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Apne haathon ko pehchaan

Posted on: November 16, 2014

This article is written by nahm, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog.This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


The observations made by the Supreme Court of India :
Corruption is opposed to democracy and social order, being not only anti people, but aimed and targeted against them. It effects the society and destroys the cultural heritage. Unless nipped in the bud at the earliest, it is likely to cause turbulence – shaking the socio-economic-political system in an otherwise healthy, wealthy, effective and vibrant society.

Good observation by all means. But it is not dated, even if the date is known, it could not have been before the start of corruption in India. It is talking of ‘nipping in the bud’. When exactly was corruption in this country at such a delicate initial stage to be called a bud ? Certainly the event took place much before our life time or the life time of anyone I know.

Yes I agree that war against corruption is the mother of all wars. But around me I see only the children of this mother taking place. There is war against all that is decent in society. There is an all out war against human values. I am not being an alarmist. I say this because I am alarmed.

It is a crime in the society to say the truth. Camouflaging the truth has been a tradition long followed and pursued ideologically around us. To be a popular person and perceived as a good person by all, one has to know how to colour the truth. One cannot be a forthright person and be well liked, loved and popular at the same time. It just not happening in this world.

I have seen people who are well liked and respected around me in the family circle in the society I stay and my friends circle and the department. But they invariably turn out to be who know how to change colours as per the situation. In other words they resort to manipulation to turn a given situation to their advantage. This is the most basic level where we are finding the values corrupted. Putting personal benefit ahead on all fronts and one’s own impression in front of someone, yes as basic as that, is the goal of all clever people around me. There are very few who really are so goody goody, that they deserve the popularity and adulation. And those few who are so good as a person inside out are suckers for exploitation. People take them for a ride with panache. It is the easiest job in the world to take unfair advantage of a genuinely good person. For what ? For personal gain. They tell sob stories, resort to emotional blackmail, lie through their teeth, anything and everything to twist and to get monetary benefit and to gain better maneuvering position. A bit more power. I call this corruption at the personal level.

Bas ke dushwar hai har kaam ka aasaan honaa
Aadmi ko bhi mayassar nahin insaan honaa

Well said Miyaan Ghalib more than 150 years ago. I have no way of pinpointing the exact date the above shair was written.

I too have read the quote of Mahatma Gandhi :
“ There is enough on this earth for everyone’s need, but not for their greed.”

When will this greed for more of everything from power to money to status will end ? Is there a point somewhere where one will say , ‘Yes this much is enough for me, my family, my future generation, for my city, state and country.”

Are we even aware of the most corrupting factor and the tool which is corrupting the society most ?

It is the philosophy/culture of ‘yeh dil maange more’. It is chill to have the attitude of more is better and forever more is not enough. In terms of fun. It is starting with cold drinks, going on with foreign brand junk food, and to the go on and one. More is better, and larger than life is even better with cricket, TV, movies and more crap which is bought at a premium. From the money which we earn by fair or unfair means. ‘Iss ko lagaa daala to life jhingalala’ is the catch phrase.

Is TV and 24 hours entertainment in 300 channel is really so necessary for our survival? Or is it really taking us back to the era of ‘barbarians’ and stone ages.

In February this year we had arranged some programs and activities to celebrate a special day at the office. An Art Exhibition was also held as one of the events.

I made a display called ‘A mesmerizing game’. It had a central piece of three faced Television monitors in a triangle shape. All three screens showed a chess game in progress, sans players. In other words only the chess board was visible. And surrounding the screens in a circle were various life sketches in B/W of men and women, propped on cardboard sheets.

I was disappointed that very few people saw it and tried to understand what it meant. People invariably commented on the life sketches.

Now that the opportunity has presented itself in this essay, I shall try to explain it:

The television screen(all media to which we are addicted, including social media and print media) is the medium through which a big game of chess is being played by the powers be. And we human are acting as mere puppets and are glued to the game and completely engrossed and mesmerized by it. Thinking it is a intelligent pursuit. We are not even aware that the instead of using the technology as we should being the supreme creation of Almighty God, we are allowing the technology and its gadgets and its puppeteers to control us. We like, dislike, love, eat, bath, work, play and do everything as they want us to do. This is called mind control.

I personally find it very difficult to gauge which is the biggest culprit, the entertainment industry, the print media or the advertising media. It is just impossible to avoid these three powerful media’s which have ‘gheraod’ our lives in the grouse of giving us the entertainment we want, the news and views that we like and the choices we like to make in our spending sprees as a consumer.

To elaborate a little what is being fed to us and our children in the name of entertainment in movies is vulgar and crass. There is hardly anything decent or pure about them. Under the pretext of making money they are destroying the values of younger and older generations alike. What 20 years ago was not acceptable to watch on a late night adult movies is now acceptable for young kids to see and appreciate and even choose the products they want to use in the ads they see while watching a sports channel and cricket match. And I haven’t even touched the ‘hollywood movies’ yet. The hero there is totally dehumanized. Is this entertainment ?

And the less said about the advertising industry the better. It is this huge tool used by the forces who want to misguide the masses, create misconception about what they want and what they should be afraid of and guard against. All this achieved in a seemingly innocuous Baby soap advert or a company dealing in property.

Come on , where have our sensibilities gone ? How we Indians, steeped in religious values, with our rich cultural heritage, the land of sant, mahatma’s and sufi poets have allowed our values to deteriorate to such an extent, that they are not human anymore.

Don’t think that I am digressing from the topic of the essay. I am well on my way.

It is for us educated, thinking, intellectual and capable citizens of this county and the world to go back to our values which our parents taught us and value systems which our great religions have taught. Therein lies the salvation of humanity. To start the mother of all wars we don’t need the arms, weapon of mass destruction or vitriolic propagandas.

We need to learn to be humans first and teach our children the human values and what means to be human. Our children as I see are so enamoured by Hollywood movie characters like Spiderman, He man, Ironman etc. they have forgotten the real life heroes which are human.

I have decoded why it is called the mother of all wars. It has to start in our homes, in our family lives, in our social circle, in our work environment and encompass all spheres of our lives. After all I as a individual make a family with other individuals, a family makes up society with other families in the immediate circle, the circle of extended family and friends make the city, than the state and the country , finally the world.
– E N D –

The above essay is the draft I prepared, as preparation for the essay competition held at my office a few weeks ago. The essay I wrote in the competition though not exactly the same as above won the first prize. The flip side is that there were only five people writing the English essay, so it was no big deal winning the first prize.

One more thing bothering me is that the only person who has read it was the ‘judge ‘. The draft has subsequently been read by a few of my close friends. Fortunately, this can be rectified and the essay can be part of a post, thereby going into the public domain and my views can be read by a wider section of readers.

So here is the essay/draft for the readers of the blog. A few of the reaction I have got are, ‘I read half of it than got distracted’ ‘I was reading it and someone came to see me’ etc. One more interesting response was from my sister, who asked “Is that all or is there more to it ? ” To the last one I replied that “in the actual essay I ended in a different way with more explanations” and to the earlier one’s I told them ‘nothing doing, begin from the beginning” 🙂 .

This song from the film ‘Nanhe Farishte’ was posted recently. It reminds me once again why children are called ‘nanhe farishte’. Because their hearts are pure as angels. They have not sinned and are in fact pure inside out. The little angels that we are/were proud of, are in fact the roots of human race. And the vulgarity on television and media is destroying the roots of human race. The same obscene advertisements are repeated every few minutes on all TV channels, irrespective of the target audience. Some people argue that it is the requirement of commerce. This argument has far exceeded its justification in my opinion. No one in their right mind can justify the sort of advertisements being shown on sports , children’s, knowledge and education channels. I find it hard to digest the obscenity published daily in the mainstream newspapers, with highest circulations in the country. They have a ‘free magazine supplement’ which is separate from the main newspaper. I told my newspaper vendor that I don’t want the magazine section, he said ‘it is free ‘ it comes with the newspaper. Maybe it is sponsoring the whole newspaper, alongwith the tabloid section.

Here is the song finally which is extolling the greatness of human hands and the capabilities of man kind . It is a nice inspirational, motivating song composed by S. D. Burman. Mohammed Rafi is the singer of this creation written by Kaifi Azmi for the movie “Apna haath jagannath” (1960)



Song-Apne haathon ko pehchaan (Apna Haath Jagannath)(1960) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Kaifi Azmi, MD-S D Burman


Ho o
o o o
o o o
o o o o
apne haathhon ko pehchaan
apne haathhon ko pehchaan
moorakh in mein hai bhagwaan
mujh par tujh par sab hi par
in do haathhon ka ehsaan
apne haathhon ko pehchaan

haathh utthaate hain jo kudaal
parbat kaat giraatey hain
badhte chadhte paani mein
baandhh ke bandhh dikhaatey hain
jungle se kheton ki taraf
mod ke dariyaa laatey hain
apne haathhon ko pehchaan

chutki bhar daana le kar
ye jo zameen mein bikhraayen
jitney taarey chamakte hain
utne hi paudhey ugg aayen
?? jahaan tak dekh sakey
khet wahaan tak lehraayen
apne haathhon ko pehchaan

choone gaare eentthon se
haathhon ka hai yaaraana
rakkhey neenv ye dharti mein
chhat ko gagan de nazraana
bastaa jaaye shahar naayaa
sajtaa jaaye veeraanaa
apne haathhon ko pehchaan

chheni aur hathhaudi ka
khel agar ye dikhlaayen
ubhren chehre patthar mein
devi devtaa muskaayen
chamke damke taaj mahal
taaj mahal
taaj mahal
chaand sitaarey sharmaayen
apne haathhon ko pehchaan

chaak chale inn haathhon se
pahiyaa jaise jeewan kaa
aankh jhapakte lag jaaye
melaa korey(?) bartan kaa
haathhon ke chhoo lene se
sonaa bantaa hai zevar
roop ko chamkaa detey hain
kangan jhumke aur jhoomar
been sarangi tablaa dhol
sab kuchh haathh banaate hain
taaron mein aawaaz kahaan
haathh hamaare gaate hain

ho ooo
o o o
o o o
ho o o o
o o
o o o

3 Responses to "Apne haathon ko pehchaan"

Nahm ji – like the post as the issues raised by you are very close to my heart, and also need attention by all of us – ‘the people’.


You are right, Charity has to begin at home.

?? – ‘Bhookh’
? Korey is correct.


Nahm ji,
Indeed, very serious and important concerns raised in the post.


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