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Jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana

Posted on: May 18, 2015

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I have been doing some research on the works of Gopaldas Saxena ‘Neeraj’ – both as a poet and a lyricist for Hindi films. Being an admirer of this great poet and lyricist, I have been reading his poems that are available on the websites and also going through the available songs that he wrote for Hindi films. Suffice it to say here that he wrote over 100 songs for about 40 films during his stint in Hindi film industry. After 1975, The rate of his song writing for films had dwindled considerably since 1975, when he began to work from his home in Aligarh. The last time that he wrote a song for a film was for his close friend Dev Anand’s ‘Charge Sheet’ (2011).

During the course of my searches, I came across a beautifully worded song ‘jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana’ written by Neeraj for the film SHATRANJ KE MOHRE (1974). Mukesh’s equally beautiful rendition of this song has taken this inspirational song to a higher level. This song reinforces my view that a singer gives his best when he gets good lyrics to render. The song is picturised on Rakesh Pandey and Neetu Singh.

I had not heard of the film’s name until a few days back. In fact, I was well aware of a Hindi play by the same name directed by Ramesh Talwar which was staged some time in 1999. The film was produced by Ashok Chandra under the banner of Saket Films and was directed by Shibu Mitra. The star cast included Neetu Singh, Rakesh Pandey, Pradeep Kumar, Satyen Kapoo, Nitin Sethi, Dulari, Geeta Sidharth etc. The film had 4 songs written by three lyricists – Neeraj (2), Nida Fazli (1) and Ravindra Jain (1) who was the music director for the film.

Not much is known about the story of the film. I could not locate the DVD/VCD of the film on internet. But the title of the film would indicate that the film belonged to social genre involving some complex relationships between the characters. Fortunately, videos of all 4 songs of this film is available. I have also given the link of the audio clip of the song which has a better audio than in the video clip.

With this song, the film makes its debut in the Blog.



Song-Jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana (Shatranj Ke Mohre)(1974) Singer-Mukesh, Lyrics- Neeraj, MD-Ravindra Jain


jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana
jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana
phoolon ki ek zameen bana
geeton kaa aasmaan bana

pyaar ki anjuman mein aa ban jaa aaftaab
hai jo suroor ishq to paani bhi hai sharaab
paani bhi hai sharaab
kismat na jo mita sake
aisa koi nishaan bana
jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana

khushboo-e-gul to ek hai
rangat juda juda
fark-e-nazar mita de to
banda hi hai khuda
banda hi hai khuda aa aa
koi na ghair ho jahaan
aisa bhi ek jahaan bana
jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana

waqt ki sooni raah mein
hansti hai ek mukaam
aur ye mukaam kab talak
jab tak chhalke jaam
jab tak chhalke jaam
duniya kaa saath chhod de
khwaabon kaa taar yahaan bana
jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana
phoolon ki ek zameen bana
geeton kaa aasmaan bana

2 Responses to "Jannat hai dekhni to kisi dil mein aashiyaan bana"

Neeraj has been my fav . No wonder I have named my son after him


In the last stanza I think the line is “KhwaboN ka kaarvaaN bana ” instead of khwaabon ka taar yahaan banaa
Please check and edit if possible …

This is a rare extremely lesser heard song with so much depth and insight and an all time great msg for the world
Very relevant and must listen


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