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Chet chet kar chal re chatur nar

Posted on: October 8, 2014

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SONGS FROM ARTISTE NAME FILMS….Song No. 10…Last song of the series.
Today’s song is from Film Asha-1948. The films having title Asha were made in 1938,1948,1957 and 1980. In this century, there was Asha ki Kahani-2002 and Ashayen-2010. The film Asha made in 1957 was the most popular one due to its songs like…Eena Meena Deeka. That was the time Kishore kumar was on the seventh heaven and in demand most.

There were many actresses with the name Asha. Like the most famous Asha Parekh, not so famous Asha Mathur and Asha Sachdev. During an earlier era ,there was Ashalata ( wife of Anil Biswas). Marathi actress Ashalata Babgaonkar too did a few Hindi films.

Have you heard of Asha Bhosle ? What a stupid question ! Of course you have heard her name, but she is a singer. OK,then, have you heard the name of ASHA POSLEY ?

No. I am not joking. There WAS an actress by this name ASHA POSLEY, in the 40s in India and in the period 50s to 80s in Pakistan. Her name has become immortal in the history of Pakistani Films, as the First Heroine of Pakistani film ” Teri Yaad”-1948.

She was born as Sabira Begum in 1927 at Patiyala,Punjab. Her father MD Inayat Ali Nath was working with HMV at Delhi. Sabira was formally trained by experts in music and singing. When her father shifted to Lahore,she was offered a contract by Roop K Shorey,who made films in Lahore those days. It was the popular Composer Ghulam Haider who gave her the screen name of ASHA POSLEY.

her first film was Punjabi film Govandi-1942 which launched the handsome Hero Shyam. her role in the film was a minor one. She started as a supporting actress. She got a major role in film Champa-1945 and her first film as a Heroine was Kamli-46-a Punjabi film. Then came Badnami-46,in which Geeta Bali had a small role. Her other Indian films were Paraye bas mein-46. In film Arsi-47,her hero was Pran and Meena Shorey had also acted in it a bit role. Ek Roze-47,barsaat ki ek raat-48 and Roop Rekha-48.

After Partition,she opted for Pakistan and migrated along with her father. Lahore film industry was in a disarray,because most producers, financers and leading artistes had shifted to India. However a Hindu producer named Dewan Sardari Lall had stayed back in Lahore and he started a new film in Independent Pakistan ” Teri Yaad “. There were 2 other films under production at the same time. Actually, the first film of Pakistan was Director Luqmaan’s ” Shahida “,which had started shooting immediately after Partition, but it got delayed and finally was released only in 1949. The second film was ” Jihaad ” by Zahoor Raja, which too got stuck and was released only in 1950.

Thus the actual Third film, ” Teri Yaad” starring Nasir Khan ( brother of actor Dilip Kumar, who migrated to Pakistan with high hopes and who had to return to India as there was no work and also due to ” other ” reasons) and Asha Posley in the lead was completed by Dewan Pictures and became the FIRST released Pakistani Film in 1948 itself. It was released in Prabhat Theatre in Lahore, on the day of EID-7-8-1948. The film was directed by Dawood Chaand and music was by Inayat Ali Nath (father of the Heroine Asha Posley). She sang 4 songs in it.

The film was a resounding FLOP.

Asha Posley did Heroine’s role in only four 4 Pakistani films and then she turned to supporting, comedy and vamp roles. She acted in 129 films, 76 Urdu and 53 Punjabi films. Her last film was Insaaf-1986. She acted in films, on stage, on TV and also sang on Radio. Famous Pak singer Kausar Parveen, actress Rani Kiran and TV actress Najma Begum were her sisters.

Like many migrated artistes, Asha Posley spent her last days in penury and anonymity. She died on 26-3-1998 at Lahore.

With today’s song from film Asha-48, we come to the end of this series ” SONGS FROM ARTISTE NAME FILMS “. There are some more songs from films like Nirmala, Purnima, Sitara, Vasanti, Zeenat, Jeewan, Durga Rehana etc,are still with me,but I opted for less known actresses so that our readers have information on them here.

Let us now hear this really catchy song by Lata from film Asha-48. Enjoy the fresh and Girlish voice of 19 year old Lata Mangeshkar and the lilting tune of Khemchand Prakash….

Song-Chet chet kar chal re chatur nar (Asha)(1948) Singer-Lata, Lyrics-L Meghani, MD-Khemchand Prakash


chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
chet chet kar
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
ye maarag anjaana hai
kya jaane
kya jaane
kal phir kis kis ko
kaun desh mein jaana hai ae ae
kaun desh mein jaana hai ae
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
chet chet kar

bhoole hai bas isi pher mein
aa aa ke kitne kitne
pata abhi tak nahin kisi ka aa
khoye gaye sabke jitne
is chakkar mein aaye to
phir bach kar kahin na jaana hai ae
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
chet chet kar

abhi sambhal jaao
ruk jaao
samay aaj bhi hai baaqi ee
kal phir door nikal jaaoge ae ae
haath rahegi na baazi
ek vikat baat mein
?? ko nit jaana hai
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
chet chet kar
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
ye maarag anjaana hai
kya jaane
kya jaane
kal phir kis kis ko o
kaun desh mein jaana hai ae
kaun desh mein jaana hai
chet chet kar chal re chatur nar
chet chet kar

5 Responses to "Chet chet kar chal re chatur nar"

Sudhirji ke naam ki jagah Arunji ka naam hona chaahiye. I am sure it’s typo.


Thank you for introducing many lesser known artists through this series. Wondering what will be the theme of your new series.
One query – who is the lyricist L. Mehani? According to the Some Stats page, this is his first song posted on this blog. He is the 447th song writer appearing on the blog. 🙂


Khyati ji,
Thanks for your comments which encourage me to continue doing this work.
L.Meghani was an assistant to writer/Director/Lyricist J S Casshyap at the Bombay Talkies in late 30s. He has written few songs for film Navjeevan-38 also.
Asha-1948 was his first and last Directorial venture,for which he wrote all the songs also.
No further information is available about him anymore.


Thank you Arunji for this little available info about L. Meghani. Appreciate your effort of answering all questions that I have.


As Arunji said he has not written after Asha. Pity.


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