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Tum bade wo ho

Posted on: April 11, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today’s song is from a 1958 film-Night Club.

With great determination and very much reluctantly, have moved away from the songs of 1957. As I mentioned I had shortlisted 17 songs from this year alone. It was ridiculous ! With songs from other years, the series would have become a marathon of about 30 odd songs. This is not acceptable to me. Stretching ONE theme for such a long time,in my opinion loses its meaning,charm and writer’s interest. We have already enjoyed 5 Gems from 1957. This much laxity was enough for 1957. The balance songs, I am sure,will find their way to this Blog,anyway.

The prominent films of 1958 were Madhumati, Chalti ka naam gaadi, Yahudi, Phir subha hogi, Sadhna,Fagun,Parvarish,kala Pani,Howrah Bridge,Dilli ka thug,Al Hilal,Aji bas shukriya,Jailor,Lala Rukh,Light House,Mausi,Mujrim,Panchayat,Post box 999,Ragini,Samrat Chandragupta,Sitaron se aagey,Sone ki Chididya,Suvarna Sundari and Zimbo.

All Major actors Raj Kapoor,Dev Anand and Dilip kumar,Ashok Kumar, Rajendra kumar, Kishore Kumar etc had their jubilee films in this year. Some notable films were Sadhana-which had taken inspiration from Shantaram’s film Aadmi-1939, Al Hilal- a C grade film which became immortal due to one qawali “Hamen to loot liya”, Jailor-Sohrab Modi’s remake of his own Jailor of 1938 and Yahudi- based on the Parsee costume dram of Agha Hashr Kashmiri,which was filmed in 1933 earlier. Like this one, Bimal Rai had also remade New Theatre’s ‘Devdas’-35 also in 1955. Usually remakes are not successful, but these two Bimal Roy films became popular,just like Mehboobs remake of ‘Aurat’-42 as ‘Mother India’-57 has succeeded.

Bimal Roy’s film on Rebirth or Re incarnation,’Madhumati’was yet another Blockbuster. Incidentally, in both films,Dilip Kumar was the lead actor. The Neo- Socialists, some with IPTA background, came with a bang with ‘Phir subah hogi”. It was based on the Russian novel ‘Crime and Punishment’ by Dostoyevesky. The combination of Khayyam, Sahir,Mukesh and Raj Kapoor provided excellent meaningful lyrics and songs. Raj Khosla established himself with Dev Anand’s ‘Kala Paani’. The team of Dev Anand,S D Burman,Rafi and Majrooh was a perfect match in music for ‘Phir subha hogi’.

Entertainers like Parvarish,Ghar sansaar,Dilli ka Thug and Howrah Bridge along with the all time hilarious hit ‘Chalti ka naam gaadi’ made the year almost a carry forward of 1957 with equal vigour and variety. 1958 also marked the death of old timer Yakub. Shashi Kkapoor and Jeniffer got married on 2nd july this year.

Jagdish Sethi, Wasti, Mubarak, Kumar and such old timers of the first and second generation were on their last laps in films. Some had already gone into oblivion and forgotten and some were on their way. Many yesteryear singers, actors, directors and composers said Goodbye to this field and a few to this world- some of them departed noticed while some died in anonymity.

Unfortunately, many artistes from this era have left no informations about them. There are no records of their Life sketches. They remain just names for the new generation. Luckily there are few diehard, selfless workers and Historians like Harish Raghuwanshi ji, Nalin Shah ji, Shishir Krishna Sharma ji, M N Sardana ji, Priya Lakshmi ji, Sanjeev Tanwar ji, Rajni Kumar Pandya ji, Biren Kothari ji, Kamlakar Pasupuleti ji, Hamraz ji and few sites and Blogs like that of Dr. Surjit Singh ji, Cineplot, Muvyz etc along with some active members of RMIM who have collected and stored reliable information on many of these old timers. It is only thanks to them that we have atleast some reliable information on some artistes of yore. I have quoted only few names as examples, but there many more such selfless Historians exist. My list is only indicative and not exhaustive.

From my side, whenever there is an opportunity, I have been collecting and disseminating such information through my writings on various sites, Blogs and articles. Today, while collecting data for this article, my attention was drawn to a name in the cast of the film- Night Club namely MUBARAK. Nowhere could I get any information about him. He is not in any book or on any site or any Blog. However, as always shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji came to my help and he very kindly provided me several article scanned from Madhuri, Screen, Filmfare as well as extracts from books in his collection, published in 1938, 42 and 57. Equipped with this information and adding to it what I already had, I am giving here information about MUBARAK, the actor. My sincere thanks to Harish ji.

Mubarak Khan was born in Bombay on 29-1-1909 in a Muslim family. He was of Afghan descent. His mother died after delivery and his building contractor father also died after Mubarak was around 2-3 year old. The Parsee partner of his father brought up Mubarak and his sister. That is how he used Parsee surname Merchant and was known as Mubarak Merchant.

He studied upto B.A. His English was very good and it came handy in his career later on. In those days educated persons or persons from respectable families looked down upon the Film industry and they were not ready to join it. Once Mubarak, who was almost 6 feet tall, fair in complexion and with a good physique, went for a party, he was noticed by Film Director Parshwanath Altekar. He invited Mubarak to join films and he agreed. He joined Ranjit studios and did his first silent movie- Pati Patni-1929. Director was Chandulal Shah and the lead pair was Gohar Mamajiwala and Raja Sandow. After doing about 10 silent films with Ranjit, Imperial and Navjeevan studios, Mubarak went to Calcutta and joined Indian National Theatre. He acted in many English dramas of Shakespeare. He met and became friendly with Prithwiraj Kapoor. When the Theatre company closed, Prithwiraj Kapoor stayed back and joined New Theatres, but Mubarak returned to Bombay.

By that time the Talkie had started and he got a role in the film Noorjehan-1931. However, as he could not sing, he was removed from that film and he made his debut in film Veer Kunal-1932. Due to his attractive personality, he went on getting roles after roles. In 1938 he acted opposite Durga Khote in a bilingual film Saathi ( Songadya in Marathi),which he had produced also. Mubarak must have worked in more than 100 films. Some of the major films of Mubarak were, Kangan, Tansen, Lalkaar, Manorama, Renuka, Kismet, Tadbir, Ujala, Jhansi ki Rani, Waqt, Hamraaz etc etc. His personality was suitable for rolrs of Kings and Maharajas. He did the role of Samrat Akbar in Tansen-43, Maharana Pratap-46 and Anarkali-53, In Samadhi-50 he was Ashok Kumar’s brother and in Nagin -54 he was the Tribal chief. He also did many villain roles.

Mubarak directed one film Bahurani-1940. The film flopped so miserably that Mubarak vowed never to direct any other film. Mubarak’s English was very good. He wrote the story and screenplay of Raj Kapoor’s film ‘Phir subha hogi-58 ‘ along with director Ramesh Sehgal. The film was based on the Russian novel, ‘Crime and Punishment ‘by Dostoevsky.

Mubarak got a heart attack first in 1961 and again in 1964. he retired from films. Once B R Chopra came to him and offered him a role in Waqt. He declined and then on Chopra’s repeated requests he did that role. An ambulance and a doctor was all the time kept ready during his shooting. Such was his value to the knowledgeable. After that also he did some films but he had lost interest in working in the changed atmosphere. His last film, I think ,must be ‘Insaniyat’.-1974.

In his last days, his financial condition was very bad. He lived alone in a flat of his own, but survived on donations from friends and pension from Filmfare fund and Cine Artistes Association. He was a bachelor. His sister had died long back. He breathed his last on 26-8-1985, at Bombay.

The cast of the film Night Club-58 was Ashok Kumar, Kamini Kaushal, Mubarak, Nishi, Maruti,Dhumal, Gope, Helen etc etc. The film had 7 songs and this is the 3rd song to appear in this Blog. The Music Director was Madan Mohan with assistance from R.Suri. The story of Night Club was…

Pran (Mubarak) a known criminal runs a club,called The Night Club. Though it looks like an ordinary straight club,all types of Gambling and other unlawful hings go on in it. The city police know this but there is no proof. Inspector Kishore ( Ashok Kumar) is appointed to collect proof and arrest him. He is unable to get any proof,as pran and his gang are very clever. One of Pran’s assistants Vijay is murdered by Pran,as he wrongly suspects Vijay of being a traitor. Vijay’s sister Bindu ( Kamini Kaushal) knows that he is killed by Pran and she decides to take revenge by getting Pran arrested. To collect proof,she masquerades like a male and joins the club as a deaf and mute waiter.

Inspector Kishore also decides to join the club as a waiter. he is shocked to see Bindu,whom he immediately recognises. The scene of their first meeting after he recognises her is very hilarious. As per norms of the Hindi films,they promptly fall in love and decide to work jointly to capture Pran. meanwhile Pran suspects these two waiters and is alerted.

After this the film goes very fast and there are plans and counter plans,Hero and heroine are captured and are kept in a room,from where the Inspector communicates to his HQ and the Police force raids the club. Pran is arrested with all the proofs gained from his associates. The lead pair gets united.

Today’s song is a typical Madan Mohan song ..lets enjoy it….



Song-Tum bade wo ho (Night Club)(1958) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Majrooh Sultanpuri, MD-Madan Mohan


Tum bade wo ho
dil jalaate ho
abhi mile abhi chale
dilruba o ho
tum bade wo ho
dil jalaate ho
abhi mile abhi chale
dilruba o ho
tum bade wo ho

chaand ka saaya hai
dil pe dil aaya hai
chaand ka saaya hai
dil pe dil aaya hai
aisi bhi jaldi kya kya
thahariye to
o ho
tum bade wo ho
dil jalaate ho
abhi mile abhi chale
dilruba o ho
tum bade wo ho

o o o
bekhudi chaai hai
hum hani tanhai hai
bekhudi chaai hai
hum hani tanhai hai
khechte kyun ho daaman
itne jaalim kyun ho
tum bade wo ho
dil jalate ho
abhi mile abhi chale
dilruba o ho
tum bade wo ho

kya sama hai dekho
dil jawaan hai dekho
kya samaa hai dekho
dil jawaan hai dekho
pyaar karke darna kya
chaahe jo ho so ho
tum bade wo ho
dil jalaate ho
abhi mile abhi chale
dilruba o ho

5 Responses to "Tum bade wo ho"

In 4th para last line – ‘The team of Dev Anand … …’ the film’s name ‘Phir Subah Hogi’ to be corrected as ‘Kaala Paani’.


Avinash ji,

The sentence is grammatically correct. It compares Kala Pani team with that of Phir subha hogi.


Ok ok, understand it now.Thanks!!
And Sorry for the inconvenience caused.


Arun sir,
Many Thanks for the post and the series in general.
1958, incidentally was the comeback year for Mukesh with Madhumati and Yahudi after his disastrous venture into acting.


Mahesh ji,
I do not think that Mukesh needed any ‘come back’,because he had never been away from singing in Hindi films. If you visit you will find many many songs of mukesh between the period 1950 to 1957. There was no question of Come Back.
Here are only few films during 50 to 57,in which Mukesh had sung songs-
Ghar ghar mein diwali-55,Baghdad ka chor-55,Daku-55,Sultan e alam-56,Andhakar-56,Begunah-57,Jalti Nishani-57 etc etc.

But yes that had happened in case of Talat Mehmood,who lost out hopelessly because of his own films.



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