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Mere man ki beena

Posted on: January 2, 2015

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People tend to promise themselves that they would turn a new leaf on the new year. So they begin with the right earnest on the new year day only to falter immediately afterwards. 🙂 My promise to myself on such occasions are similar to electoral promises made by candidates which must not be taken seriously by voters if they have learnt from past experiences. 🙂

I had made a vague promise to myself that I would try and improve myself. I know it as well as anyone else that reforming oneself is one of the most difficult things to do. So one can imagine how difficult it is to reform others. This is true for wives too, who try to reform their husbands all the time, but without much success. 🙂

Since I was on a forced break of sorts from the blog, I had promised myself that I would try and post more songs daily in the new year and they would be interesting songs. I did something “new” on the first day of the year. I decided to listen to the “puraani filmon ke geet” programme of SLBC. I had done so with the hope of listening to the iconic song “Khush hai zamaana aaj pehli taarikh hai” on this programme. It turned out that this song was not played in the programme. Later I came to know that this song was played on some other programme.

When I listened to the songs of “puraani filmon ke song”, I realised that all these songs were iconic songs, which were already covered in the blog. The songs played in the programme were- Jale na kyun parwaana (Anokhi Ada)(1948), Kyaa mil gayaa Bhagwaan tumhe dil ko dukhaa ke (Anmol Ghadi)(1946), Zinda hoon is tarah ke gham e zindagi nahin(Aag)(1948), Tu kahe agar(Andaaz), Ek dil ka lagaana baaki thaa (Anokha Pyaar) . All these songs are iconic and extremely well known songs and I began to feel that the programme plays songs that are known to all. All these movies are already YIPPEED in the blog.

As if to set the matters right, the next song played was a song that I had never heard before. The next two songs of the programme were Mujhe sapne se kaun jagaaye re (Arabian Nights)(1946) and Kisne ye sab khel rachaayaa (Dharti Mata)(1938) . These two songs are also available in the blog though these are non YIPPEED movies.

One can notice that all songs (except the last song of the programme) had their title starting with the letter “A” and they were all from 1940s. The final offering, a K L Saigal song, was from “Dhartimata”(1938).

The only song from the programme which was “new” for me was from “Anyaay”(1949). It was sung by Meena Kapoor and J S Cashyap. J S Cashyap, better known as a lyricist, had penned the song. Music was composed by Ram Prasad, who I guess is the same as Ram Prasad Sharma, the father of Pyarelal and Ganesh Sharma- both well known music directors of later decades.

When I consulted HFGK to know about the details, I found interesting information about this movie. “Anyaay” (1949) was directed by J S Cashyap for Diamaond Pictures Limited, Bombay. The movie combined scenes from 14 old hit movies of Bombay Talkies were expertly edited, and they were combined with some new scenes shot later. The movie had nine songs. Four of these songs were taken from old movies (including their picturisations) from “Jeewan Prabhat”(1937), “Hamaari Baat”(1943) and “Izzat”(1937). So this movie was an instance of literally cutting and pasting scenes from older movies and passing them off as a new movie.

The movie itself had J S Cashyap, Laxman saroj, Putli Bai, Narbada Shankar, Devidutt Nautiyal, Kesar Bai, Shree Bhagwan, B S Bhatnagar etc. The old footage of the 14 old movies of Bombay Talkies had actors like Devika Rani, Ashok Kumar, Kishore Sahu, Mumtaz Ali, M Nazir Ajmeri, P F Pithawala, Kamta Prasad, Maya, Meera etc in them.

The song under discussion was an original song though, in the sense that it was not taken from an older movie rather it was one of the five songs especially recorded for this movie called “Anyaay”(1949).

Here is this rare and forgotten song from “Anyaay”(1949) for the listening pleasure of the readers. My guess is that J S Cashyap himself had lip synced the song on the screen, seeing that he had acted in this movie. I am unable to guess who lip synced in the voice of Meena Kapoor though.

I request our knowledgeable readers to throw light on this movie as well as on the picturisation of this song.

Song-Mere man ki beena (Anyaay)(1949)Singers-Meena Kapoor, J S Cashyap, Lyrics-J S Cashyap, MD-Ram Prasad


mere man ki beena jhhan jhhan kal kal boley re
mere man ki meethhi mast najariya doley re

main daal daal ud jaaun
ban ki ee
ban ki titli ban
phhar phhar kar patton mein kahin chhup jaaun
nahin pakdaai main aaun

tum daal daal main paat paat ud
sang sang dolen
amrit ras gholen re

mere man ki beena jhhan jhhan kal kal boley re
mere man ki meethhi mast najariya doley re
main madmasti saawan ki ghata ban jaaun re
rimjhim rimjhim ras ki boonden barsaaun re

main mor banoon
naachoon gaaun ithhlaaoon

pihu pihu boloon
baaghon mein tumhe bulaaun
o o o o
o o o o
o o

main kali banoon
tore liye khiloon
tore liye khiloon
main bhanwra banoon
tohe aan miloon
ho tohe aan miloon

hilmil ham donon
jhoolen prem hindole
pawan jhhakole le

mere man ki beena jhhan jhhan kal kal boley re
mere man ki meethhi mast najariya doley re


5 Responses to "Mere man ki beena"

Atul ji,

Happy New Year 2015 to you and all followers on the blog.
I have started hearing to SLBC after a gap of 8-10 years though not regularly.My mails regarding anniversaries of artists is also from these programs only. I did miss this program that you have mentioned in the post.

This blog has come a long way to cover many many songs of the 40’s and 50’s. But, there is still lot of ground to cover and one of the many ways is to listen to this program as they often come up with rare and melodious songs.

Regards and Thanks.

Yes, SLBC have some rare records not available elsewhere. They also have knowledge, information and passion about HFM which is not available elsewhere.

Today is Birthday of our Yippee Master Pradeep ji 🙂 and Peevesie’s Mom ji …
Wishing a very Happy Birthday to both of them …!!!

Thank u avinashji

Ram Prasad>Nayi Baat-47, Banoo-49, Dolti Naiya-50, Magic Carpet-64,
JP Kashyap>Achhut Kanya-36, Janmabhoomi-36, Izzat-37, Pakshiraj-59, Ek Thha Raja-51,

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