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Suno suno ae duniyaawaalon paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani

Posted on: October 31, 2014

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Writing on old film songs and that too on unreleased film songs is a very hard job. Firstly, hardly any information is available on Internet or in books. Secondly, controversies crop up on the statements made in the write up. India being notoriously hopeless as far as recording history of films, music or songs is concerned, it is extremely difficult to arrive at a definite and undisputable conclusion. Most artistes of those times are beyond our reach and if anyone is still alive, he may not remember the facts properly due to old age. In my work in this field, I have found that old age artistes either don’t remember or believe firmly in wrong/desired events and timings making a mess of the whole information.

While doing the monumental work of collecting credible data for his Hindi Film Geet kosh, Shri Harmandir singh Hamraz ji used to meet several old, retired and physically disabled artistes of old times. He has recorded his experiences in great details, in the ” Listeners’ Bulletins “. On reading these adventures of Mr. Singh, one realises how frustrated he must have felt when, instead of the artiste giving him information, Mr. Singh had to tell the artistes about his work, films, songs etc. Some artistes expressed their inabilities, few gave incorrect information and a few even refused to meet him, in spite of several requests !

If this was the case of a diehard researcher of HFM, then one can well imagine the plight of someone like me. We are at least lucky that some genuine helpful historians like, Shri Nalin ji Shah, Shishir Krishna Sharma ji, Giridharilal Vishwakarma ji, Shalin Bhatt ji, Rajnikumar Pandya ji, Harish Raghuwanshi ji, Dr. Surjit singh ji, Kamlakar Pasupuleti ji and few others are still around to provide correct information, when required.

Hundreds of controversies are already lying around unresolved, as far as songs, singers, films, actors etc are concerned. Digging old Gems from unreleased films is almost an invitation to fresh discussions. Every participant has his own opinion, making it just impossible to come to any definite conclusion. One can not avoid it, so the best thing is to try once and leave the hot discussion to others.

Leave aside the experts, these days,even books written by ‘experts’ have several mistakes. Quoting from such books is hazardous, because immediately such mistakes are credited to you. Even HFGK has several mistakes. Dhunon ki yatra by Pankaj Raag, Swaron ki yatra by Anil Bhargava, books by Sanjit Narvekar and Rajiv Vijaykar too have many mistakes. So, where does one go from here ?

One must understand that all these authors have done their research and work in very unfriendly, unhelpful conditions, so mistakes are bound to occur. It does not lower their image or statur eor the value of their efforts. Same is the case of writers like me, who has to work under a very inadequate supply of reliable information. Whatever is available is scattered and many times inaccessible too. All this should give the reader an idea how many constraints, and limitations and possible risks of controversies under which an author in this field has to work .

Today’s song is from a film called JASOOS-50s. Though it was not released, its songs were released in 1957. Earlier too, there were two more films called JASOOS. One was in 1947 with music by Hanuman Prasad Sharma and the other was a stunt film of 1955, starring Kamran, Kumkum etc. It had music by Iqbal ( Chhota Iqbal-not Iqbal Qureshi).

This unreleased film Jasoos was a Filmistan production and it had 9 songs(as listed in HFGK), composed by Anil Biswas. The singers were Geeta, Asha, Manna Dey and Talat. This film had a memorable song by Talat- ” Jeevan hai Madhuban” ,which was adapted from the tune of a popular Doris day number ” Que ser Que sera”. Anil Biswas himself had said this. This song is already posted on this Blog.

There was another song in the film, sung by Asha Bhosle and Manna Dey-“suno suno aye duniyawalon”. Does the mukhda seem familiar ?. Yes,you are right. This song’s tune was a copy of the famous Gandhiji song by Rafi-” suno suno aye duniyawalon bapu ke ye amar kahani” recorded in 1948, within a week’s time after Gandhi ji’s assassination. I am sure that most readers must have heard this song. This original song is also posted on this Blog. This famous song has some history. I reproduce here an edited extract from an article from

” Days after Hutatma Nathuram Godse assassinated Mohandas Gandhi on January 30, 1948, a group of musicians came together to compose their tribute to his life. The result, Suno suno aye duniyawalo Bapu ki yeh amar kahani, sung by Mohammad Rafi, was an instant success. Jawaharlal Nehru, who famously wept on hearing Aye mere watan ke logon, was similarly moved by this song.

The song, written by Rajendra Krishnan and composed by the brothers Husnlal and Bhagatram, reportedly sold a million copies in the first month of its release, an astonishing number even by today’s standards.

Rafi was only 24 years old at the time of the recording, but had already performed in public for 11 years before that. With the popularity of this song, he became a household name. On Independence Day in 1948, Nehru awarded Rafi a silver medal and two years later invited him to sing Lehrao tiranga lehrao on India’s first Republic Day.

The musicians wrote and composed this song in the style of a bhajan, with verses following the same repetitive tune and meter, punctuated every few lines by the refrain:Suno suno aye duniyawalo, Bapu ki yeh amar kahani.

Perhaps because of the hurried nature of the composition, the lyrics recount Gandhi’s life in a fairly straightforward manner, covering all the key points, from his education in London and his work in South Africa, to the longer, more sustained Independence and social upliftment movements in India.

The last verse is the most poignant. The music slows dramatically and Rafi, moved perhaps by fresh grief, recounts Gandhi’s last day, singing of how “ahinsa ke seene par hinsa ne goli barsayi.” Godse remains unnamed. ”

I am surprised to find that a composer like Anil Biswas,who was hailed as the ” Bhishma pitamaha” of Hindi film music, has two songs in one film having borrowed tunes. This must be surely an exception. Looking at the lyrics of the song, it seems to be a parody or a comedy song. In absence of Cast details from HFGK, it is difficult to make guesses on its picturisation.

Enjoy this special gem from Anil Biswas, using a borrowed tune. Kaif Irfani is the lyricist.

The audio itself goes silent as the last stanza begins which affects the listening pleasure of music lovers, but unfortunately this seems to be the only available link of this song as of now.
PS-Now an alternative link with full audio is provided. This song is taken,with thanks, from the collection of Dr. M.L.Kapoor ji,USA,which is provided on the site of Shri. Dr.Surjit singh ji.

Song-Suno suno ae duniyaawaalon paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani (Jaasoos)(UR)(1957) Asha Bhonsle, Manna Dey, Kaif Irfani, Anil Biswas


yehi anjaam
ham jaison ka
hota hai ae ae
jabaan par uff
galey mein
jootiyon ka haar hota hai

ae ji
suno suno ae duniyaawaalon
paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani
suno suno ae duniyaawaalon
paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani

baithhe baithhe kadki ka jab ghor andhera chhaaya
chal ke kisi ki paakit maaren
dil ne ye farmaaya
arre haath kisi ki jeb mein daala
usne shor machaaya
ae pakdo pakdo pakdo pakdo

haath kisi ki jeb mein daala
usne shor machaaya
aaye thhe ham maal udaane
ulta hua safaaya
pade tadaatad
pade tadaatad
joote aise
ho gayi mushqil jaan bachaani ee ee
suno suno ae duniyaawaalon
paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani

arre sar ki aisi hui marammat
sar hua kangaal
surkh tamaatar jaise ho gaye
chaanton se ye gaal
toot gayi hai tangdi apni
langdi pad gayi chaal

yaahoo yaahoo
yaahoo yaahoo
toot gayi hai tangdi apni
langdi pad gayi chaal
meri laila dekh ke bhaagi
manju ka ye haal
arre jiski khaatir yaaron hamne
kahaan kahaan ki khaaq hai chhaani ee ee

suno suno ae duniyaawaalon
paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani

arre aisi mili naseehat
ho gaye dil ke armaan thhande
chhoot gayin sab khoti baaten
aur sab khote dhandhe

khul gayin apni man ki aankhe
pehle thhe ham andhhe
aji pehle thhe ham andhhe
banke lala haridaas ji
dharam ke sachche bande

ab to hamne kasam uthha li
aaj se kainchi nahin chaalaani
suno suno ae duniyaawaalon
paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani

7 Responses to "Suno suno ae duniyaawaalon paakitmaar ki ajab kahaani"

The original Rafi song is with Atulji as Rafi NFS.
The above song is not there in my folder of Jasoos-57.
In Jasoos-47 one song the very famous jeevan hai madhuban by Talat was composed by Anil Biswas and rest of 7 songs were composed by Hanuman Prasad


The fact that the Rafi song is already posted in the blog is clearly mentioned in the writeup. This song was posted in 2012 itself on the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary.


Thanks Atulji


Nitin ji,

I have mentioned in the above write up that the song” Jeevan hai madhuban” is also from this unreleased film Jasoos.So there is no question of it being in the 47 film. This song is also already posted on this Blog. Earlier it was thought that it belonged to 47 jasoos,but later on the facts came out.


Thanks Arunji


Thanks for this parody song (my fav category). writing a parody song is not easy and writers of these songs truly deserves a reward for their creativity.
Info about the song Suno suno aye duniyawaalon baapu ki ye amar kahaani is also new to me.
Thank you again.


I completely agree with you Khyatiben. we should appreciate the genius of parody song writers


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