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Aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye

Posted on: May 10, 2015

This article is written by Striped Lungi (aka Ravi), a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a new contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

As a new entrant to the blog and to the field of blogging, an introduction is in order. A few mutual friends know me by reputation if not by virtue of meeting me in person . For example, Raja pai has had the misfortune of stumbling into me twice. Once in NYC and then again in Hyderabad. Atul has the dubious distinction of being a very good online friend of mine.

But for the not so (un)fortunate friends and followers of Atul’s blog, I go by the moniker “Striped Lungi” in the online world and I shall stick to it (lest some one from you thinks it is a good idea to knock me off). I am a complete misfit in the world of arts. I have no formal education (artistic or otherwise) or inborn artistic leaning. But yet I did venture out to produce a Bengali movie with the firm belief that it would bomb more spectacularly than a nuclear bomb proving that Jesus died in vain once and for all. But alas, the Indian public made it reasonably successful. Bengalis are really suckers for boring movies I think (Raincoat is a good example of that). I made a grand profit of 3 rs and 75 paise out of it before tax. Hey, that is no mean feat given that most movies actually are made to convert black money into white and are usually lingering in the red (Take movies like Anarth for example).

But that is not what we are discussing in this blog.

We are discussing music. I have had a tradition of music. In my childhood days, I was hopelessly in love with a girl in our neighborhood (Kalpu hope you are fine where ever you are).. and had no idea how to impress her. Some one suggested, I can impress her suitably with music.. I thought about it and after a weekend of thought, I saw myself in the mirror and said to myself.. “hey.. you can do it that’s got to be easy” while pointing to myself at the mirror. After all heroes did something like that all the time with on the spot rendition of whatever came to their minds then.. and it would be good too!!! songs like for example Shammi Kapoor would do in his movies by rendering the like of “Ishaaron ishaaron mein dil lene waale” or if suitably intoxicated “aaja aaja main hoon pyaar tera”, or the other hero (I forget his name.. Biswajeet?) Tauba ye matwaali chaal etc.

With that in mind, I took the 400 rupees that I had saved out of my pocket money (I am talking 1985), bought myself a harmonium, learnt to play sa…re.. till I guess dha or ni.. (don’t remember). And this wanna be RD Burman was born.. I started Hollering at all hours of day and night at the top of my lungs, with harmonium going full blast. (I thought I was singing Raag bhairav but.. hey that is me). Little did I know it was so effective (music can do magic), in a week, that family moved and moved to some other city.. (a few kilometers was too close for comfort I reckon).

Anyways, I was thus inspired.

But I am not the only one. There are a few in bollywood that have transcended even those boundaries. And I shall try to pick one at a time and try to bring their USP, Glory and Unbelievable skills as a Musician for your appreciation.

With that introduction of mine, I will proceed to jog my memory for songs that can be called Lungiesq. Stay tuned (and only if you all are interested. I don’t want you to run away from the blog like that girl did with her family in tow).

Stay tuned.

For now, here is a song from “Spy in Goa”(1966). Randhawa (brother of Dara Singh) tries to woo Malika (sister of Mumtaz) in this song and his efforts begin to bear fruit towards the end of the song. The song is sung by Rafi and Malika. Yogesh is the lyricist. Music is composed by Robin Bannerji.

Song-Aji maine kaha salaam e muhabbat to leejiye (Spy in Goa)(1966) Singers-Rafi, Malika, Lyrics-Yogesh, MD-Robin Bannerji


hmm mm
hmmm haaye
aa aa
kya baat hai
kya hai
o o o o

aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye
aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye
ho o

gusse ki ye shikan mat chehre pe laaiye
gusse ki ye shikan mat chehre pe laaiye
bikhrega husn saara
mat zid per aayiye ae ae
apne hi husn par ye kayaamat na keejiye
apne hi husn par ye kayaamat na keejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye
off o

tauba ye husn kya hai
aankhen to kholiye
haan aa
tauba ye husn kya hai
aankhen to kholiye
aayina jaake dekhiye
phir hamse boliye ae
hamse hamaare dil ki shikaayat na keejiye
hamse hamaare dil ki shikaayat na keejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
ye aur baat hai ke mohabbat na keejiye
aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye
deewaana kahin ka


14 Responses to "Aji maine kaha salaam e mohabbat to leejiye"

Welcome to the bandwagon, Ravi ji (Oh God, please don’t expect from me to say Striped Lungi. I feel more comfortable either by Ravi ji or Ravibhai)
Very interesting and enchanting introduction. Looking forward for more Lungiesq songs. 🙂
BTW it was Manoj Kumar in the Tauba ye matwali chaal… song. Waise to kuch farq nahin padta, agar Biswajeet hota to bhi “daali jhookne waali nahin thi” 😆


Khyatiben, I know him for 10 years now and have always called him SL (for Striped Lungi). If he wants to retain his anonymity on the internet, maybe you could also call him as SL or SLbhai, whatever both of you agree on. 🙂

BTW you are taking lungi a little too errr.. lightly.. there are two songs about it.. and there is not yet a song that eulogizes the pants or shirts (topi yes.. several, may be dupaata, Aanchal and saree) but never PANTS .. even suit and boot have been mentioned.. but never pants I think.

Don’t believe my claim about lungis.. here they are

There is a mithun da thingy..
I Am Krishan Iyer M. A, I Am Nariyal Pani Vala
Hum lungi uthaathi tumko disco sikhaati.. (Agnipath) and end of that one.. and of couse.. Lungi dance lungi dance.


Actually I am wrong.. pants have been mentioned in a song alright.. its a govinda song.. I would not mention it here though 🙂

Enjoyed your escapades with music. Lungiji, you could have burst one of your lungs while serenading your lover. No wonder they were trying to adjust the pitch of your voice by moving few hundred km away!!!

Robin B>>>
Sakhi Robin (1962)
Aandhi Aur Toofan (1964)
Marvel Man (1964)
Husn Ka Ghulam (1968)
Tarzan And King Kong (1965)
Masoom (1960)
Flying Circus (1965)
Wazir E Azam (1961)
Yahudi Ki Ladki (1957)
Insaaf Kahan Hai (1958)
Shobna (1954)
Hukum Ka Ikka (1964)
Rocket Tarzan (1963)
Phir Aaya Toofan (1973)
Tarzan And Delilah (1964)
Rustom Kaun (1966)

Welcome to Atuldom SLji. I really wonder how many guys managed to get the girl by singing to them. Using Axe may be a better option, really!

I love it when anyone of Dara’s family tries to woo girls. It makes for a most entertaining viewing.

Aao, thakur, aao! 🙂
I was wondering why, when I logged in today, I got a message flashing “Muppetry Alert!”. 🙂

Welcome to the blog, SL (I’ve always called you SL and I am not going to change that. 🙂 ).

Charming intro on your debut on this blog – hoping to see many more posts from you.

Waise, this blog has several million hits – and is now seen as a one-stop go-to for Hindi film music (with a lot of knowledgeable & somewhat serious music lovers), so maybe Atul might want you to just control that muppetry streak a bit – might scare people off. 🙂 (Atul and I are of course used to it. 🙂 ) Maybe he says, muppetry CF ke liye rakhna. 🙂 Anyway, Atul’s call.

But it was wonderful to read this post – I think you are being very modest about yourself. Am sure you are a good singer – I just feel you must be. 🙂

If history is any witness.. agar ithihaas gawaah hai.. to aap ke last line par log aap ke dimagi haalat par shak karenge Raja pai.. Vo aisa hai naa.. apun honeysingh jaise gaane try kar sakaa hai..par baaki upar wale ke haath mein hai.. I am not going to start extending warranties with my songs.. that would be too dangerous.

In real life also Randhawa and Mallika/Malika are husband and wife, their son Shaad Randhawa,also acts in hindi movie (I have seen him mostly in moveis from the production house of Mahesh Bhatt,like that movie “Woh Lamhe”which was based on Parveen Babi real life story, starring Kangna Ranaut,Shiney Ahuja)
link to his phtograph

Shaad Randhawa is quite a handsome fellow. Thanks for the info about him, Prakashji.

Welcome SL ji to the group.
Your style of writing is quite witty and interesting.

Thanks for the welcome friends.. and Khyati ji, (don’t mind the ji cos I always add a ji while addressing women and that included my wife). Anyways Raja pai.. I have told Atul to watch out for my words because I write whatever that comes into my head and then hit the send button and only then start to go into a introspection mode.. And so he has indeed agreed to filter out my contributions for “appropriate” words and not let it go my movie review ways in our world of Muppetery.. I am quite aware that my antics are not quite usual and people might get offended and so Atul is to blame if such a thing ever happens. 🙂

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