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Roothhi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun

Posted on: May 10, 2015

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Troika of the latest century singers – Mukesh, Rafi and Kishore – 1. Mukesh

Sometime in the middle of April 2015, I had sent two write-ups to Atul ji and coincidentally, both these write-ups were on the songs sung by Mukesh. Atul ji sent me a reply saying that for the time being, he was avoiding posting songs of Mukesh as also of Rafi who are on their way to hitting centuries of their songs in the Blog. So he reckoned that my write ups on Mukesh’s songs may have to be held back for a few days. It was apparent that articles for the special events had already been planned.

A click on ‘Some stats’ page of the Blog revealed that while Mukesh was close to attaining his 700th song, Mohammed Rafi was only one short of his 2400th song in the Blog. A further glance on this page revealed that Kishore Kumar too was also very close to hitting his 900th song. So it was rare ‘celestial’ event like that of conjunction of planets Jupiter, Venus and Mars in the triangle shape which is expected on October 28, 2015. And all the three playback singers are nothing less than celestial stars along with Talat Mehmood and Manna Dey. There was an inner urge in me to pay tributes to the troika of playback singers on this unique conjunction of century songs. A thought tickled in my mind. What if I was to select special songs for the troika of playback singers on the occasion?

My immediate reference point was the list of my favourite songs which I have created on YT. While I had no difficulties in choosing a song each of Mukesh and Mohammed Rafi, unfortunately, I had no songs of Kishore Kumar in the list as almost all of my favourites songs of Kishore Kumar have already been covered in the Blog. And I have a habit of deleting songs from the list of my favourite songs once they are covered in the Blog. At last, I could get a rare song of Kishore Kumar of my liking after a long search on YT.

I propose to write a three part short articles on the occasion of the completion of century songs of Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar in that order. In this write up, I present a non-filmy song ‘roothi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun’(1949) sung by Mukesh under the music direction of V A Balsara. The lyrics are penned by Madhukar Rajasthani. I could not get the year in which the NFS was recorded. However, I find on that music director V A Balsara had recorded three NFS of Mukesh in 1949. With the style of Mukesh’s singing which is evident in the NFS under discussion, one can presume that this NFS too was recorded in 1949.

This song reminds me of ‘roothi huyi taqdeer’ for Mukesh who, in his jest to become a singer-actor, neglected his playback singing career in favour of acting. In the event, he lost out on both counts in the 50s. His mentor Anil Biswas left the film industry in the early 60s and Naushad preferred Mohammed Rafi over him. It was really his hard work which made possible for him to reclaim some of his lost ground in Hindi film industry in the 60s and early 70s.

Song-Roothhi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun (Mukesh NFS)(1949) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics-Madhukar Rajasthani, MD-V A Balsara


roothi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun
ab kaise manaaun
tootha huwa sitaar hai ab kaise bajaaun
ab kaise bajaaun

kismat se miley hain ye mujhe do nazraane ae ae
ae ae ae
khaane ko mili thokar
peene ko miley aansoo
gham aur museebat se sada yaari nibhaaun
ab kaise manaaun

ujdi huyi nagri hai meri toota huwa hai dil
haay toota huwa hai dil
keh rahi hai mujhko meri alvida bahaaren aen aen
keh rahi hai mujhko meri alvida bahaaren
poochha jo unse maine ab kaise bataaun
ab kaise manaaun
roothi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun
ab kaise manaaun


9 Responses to "Roothhi huyi taqdeer ko ab kaise manaaun"

With Raja pai and gang publishing their blog contributions, I am itching for one too.. but I am dead sure you will never publish a lungiesq blog entry.

I will love to publish a suitably suited booted article penned by you. 🙂

Err I hope by suited booted you mean you expect Ishant sharma to bowl a maiden over.

Come on, Ishant Sharma can bowl a maiden over if there are fielders all around and he bowls to his field. 🙂

Thanks for the Mukesh NFS.

Sadanand ji,

I have an audio cassette cover of HMV on which the MD of this NFS is mentioned as SD Batish. I leave it to you and the experts to decide.

Link of the beautiful NFS as the one above is not working.


Mahesh ji,

The link to the audio clip given in the write-up is working for me.

Saregama website (formerly HMV) lists V A Balsara as MD for this NFS. Here is the link:

If you search for S D Batish on the same web site, this NFS is accredited to him and not V Balsara.

Here is the link. (10th song from bottom). The link also has some more rare songs. Hope you find some other jewels in it.

But, SD Batish was an accomplished singer himself. So it makes sense that he may not have given it to Mukesh in late forties. But, its very confusing as even Manna Dey has composed songs for Mukesh. That is why I said its for you and the experts to decide.
I will also try to send the photostat copy of audio cassette cover by mail to you and Atul ji.


I will have to look into afresh to sort out this confusion of music director. Anyone who has a 78 RPM record of this NFS will be in a position to sort out this confusion if the name of the MD was mentioned in the record mast..

By the way, Mukesh has sung this song in the style he had sung in ‘Anokhi Ada’ (1948) and ‘Andaaz’ (1949) under the music direction of Naushad. I am not sure whether V Balsara was associated with Naushad as instrumentalist. I know from the credit titles of these two films that Ghulam Mohammed assisted Nausahd.

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