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Sunder Sapnon Mein Tumhaare Koi Aa Kar

Posted on: May 14, 2015

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

This song will take you on a brief three minute journey of delightful music and singing.  Unknown and obscure gems such as this one, tell me that Hindi film music is poorer than what should have been; that there are less than 20 songs in Hindi films by this voice, her mainstay being Bangla films and Bangla non-film and religious songs.

Remembering Utpala Sen on the anniversary of her passing away (13th May).

Utpala Sen was born on 12th March, 1924 at Barisal (near Dhaka, in what now is Bangladesh).  Musically inclined right from childhood, she made her debut as a singer at the age of 11 on Dhaka Radio.  The year was 1935.  She learnt music from eminent teachers like Hiranbala Devi, Ustad Gul Mohammed Khan and Pt Atul Prasad.  It was not long before records in her name were released (in 1939).  Her initial singing was mostly devotional music. Two of her recordings are timeless classics that continue to be popular with music lovers, as well as devotees – “Ek Hatey Mor Pujar Thali” and “Mahishasur Mardinir Shanti Dile Bhari”.

Her first film song was under the music direction of Sachin Dev Burman.  It was the 1943 Bangla film ‘Judge-Sahibar Natni’.  Her first song in Hindi films was “Jal Jaane Do Is Duniya Ko’ in the New Theatres film ‘My Sister’ from 1944, under the music direction of Pankaj Mullick.  From 1944 to 1952 – seven films and under twenty songs.  That is the sum total of her career in Hindi films.  She continued to sing in Bangla films for many years after ‘Zalzalaa’, the last Hindi film that she sang for in the year 1952.

The song that I present today is from the 1949 film ‘Manzoor’, which is produced by New Theatres, Calcutta and is directed by Subodh Mitra.  The star cast includes Bharti, Asit Baran, Chhabi Biswas, Chandrawati, Bhupendra Kapoor, Latika, Aditya Ghosh, Asita Bose, Tulsi Chakravarty, Jharna, Master Khurshid, Ram Pyari, RP Kapoor, Prem Kumari, Shaukat Shah, and Manorama etc.  The lyrics are by Pt Bhushan and the music is composed by Pankaj Mullick.

Both the composition and the singing are excellent. As the song progresses, and one is listening carefully, one can almost hear the voice of Pankaj Babu himself.  More than six and a half decades ago, this breathtakingly beautiful song was created.  Listen to it today, and marvel.

Song – Sunder Sapnon Mein Tumhaare, Koi Aa Kar (Manzoor) (1949) Singer – Utpala Sen, Lyrics – Pt Bhushan, MD – Pankaj Mullick


sunder sapnon mein tumhaare
koi aa kar
koi aa kar  tumhen pukaare
nit boley
meethi boli
meethi boli
kar jaaye
gupt ishaare
sunder sapnon mein tumhaare
koi aa kar

wo chhail chhabeela saajan
chhaaya hai
aisa mann mein. . .
chalta bhi nahin dam bhar ko
bandhta bhi nahin dam bhar mein
phir kaise
uski koi kaise
baanke sadqe(?) utaare
sunder sapnon mein tumhaare
koi aa kar

nainon se nain milaaye
seene mein dard uthaaye. . .
chupke chupke paas aa kar
bholey mann ko bharmaaye
kya tum bhi
us ki judaai mein
ginti ho
raat ko taare
sunder sapnon mein tumhaare
koi aa kar

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)
सुंदर सपनों में तुम्हारे
कोई आ कर
कोई आ कर तुम्हें पुकारे
नित बोले
मीठी बोली
मीठी बोली
कर जाये
गुप्त इशारे
सुंदर सपनों में तुम्हारे
कोई आ कर

वो छैल छबीला साजन
छाया है
ऐसा मन में॰ ॰ ॰
चलता भी नहीं दम भर को
बंधता भी नहीं दम भर में
फिर कैसे
उसकी कोई कैसे
बाँके सदक़े (?) उतारे
सुंदर सपनों में तुम्हारे
कोई आ कर

नैनों से नैन मिलाये
सीने में दर्द उठाए॰ ॰ ॰
चुपके चुपके पास आ कर
भोले मन को भरमाए
क्या तुम भी
उसकी जुदाई में
गिनती हो
रात को तारे
सुंदर सपनों में तुम्हारे
कोई आ कर

6 Responses to "Sunder Sapnon Mein Tumhaare Koi Aa Kar"

Sir I am thankful and grateful for this song. I haven’t heard this song. My father used to sing this one. Today you have made my life. If I am unable to download the song. I need your help. Thanks Vijayavaman



Utpala Sen>>>>
1) Aaj Sahi Inkar Magar Kal Karna Hoga
Pankaj Mullick Uddhav Kumar Zalzala (1952)
2) Hum Toh Galiyon Ke Laal
Pankaj Mullick Ali Sardar Jafri Zalzala (1952)
3) Jal Jaane Do Iss Duniya Ko
Pankaj Mullick Pandit Bhushan Meri Bahen (1944)
4) Aao Sajni Aao
with Sachin Gupt Gour Goswami, Souren Pal Mala (1951)
5) Gaye Jaa Tu Geet Suhane
R C Boral Zaakir Hussain Wasiyatnama (1945)
6) Kaun Musafir Leke Aaya
with Hemant Kumar, Gour Goswami, Souren Pal Mala (1951)
7) Man Me Kisne Bajaayi Shehnai
with Neeta Sen, Sheela Mitra, Gour Goswami, Souren Pal, Mala (1951)
8) Paar Karo Dukhiya Ka Beda Paar Karo
Pankaj Mullick Ramesh Pandey Chhota Bhai (1949)
9) Reh Reh Ke Sataati Hai
Gour Goswami, Souren Pal, Mala (1951)
10) Sundar Sapno Me Tumhare
Pankaj Mullick Pandit Bhushan Manzoor (1949)
11) Sansar Ke Aadhaar
with Pankaj M; Anjangarh-1947, RC Boral, Pt Bhushan
just could locate 10+1=11 songs

Pandit Bhushan>>
Meri Majburiyo Ne Mera Damaan Chaak Kar Daala
Kanan Devi Kamal Dasgupta Hospital (1943)
Aao Murari Shyam Bihari Baat Taakat Tori
Brijlal Varma Girdhar Gopal Ki Meera (1949)
Holi Aayi Sakhi Raas Rachaaye Hil Mil Gaye
Brijlal Varma Girdhar Gopal Ki Meera (1949)
Zara Naino Se Naina Milaaye Jaao Re
Kanan Devi Kamal Dasgupta Hospital (1943)
Hai Kis But Ki Mohabbat Me
Kundan Lal Saigal Pankaj Mullick Meri Bahen (1944)
Man Ki Maina Bol Rahi Hai
Talat Mahmood Timir Baran Sampatti (1949)
Ab Aayi Bahar Nayi
Jawahar, Kanan Devi Kamal Dasgupta Hospital (1943)
Albela Mastana Ek Hanso Ka Joda
R C Boral Wapas (1943)
Aye Dil Khushi Se Ho Jaa Bhagwan Ke Hawaale
R C Boral Wapas (1943)
Beet Rahi Pooja Ki Ghadiya
Pankaj Mullick Kashinath (1943)


As many as 26 songs of Pt Bhushan are available in this blog itself.


I was referring to Utpala Sen songs.


Sir I am unable to get this song. Please send me the link.



Vijayaman ji

I am sending it to you separately in email.



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