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Zara mudke to dekho saajna

Posted on: June 1, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


Today’s song is from film Meenar-54. It is a duet of Lata and Talat.

BOMBAY has always been an attraction for outsiders. It is a Dream-City for most people coming from other states. Not every one’s dreams are realised,but it does provide opportunities. Then it is your luck and efforts, which will either make you or break you. This is not only about Film line but people from all walks of like look at Bombay this way.It started from the 17th Century when Bombay was just a cluster of undeveloped islands. In the 18th and 19th century Bombay developed into a Metropolitan city, having a majority of people from outside. Bombay Gazette of 1885 says that , out of a total population of 10 lakhs, almost 9 lakhs were outsiders, i.e, Non-Natives. A Minority of Britishers ruled the majority for a long time.

In the 1920s and 30s, when the Bombay film industry developed faster than the other centres like South, East and North(Lahore), all the eager aspirants had their eyes on the opportunities available in Bombay. When the Madon Theatres in Calcutta closed in the mid 30s and when the giant New Theatres collapsed in late 40s ,the trained, the skilled and the talented crowd of Calcutta made a beeline to Bombay, which had now additional vacancies to be filled up, due to migrant artistes to Pakistan.

Bombay film industry thus got the best from the East, west and the North. The South had created its own empire at Madras for all southern languages. People who came from Bengal were mainly Directors and Composers. Hardly any actors or singers came to Bombay. Reason ? Language problem! People from Bengal had a problem in speaking fluent Hindi, in general. Their diction and pronunciation of words sounded funny here. However two prominent singers came here from Calcutta. Saigal and Talat Mahmood. We could not enjoy the melody of Saigal for long due to his untimely death, but Talat Mahmood regaled us with his soft, velvet like sweet voice.

Today’s song is from film Meenar-54. Two persons who came from Calcutta to Bombay in the second half of the 40s are connected with this film. One ofcourse was Talat, who has sung in this film and the other was its Director Hemen Gupta. Hemen Gupta’s name will be remembered for a long time in Hindi film history for two films that he directed. One was the early era patriotic film “Anandmath”-52,based on the novel of Bankim babu,in which Hemen Gupta himself, Pradeep Kumar and Hemant Kumar made their dubuts in Hindi films. The second film was Kabuliwala which won acclaim and a National Award too. This was a film based on a Rabindranath Tagore novel of the same name.

I was looking for information on Hemen Gupta ,but found it very difficult. I have already said recently that getting info about southern and Bengali artistes in English, is a difficult task. When I was drawing a blank from all sources, Lady Luck smiled on me. Unexpectedly, one of friends from US, sent me a PDF of Hemen Gupta’s Biography and the Filmography, prepared by his own son Jayant Gupta. What a coincidence ! I selected a duet of Lata and Talat from film Meenar-54 and same time received most unexpectedly the authentic information on its director Hemen Gupta !!

Although the original PDF contains many pages, I have abridged and edited this Bio to suit this article. My sincere thanks to shri Jayant Gupta ji and shri Salim Shah ji for this.

Hemen Gupta was born on 21-3-1912,in a middle class family in Rajasthan. His Grandfather shri Nabakumar Gupta was a big Zamindar in Dacca. Hemen’s early school and college education was done in Dacca. He joined active political career in 1926 as a Congress worker and a freedom fighter. He was arrested in 1931 and was in jail till 1938. In the jail,he studied and completed his Master’s degree in History with Honours. He also read many books on film making and was interested in it. When he was released he joined New Theatres. He wanted to make Patriotic films but till 1946 he could not do so. He made film Bhuli Nai in Bangla-a fiercely patriotic film which was rejected by the censors. After many obstacles it got released. He also made another patriotic film in Bangle ’42’. Both films gave him name and fame.

Shashadhar Mukherjee of Filmistan in Bombay called him with an attractive offer and Hemen came to Bombay. He wrote the screen play and directed the film “Anandmath”-52. He took Pradeep Kumar as a Hero and Hemanta Kumar as MD- his old colleagues in Calcutta. For all the three it was a debut in Hindi films. In 1953 he started his own banner “Film trust of India”and made “Ferry”-54, a love story with Dev Anand and Geeta Bali. Again Hemanta kumar was the MD. Hemant kumar’s young son Ritesh played a small role in this film (Later Ritesh married the famous actress Maushami Chatterjee). Ratna Gupta,Hemen’s wife sang songs in this film. His last film under Hemen Gupta Productions was Taaksaal-56. Meanwhile he directed Meenar in 1954.

He was a staunch nationalist and idealist who wanted to make artistic films,but the producers,distributors and the financiers did not allow him that freedom. he felt suffocated. He was fed up of the commercialism in film making and he had a difficulty in coping up with the market demands. In 1961 he directed “Kabuliwala”and won accolades and a National Award too. His last film was “Netaji Subhash chandra Bose””-1966 for producer B K Adarsha.

He wanted to resume making Bangla film. His film Ánamika’was almost completed,when suddenly he died of brain Hemorrhage,on 1-7-1967.

According to IMDB,he was the father of actress Archana( Buddha mil gaya).He directed the following films in Hindi-
Raaj kamal-57
Insaaf kahan hai-59
Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose-66

Film Meenar-54 was made by Vishwaharati films ltd. owned by R. Chandra-brother of actor Bharat Bhushan. Chandra used to produce films for his brother,just like Jaimini Dewan used to make films for brother Karan Dewan and Kalidas making films for brother Pradeep kumar. All these 3 actors were handsome but poor actors. Their brothers made money but all the 3 actors spent their last days of life in penury and obscurity. Worst case was that of Pradeep kumar who was abandoned in a private nursing home I.C.U. by his relatives. A fan paid his bills and Pradeep died in the Fan’s house.

Film Meenar-54 had music by C.Ramchandra,who was in his full form those days.The film had 8 songs. 4 songs are already discussed in this Blog. This is the 5th song. Today’s song was a fairly popular song in those days. Let us now listen to it.



Song-Zara mudke to dekho saajna (Meenaar)(1954) Singer-Lata, Talat Mehmood, Lyrics-Rajinder Krishan, MD-C Ramchandra


la la la la la la la la
aa aa
aa aa aa
ha aa ha aa
zaraa mud ke to dekho saajnaa aa
hoy saajanaa
zaraa mud ke to dekho saajanaa
wo peechhe reh gayaa bachapanaa
aur aage khadi hai jawaani
aur aage khadi hai jawaani

bachapan kaa zamaanaa ho chukaa
ho chukaa
bachpan kaa zamaanaa ho chukaa
wo khel puraanaa ho chukaa
ab hogi nai kahaani
ab hogi nai kahaani

din-raat badal ke reh gaye
armaan machal ke reh gaye
din-raat badal ke reh gaye
armaan machal ke reh gaye
aakaash ke taare hain wahi
aakaash ke taare hain wahi
duniyaa ke nazaare hain wahi
hai phir bhi nai kahaani
hai phir bhi nai kahaani

zaraa mud ke to dekho saajnaa
wo peechhe reh gayaa bachpnaa
aur aage khadi hai jawaani
aur aage khadi hai jawaani

shole ko bhadaknaa aa gayaa
kyun dil ko dhadaknaa aa gayaa
shole ko bhadaknaa aa gayaa
kyun dil ko dhadaknaa aa gayaa

ye madhur milan kaa saaz hai
dhadkan me chhupaa ek raaz hai
is raaz kaa naam jawaani
is raaz kaa naam jawaani

zaraa mud ke to dekho saajnaa
hoy saajnaa
zaraa mud ke to dekho saajnaa
wo peechhe reh gayaa bachpanaa
aur aage khadi hai jawaani
aur aage khadi hai jawaani

9 Responses to "Zara mudke to dekho saajna"

Its video clip is on YouTube at


Thanks,Shekhar ji.


Welcome, Arunji; and thanks for all your fantastic and informative posts.


Although all 3 of them were not so good actors each of them had some talent.
Karan could sing.
Bharat was the greatest lip-synch master(even with sargam lip movements were perfect).
As far as Pradeep was concerned I was witness to his TV interview where he was completely at ease speaking impeccable English. Perhaps the studio cameras and the attendant crowd made him more conscious.


Of course they had Talents-other than acting. Thanks for pointing out their specialities.


Dear Arun ji,

Waiting for your response to my query in an earlier post of yours (Ye samaa phir kahan…)


Dhruv ji,

I have just now replied your query in that post. Please see.
Sorry for having missed your comment there.


Thanks a lot Arun ji.



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