse for music), the throat is parched and dry – thirsty for a drop of water (pleasant sounding songs and music). Occasionally we espy an oasis, a well of fresh water, and couple of trees, with some green grass (a couple of songs of inspired creation). Apart from these oases, it just sand, and more sand all around.

The oases stay with us in memory, the desert persists with us endlessly.



Thanks khyati-ji, Avadh Lal-ji and Sudhir-ji, for encouraging words.
I wish I could express my similar views about the present music as fluently and heartily as Sudhir-ji can. From my still pending items of Raaga Maalikas, many are partially posted on this blog, so are not suitable to present in its entity. I appreciate the lovers of Good music who enjoys this series.


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