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O deewaali ke diye

Posted on: October 23, 2014

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The festival season in India begins with the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi and we have one major festival after onther following in quick succession. This is the season that sees people in festive mood and in a mood to spend money and prop up the economy of the nation with their spending. 🙂

Today (23 october 2014) is deepaawali, easily the biggest festival in India. Legend has it that Lord Ram, after vanquishing Raavan and after completing his vanvas returned to Ayodhya on this day and the people of Ayodhya celebrated the occasion by lighting diyaa in their households.

As far as the business community is concerned, it is the festival of goddess Laxmi, the goddess of wealth. Everyone covets wealth, irrespective of their religious beliefs. So Deepaawali is a festival for all either as worshippers or as suppliers of goods that the worshippers buy. If one digs deep, one will find that the idols of Goddess Laxmi that one buys these days are made in China. 🙂

People do not just buy items of worship on this occasion, of course. This festival is supposed to be the occasion for splurging on big spending. I do not think that the ancient scriptures that tell us about this festival tell us about spending money on this occasion. “Deepaawali as the auspicious occasion for big spending”-this has to be one of the biggest marketing coup that has been pulled off in India with great success. We are told it is the right occasion for buying cars, mobiles etc. No matter how much one tries,one will fail to find out any references to buying of cars and mobiles on old references of the festival of deepaawali. 🙂 But no one bothers, of couse. So people celebrate deepaawali by buying vehicles manufactured by Japanese, Koreans, German, Americans etc and by buying mobiles manufactures by Koreans, Japanese, Norwegians, Chinese etc. None of these nations celebrate Deepaawali, per se, but it is a big festival for them as well. 🙂

As far this blog is concerned, deepaawali is a big occasion for us as well. 🙂 We stick to our core competency. Instead of telling our readers to buy something on the occasion, we discuss deepaawali related songs on this occasion. This happens to be the seventh deepaawali for this blog. And come to think of it, seven years of active blogging which saw considerable growth in the scope of the blog, is quite a feat for us.

Here is a song from “Bilwamangal” (1954) on this occasion. As many as eleven (out of twelve) songs have been discussed in the past. I had held on for this twelfth song for several months because this song happens to be a Deewaali song. Today is deewaali, so here is this song from “Bilwamangal” (1954). This song is sung by Suraiyya and C H Atma. D N Madhok is the lyricist. Music is composed by Bulo C Rani.

Lyrics of this song were sent to me by Nitin Shah.

With this song, “Bilwamangal” (1954) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

And I take this opportunity to with all our readers a very happy and safe Deepaawali and a prosperous new year.


Song-O deewaali ke diye (Bilwamangal)(1954) Singers-Suraiya, CH Atma, Lyrics-D N Madhok, MD-Bulo C Rani

Lyrics(Provided by Nitin Shah)

o deewaali ke diye
o deewaali ke diye
ismein jalta tel hai
ya dil jale unke liye ae
o deewaali ke diye

o deewaali ke diye
aao kisi ki yaad mein
din raat mar mar ke jiyen aen

o deewaali ke diye
din to guzra
raat guzre na hamaari
badhi jaaye hai dil ki beqaraari

dil diya
duniya ke sab dukh le liye
dil diya
duniya ke sab dukh le liye
aankhon aankhon mein kisi ke ham na pyaasa dekhiye ae
o deewaali ke diye

wo bhi aataa
pyaar ko
do par lagaa ke
kathin hai manzilen
ya ??

rakh diye hain dwaar per dil ke diye
rakh diye hain dwaar per dil ke diye
pat khule nainon ke dono hain sajan tere liye
o deewaali ke diye
oh deewaali ke diye

5 Responses to "O deewaali ke diye"

Happy Diwali to all …!!!
Congratulations Atul Ji – Shah Saheb on covering all songs of ‘_Bilwamangal-1954’.
also Congratulations in advance to Shah Saheb on 8th century of lyrics contributions 🙂


Thanks for getting my attention on the statistics. Prakashji and Nitinbhai are on the same number…798. Did you notice that Sudhirji is only 4 numbers behind. Of course in the post category.


Happy Diwali to Atulji and his family (in house and on blog).


Khyatiben and Avanash,
Thanks for reminding me. Thank God unlike cricket there is no fear of nervous nineties. Lets wait for the Big Moment with abated breadth..


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