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Ik thhi jawaani

Posted on: November 10, 2014

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Today’s song is from film Nazrana-40s. It is sung by Shamshad Begum and Chitalkar, under the baton of my favourite composer C.Ramchandra. C Ramchandra started his career with a C grade stunt film ‘ Sukhi Jeevan ‘-1942. By the time he was a known name, Shamshad Begum had already become famous all over India with her songs from Khazanchi and other films. C Ramchandra used Shamshad’s voice for the first time when he sang a duet with her in his first Filmistan film ‘Safar ‘-46.

There is a very poignant story connected with this first duet in ‘Safar’-46, as mentioned in C Ramchandra’s autobiography in Marathi. C Ramchandra had resigned from Jayant Desai’s company after a hot exchange took place between him and the owner. When he left the job, he not only was newly married, but he had also lost his first child. He spent his jobless days in the office of his friend Master Bhagwan. One day Kavi Pradeep came to see him and he was taken to Filmistan to meet S. Mukherjee. Pradeep had assured C Ramchandra that he would get his desired salary of Rs. 1000 pm. After the interview C Ramchandra was very happy and gladly joined Filmistan.

Those days, S.Mukherjee was known as a very shrewd businessman, who had hise ‘success’ formula for films. Perhaps, the success of Kangan, Bandhan, Jhoola, Sansar, Kismet etc. made in Bombay Talkies earlier was benefiting him. C Ramchandra however did not get much impressed with Shashadhar Mukherjee.

Work on his first film there-‘Safar’-46 started and within few months, the film went on floor.. Meanwhile C Ramchandra’s wife had become pregnant again and her delivery date was approaching fast. C Ramchandra had started recording ‘Safar’ songs. One day he got a call from the Doctor’s Hospital. When he reached there, his close friend Master Bhagwan was already there. With a serious face Bhagwan said, “The doctor has asked you to opt for one-wife or the child”. Stunned and shocked, but C Ramchandra was clear in his mind. He said coolly, ” I want the mother’s life saved”. Their second child was alsostillborn. The doctor also declared that she could never become a mother in her life.

C Ramchandra was heart broken. He went inside to meet his wife, Ben. After that he straightway went to Filmistan studio. The singer and the musicians had already gathered there for the song recording. The sad news had reached the studio and the song was to be cancelled. C Ramchandra reached there. He conducted the routine practice session and then recorded the First song of Shamshad begum and him for film ‘Safar’-46. Such commitment for the profession is rare these days !

The collaboration of C Ramchandra and Shamshad gave us several masterpieces like ” mere piya gaye Rangoon” etc. Later Naushad and O P Nayyar too used Shamshad in plenty for their films. These 3 composers account for 75 % of the most popular songs of Shamshad. Contrary to popular belief, it was C Ramchandra and not Naushad or Nayyar with whom Shamshad has sung the maximum number of her songs. She sang 61 songs in 25 films for C Ramchandra from 1946 to 1956. It was C Ramchandra who composed the first duet of Lata and Shamshad for Khidki-48. They sang 28 Duets. Shamshad sang 160 duets with Rafi.

Initially, Shamshad was the lead singer for these 3 composers, but once Lata came on the scene by 48-49,her place started slipping and she went down to 4th rank. Her career came to a close by 1970. Naushad opted for Lata, C Ramchandra ofcourse went for Lata and Nayyar madehis music with Asha. These composers did use Shamshad, but very sparingly.

From the Auotbiography of C Ramchandra it seems that the film Nazrana was made between Safar and Shehnai, i.e. 46 end or so. The cast of this film was Kamini Kaushal, Kanu Roy, Shyama, Geeta Bali, Ansari etc.

The name KANU ROY is another instance of ” Same name confusion “. There was a composer also by the name Kanu Roy who gave music in a few films. Most people and many internet sites, including IMDB,consider these two different persons as one and claim films for acting and music together,as if he was an actor and a composer. In Hindi films this happened routinely, but in the early era of Talkie films. Master Krishnarao, Vinayakrao Patwardhan, Master Mohammed, Badriprasad, Vithaldas Panchotiya etc can be quoted as actor/composers. Lately only the name of Kishore Kumar comes to the mind in this category. Let us see who were these two Kanu Roys…

Kanu Roy (the Actor) was in reality a name for Nalini Ranjan Roy, born on 9-12-1912 at Jabalpore. He was very fond of acting and so landed at Bombay Talkies,a company started by 2 Benagalese- Himanshu Roy and Devika Rani. Those days many people from Bengal used to come to Bombay Talkies, but only the capable ones like Amiya Chakravarty, Shashadhar Mukherjee or Ashok kumar etc could make their careers here. Kanu Roy started his acting career from the film Basant-1942. His name Nalini was sounding like a Girl’s name in Bombay ( there were already half a dozen Nalinis working in films those days), so it was changed and he opted for Kanu, his pet name in the house. Thus Kanu Roy came into films. Due to his good looks, he even became a lead actor in a few films. Nazrana-46 (UR) was one such film where he was working opposite Kamini Kaushal. Kanu Roy worked in about 40 odd films from 42 to 83 ( kisi se naa kehna). Kanu Roy also left Bombay Talkies along with S.Mukherjee and others and joined Filmistan. He was in many Filmistan films like, Munim ji, Nastik, Naagin, Jagriti etc. He acted in a Bangla film ‘Samar’too in 1950.

Kanu Roy (the Composer) gave music to very few films like Uski Kahaani-66, Anubhav-71, Avishkar-74, Tumhara Kallu-76, Grih pravesh-79, Mayuri-81 and Shyamla-79 which was re-censored in 1981 as Woh phir naa aayee. Some people and sites describe him as Geeta Dutts brother, but he was not her brother. Her brother was Mukul Roy. Kanu Roy, the composer died in Bombay on 20-12-1981.

My sincere thanks to shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji for his help in information for this article.

Let us now enjoy the song of Nazrana-48(UR),sung by Shamshad Begum and Chitalkar. G S Nepali is the lyricist. Music is composed by C Ramchandra.


Song-Ik thhi jawaani (Nazraana)(1948) Singers-Shamshad Begam, C Ramchandra, Lyrics-G S Nepali, MD-C Ramchandra


ik thhi jawaani
ik jawaan thha jahaan mein
rehte thhe kuchh dinon se ek hi makaan mein
phir saath saath rehte rehte pyaar ho gaya
pyaar ho gaya
do dil miley to dushman sansaar ho gaya

haay haay
phir kya hua

ik raat ko pakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
ek raat ko pakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon

andar wo apne kamre mein chupchaap pade thhe
baahar liye laathhi muhalle waale khade thhe
kehte thhe umr chadhh gayi
ab pyaar na karo
pyaar na karo
shaadi se pehle is gali ko paar na karo

haay haay
phir kya hua

ek raat ko pakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon

chup chaap ghar se chal diya wo aadhi raat ko
wo bhor ko tadapne lagi mulaaqaat ko
chup chaap ghar se chal diya wo aadhi raat ko
wo bhor ko tadapne lagi mulaaqaat ko
kehti thhi mila de
kehti thhi mila de hamen ik baar zamaanaana
kehti thhi mila de hamen ik baar zamaanaana
lekin hazaar keh gayi bedard na maana
lekin hazaar keh gayi bedard na maana

haay haay
phir kya hua

ek raat ko pakd gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
ek raat ko pakd gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon
zanjeer se jakde gaye donon

2 Responses to "Ik thhi jawaani"

Badi achhi kahani hai!!


Some might be slightly confused: Chitalkar and C. Ramchandra is the same person. He used the name Chitalkar as a singer and CR as composer. It seems he used it perhaps as an easier one for southerners when giving music to some south-produced films early in his career, and continued to use it for Hindi films too.


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