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Gori tujhe aana padega

Posted on: March 14, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from film Albeli-1955.

The year 1955 gave us some really meaningful and entertaining films. Raj Kapoor’s ‘Shri 420’ tried to bring in limelight, as usual, the hypocrisy of the elite society. It was a great film with a message, good direction and everlasting music by Shanker-Jaikishen, the three specialities of an RK film. From this film onwards, “Raju” became the favourite name of Raj Kapoor’s Heroes.( Like ‘Shanker’ was Shammi Kapoor’s lucky name in early films. Similarly ‘Vijay’ was the favourite film name of Amitabh Bachhan in 20 films, of Jeetendra in 18 films and of Mithun Chakrawarty in 16 films.).

Guru Dutt’s film Mr.and Mrs.55 was perhaps his last light comedy movie, which has peppy music by O P Nayyar. Later he made serious films like Pyaasa-57, Kagaz ke phool-59 and Sahib, Bibi aur Ghulam-62, for which he will be known for ever. Sunil Dutt made his Debut with Railway Platform. V.Shantaram’s Jhanak Jhanak Payal Baaje was an example of how an art film devoted to Dance can also become a commercial success. The film being in color also helped. Seema and Devdas were serious films. Pather Panchali hit the Indian screens. Azaad, Insaniyat, Munimji, Udan Khatola and Baradari were entertainers with very good music.

Children’s film society was established in 1955. Shammi Kapoor and Geeta Bali got married. New Theatres of Calcutta made its last film Bakul and downed its shutters for ever.

Films with the title “Albeli” were made thrice- viz in the years 1945, 1955 and 1974. Albeli-55 was an out and out fun film woven around the antics of Geeta Bali. Geeta Bali was an active girl, always smiling. She had something in her demeanour which suggested that she was mischievous, active and a fun loving girl. In most of her films, barring a few her roles were developed to suit her bubbly personality.

Originally named Harkeertan, Geeta Bali and her elder sister were trained in music and Dance. She tried to get some film roles when they came to Bombay. However she had to change her name to a to a shorter filmi style name, so the name Geeta Bali was chosen. The name Bali means younger sister, which she actually was.(ref:Assumed names and their origins by Adrian Room,Oxford press). Before coming to Bombay, she had done some small roles in films like Badnami-46 etc. In 1948, Kidar Sharma gave her a role in “Suhag Raat”. Then there was no looking back. Badi Behan, Dulari, Baawre Nain, Ghayal,Baazi….and then one of the Milestone Movies of Hindi Films came ALBELA-51. Her pairing and dancing with Master Bhagwan made her popular all over India. Millions throged to the theatres to listen to its songs and they threw coins at the silver screen !

With her dancing eyes and captivating smile, she soon became an extremely busy actress. She did 70 films in ten years from 1955 to 1965 ! Her secretary was Surinder Kapoor-father of Anil and Boney Kapoor. Later on he became a leading Producer/Director. Every film of his production started with “Shradhanjali to Geeta Bali ji “.

While working with Shammi Kapoor in “Miss Coca Cola” and “Coffe House” (released in 57) in the year 1955, she fell in love with him and they decided to get married. She was two years older to him. Geeta Bali was sceptical about how the Kapoor pariwar would accept her. She had worked with Raj kapoor in Bawre Nain and with Prithviraj Kapoor in Anand Math. She did a man’s role in the film Rangeen Raten(released in 56) just to be with Shammi Kapoor. She played the role of Mala Sinha’s brother in the film. With the help of Producer/Director Hari Walia,they got married at 4 a.m. on 23-8-1955 at Banganga Temple, near Malbar Hill ( very far off from RK studio in Chembur). Geeta Bali bore two children from this marriage.

After a happy marriage and a fulfilling career, Geeta Bali decided to produce a film, “Rano” in Punjabi, based on the famous novel “Ek chadar maili si” by Rajinder singh Bedi. He was to direct the film. Her Hero was to be Dharmendra.

While they were shooting for the film in Punjab, Geeta Bali contracted the deadly disease of Small Pox. She got the best treatment but she succumbed to the disease on 21-1-1965.( on her death Rajinder Bedi was so sad that he not only abandoned the film “Rano” but also kept the book, “Ék chadar Maili si” on the burning Pyre of Geeta Bali !)

Geeta’s father had also died of small pox and she was warned and pestered many times that she should get vaccinated for small pox. But she always avoided it saying that it leaves a mark on the upper arm ! She paid a very high price for this !!

Film Albeli-55 was made by Films and Television,Bombay. I wonder how someone thought of of term Television in 1955 ! Producer and Director was Devendra Goel and the composer was Ravi. It was the Debut year for Ravi. Goel had given him a break with Vachan-55. Ravi had also composed music for Filmistan’s devotional film “Prabhu ki Maya” in the same year. Albeli was his third film in 1955. Ravi’s music for Vachan and Prabhu ki maya was very melodious and became quite popular. In fact the Lori from Vachan “Chandamama door ke…” had already become an iconic song. It is an all time classic.( Not only this,but the music betweenthe two antaras of this Lori inspired Laxmikant Pyarelal to compose another Iconic song for “Tezab”- Ek do teen…). However same tempo was not maintained with Albeli.

The most popular song of Albeli is being posted today.

This song is sung by hemant kumar. Ravi was an assistant to Hemant Kumar in films like “Jagriti” and “Nagin” during his struggle days. He used to like the singing style of Hemant Kumar, so Ravi used Hemant Kumar for songs in his films whenever possible. The cast of Albeli-55 was Pradeep kumar, Geeta Bali, Johnny Walker, Randheer, Omprakash, Tun Tun etc etc. One of the Guest Artistes in this film, Shankar Palav was a producer and cinematographer himself. Shanker Palav was Master Bhagwan’s elder brother.

Johnny Walker did not have a single song in this film. His career was on the rise in the film industry, but the trend of giving him a song in each film had not yet started in 1955 a year when Johnny Walker worked in 17 films (he did 16 films in 1958.). The story of the film Albeli-1955 was….

The film is a hilarious mixture of misunderstanding and confusions, like a comedy of errors. Geeta is daughter of Verma ji, owner of Hotel Nan Ching Chungh. She is fond of music and is a great fan of singer Pradeep. Once Pradeep comes to their town for a show. Geeta, inspite of her efforts,can not attend and she misses the show. Her younger sister Rita loves a boy named Brij. Geeta helps her to elope with Brij and get married. While doing so a bad element Bahadur Singh chases Geeta. To avoid him, she starts running and Pradeep, who is passing by that road thinks that she is a thief running away. He catches her and they reach Police station. There, instead of telling the truth she accuses Pradeep of kidnapping her with bad intention. The Police releases her and holds Pradeep. She returns to home after one day in custody. She finds that Brij and Rita are home but are afraid of telling the truth to the family.

Meanwhile the Police telephones Verma ji and tell him that the charges on Pradeep are false and Geeta is bluffing. Police and Pradeep reach her home. To save the situation,Geeta pretends that she is not the same girl. It must be her twin sister who is a look alike. There is lot of confusion. Pradeep believes Geeta and apologises to her. Now Geeta loves him more. Pradeep also starts loving her. He still thinks that she has a twin sister.

Verma ji sends both girls to learn music, to Kalaniketan School of Music,where Pradeep is teaching music. Geeta helps Rita to go to Kashmir for honeymoon and tries to play double role of twin sisters. One day Rita comes back and Pradeep hears their conversation. He learn about the reality that there is no twin sister. He arranges to sent both sisters back to their home. Pradeep and Brij also reach there and all the confusion is cleared. Vermaji is happy that both daughters are getting husbands of their choice.
All is well that ends well.

Let us now hear and enjoy this Hemant Kumar song “Gori tujhe aana padega..” a popular and famous song of those days. Ravi is the lyricist and well as the music director of this song.

Note-This song is the 400th song of Ravi as a music director in this blog.


Song-Gori Tujhe Aana Padega (Albeli)(1955) Singer-Hemant Kumar, Lyrics-Ravi, MD-Ravi


o o o o
o o o o
Tujhe aana padega
Tujhe aana padega
Khench laayegi dil ki pukaar
Gori tujhe aana padega
Mere geeton se hai tujhko pyaar
Gori tujhe aana padega

Jo tu na aaye toh main phir na boloon
Naa main karoon tose pyaar
Jo tu na aaye toh main phir na boloon
Naa main karoon tose pyaar
Phir jo tu aayegi mujhko manaane
Nakhre karoonga hazaar
Chaahe paiyyan pade baar baar
Gori tujhe aana padega
Mere geeton se hai tujhko pyaar
Gori tujhe aana padega
Khench laayegi dil ki pukaar
Gori tujhe aana padega

Geeton ki dhun par dolega manwa
ho ga jiya beqaraar
Geeton ki dhun par dolega manwa
ho ga jiya beqaraar
Naina jhuka ke mukhda chhupaake
Aayegi tu mere dwaar
Dekh lena teri hogi haar
Gori tujhe aana padega
Mere geeton se hai tujhko pyaar
Gori tujhe aana padega
Khench laayegi dil ki pukaar
Gori tujhe aana padega

4 Responses to "Gori tujhe aana padega"

Thanks for throwing light on history of films around 1955. Only recently I found myself humming Muskarati Hui Chandani and recalling the time I first heard the song in a program at IIT Kharagpur in 1955 and was curious to know about Albeli.
As always, your write ups are informative and fascinating and I look forward to reading them.
Arun Gupta


Arun Gupta ji,
Thanks for your kind words.


The write-up that accompanies the Hemanta song is brilliant! Many thanks for throwing light on the films made in 1955. An iconic year?


Parakulam Seshadri ji,

Thanks for your appreciation.
In my opinion,the Iconic year was not 1955,but it can be said so about 1957,with Blockbusters like Mother India,Naya Daur,Pyasa,Do aankhe baarah haath,Tumsa nahin dekha,Paying Guest,Bhabhi,Aasha,Nau do gyarah,Miss Mary etc etc.


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