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Cheen se aaya Cheeni baaba

Posted on: July 19, 2015

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Today (Sunday, 19 july 2015) is a special day for the blog. The blog turns seven year old today. 🙂

It was on this day in 2008 that this blog had made a beginning with the song Mile na phool to kaanton se dosti kar li (Anokhi Raat).

I am not one who is in the habit of writing diaries, and so I cannot tell what I did on which day in the past, but thanks to this blog, I can tell which songs I posted on which day ever since. 🙂 So I can tell you what this blog did on the subsequent years on this day. 😉

Poor kids do not get to celebrate their birthdays. This blog was like a poor kid when it turned one year old on 19 july 2009. Six songs were posted on that day but there was no mention about the blog turning one year old on that day in any of the writeups. I tend to forget important dates and it was no exception for me that day. Neither I nor the visitors (there were not too many those days) noticed it. So the first anniversary of the blog went unnoticed and uncelebrated. There were 1646 songs in the blog on that day.

I was based at Jabalpur till that time. I had moved to Nagpur by the time the blog turned two years old. This time I remembered the date. Four songs were discussed in the blog and I mentioned about the blog turning two years old in the final writeup for that day. Many regulars commented on that post and posted their congratulatory messages. The blog must have felt like a privileged kid on that day. 🙂
The blog had logged 2641 songs by the end of that day.

One of the congratulatory messages in the above mentioned post was from Raja who mentioned “…though we have not met, I find we share a lot of common ground”. When the third anniversary of the blog arrived on 19 july 2011, I was still based at Nagpur and I had met Raja in october 2010 who had arrived at Nagpur to meet me and another Nagpur based friend. Five songs were discussed on that day and blog’s third birth anniversary was mentioned in the final post of the day. The blog had 4233 songs in it by that date and the visit count had reached 1.5 million visits.

I had moved on to a third -Pur in the third state after the third anniversary of the blog. From Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh to Nagpur in Maharashtra, I found myself at Bilaspur in Chattisgarh. The nature of my job at Bilaspur was such that I would periodically visit New Delhi. I took advantage of such visits and met Sudhir ji personally in march 2012. So I had met two blog regulars by the time the blog turned four years old.

So the blog was a proud Chhatisgarhi when it celebrated its fourth birthday on 19 july 2012. 🙂 Five songs were discussed on that day. The final song of that day, a much beloved children’s song was used to celebrate the fourth birth anniversary of the blog. This was the most gala birthday celebration of the blog till date as this post recived twice the number of congratulatory messages as compared to the previous year’s birth anniversary celebration posts. The blog had 6269 songs by that date. So a whopping 2036 songs had got added in the blog in one year time.

Fifth anniversary (19 july 2013) of the blog was a grand affair. There were five posts that day, including three guest posts and all posts were about the blog birthday anniversary. So the regulars of the blog, who would earlier congratulate the blog in the comments section had started to write full fledged articles on the occasion ! The blog had 8375 songs by that time. A record breaking 2106 songs had got added in the blog in one year time.

The sixth birth anniversary celebrations beat all the previous celebrations hollow. The celebration was a massive effort that started three weeks in advance and continued for a few more days after the B’day. As part of the celebration, all the regulars were introduced either by me or by other regulars and then each of the regular presented their own writeup on the occasion. This gala celebration saw more than 50 writeups during which more than 25 regulars were introduced. It was then that we made some startling discoveries such as the fact that our youngest contributor was 14-15 years old and our seniormost contributor was 82 years old ! This grand exercise brought the regulars together as never before.

All this grand celebration culminated with the posting of the TEN THOUSANDTH song of the blog. And this song rewrote HFM history. It was believed till then that the oldest HFM song was recorded in 1932. The ten thousandth song was a recording from 1931 !

Ever since, we have seen regulars meeting each other in planned manner.A few blog regulars met in Bangalore. Then another such meet took place in Mumbai in December 2014.

The present birth anniversary, the seventh one, is relatively sedate in comparison to the celebrations of one year ago. We will discuss five songs for the day today and all these songs will celebrate the occasion. One such article has already appeared earlier in the day and this is the second one. Three more articles will appear during the day.

This blog has completed seven years and it is still going strong. In fact we are evolving with time and are adding features in the blog that we may not have imagined that we will be having in the blog some day. This blog now has songs from over 3200 movies. 625 singers, 537 lyricists and 363 music directors are represented in the blog. 668 movies have all their songs covered in the blog (amounting to 5016 songs). The blog has facebook page and group, and one regular has opened a whatsapp group of regulars as well. Meets of blog regulars are being planned in three cities in near future. Some of our regulars are now sought after by people to serve as guests/speakers etc in programmes related to HFM.

The biggest achievement of the blog to my mind is that it has enabled some likeminded people to come together and gel together into one tightly knit group. This blog has enabled me to get to interact with some amazing individuals that one cannot otherwise meet if one decides to confine oneself to one’s usual routines.

Discussing songs is a hobby for all our regulars. It is not a profession for any of us. But devoting time for this activity has some added benefits that should not be lost sight of. Music has therapeutic effect on one’s mind. It calms our minds and enhances out ability to deal with our lives in a more calm and composed manner than what is normally possible. Personally I am calm and collected and I do not get easily ruffled. And I have the qualities of determination, dedication, patience and tremendous concentration. I find that the other regulars that I have met so far are no diferent. So believe it or not, this blog has enabled us to become acquainted with and strike friendships with truly special individuals.

Here is a special song on the occasion. I had originally intended to post this song two years ago, but I kept deferring the discussion of this song. Today is as good an opportunity as any to discuss this song.

This rare and special song is a unique song indeed. This song is sung by Sundar and Laxmi Shankar. Rajinder Krishan is the lyricist. Music is composed by Madan Mohan. the movie is “Mastaana”(1954).

Only the audio of this cute song is available, From the lyrics, it appears to be a chidren’s song enacted onstage where Sundar plays a Chinese gentleman (Chini Baba) who has brought with him a princess from China, who would marry the brave kid who can defeat the “kaala bhoot”.

Here is this fun song with fun lyrics. Watching the picturisation of this song would have been fun but unfortunately the video of this song does not seem to be available. Only the audio of this song is avilable. It has become available on YT only recently. I would have discussed this song nevertheless because I had this song with me for quite some time.

I have not been able to note down the lyrics of the song especially at the places where gibberish (passing for Chinese words) are uttered. I request our readers with keener ears (and may be some understanding of Chini lanugage 🙂 ) to help decipher these words and fill in the blanks/ suggest corrections in the lyrics as applicable.

With this song, the eighth from the movie, “Mastaana”(1954) joins the list of movies that have all their songs covered in the blog.

I take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continous support , encouragement and patronage that has enabled this blog to reach its seventh anniversary. Here is hoping that we will continue to celebrate many more anniversaries of the blog and will continue to bring joy, happiness and fulfilment in the lives of the visitors of this blog.

PS – The video clip of this song is now uploaded.  This is a child’s birthday party song.  In the film, Chandrashekhar (in a wheel chair) and his wife (lady appearing in the very beginning of the clip, standing next to Yashodhara Katju) are celebrating in absentia, the seventh birthday of their son, whom they had lost many years ago.  The story begins with the lady leaving a newborn child on the steps of a temple – ‘Peepal Waala Mandir’, and goes on to commit suicide by drowning herself.  Apparent cause is a falling out between the gentleman and the lady, with the gentleman at one point in time turning the lady out of their home, along with the baby in arms, in preference for another woman.  Also, apparently this falling out is very short lived, and the gentleman is seen rushing to save his wife from the waves of the sea. By the time they reconcile and return to the temple, someone has taken away the child already. Thus starts the search of this unfortunate couple, for their child.  Every year, they celebrate the birthday, not knowing where the child is.  In this instance, shown in this clip, their actual child is also present in the gathering, however no one yet knows the identity.  We can also see Motilal present for this party.  (Request to readers and friends to identify this lady, as I am not able to find a name in the list of actors of this film, to match this face.)


Song – Cheen Se Aaya Cheeni Baaba (Mastaana )(1954)  Singers – Sunder, Laxmi Shankar, Lyrics – Rajinder Krishan, MD – Madan Mohan
Unidentified Child or Female Voice(s)


cheen se aaya cheeni baba
leke jaadoo cheen ka
dekho dekho dekho bachcho
khel tamaasha been ka

dekho mere paas hai
jaadoo ki pitaari
arre jaadoo ki pitaari mein hai
cheen ki dulaari
naam hai jiska fi-fi ma-ma
yoko hama
naam hai jiska fi-fi ma-ma
yoko hama
pariyon ki hai ye shehzaadi
bholi bhaali seedhi saadhi
paas hain iske bade khazaane
khaati hai sone ke daane

cheeni baba hamen dikhaao
hamen dikhaao
hamen dikhaao
na na na
mat haath lagaao
isi sharat pe aayi hai ye
cheen ki shehzaadi
arre isko haath lagaane waala
karega is’se shaadi
cheen se aaya cheeni baba
leke jaadoo cheen ka
dekho dekho dekho bachcho
khel tamaasha been ka

shaadi ko hoon main taiyyaar
arre na na bachcha hoshiyaar
shaadi ko hoon main taiyyaar
arre na na bachcha hoshiyaar
karega jo bhi shaadi beta
shehzaadi ke sang
pehle kaale bhoot se usko ladni hogi jung
kaala bhoot
uyi maa
kaala bhoot mummy
kaala bhool daddy

badaa bhayaanak kaala bhoot
solah haathon waala bhoot
jung karoonga uske saath
tod ke rakh doon solah haath

kaale bhoot aaja
o kaale bhoot aaja
aaja aaja aaja aaja
aaja aaja aaja

dekha baaba mera kaam
bhoot ka ho gaya bolo raam
laao ab shehzaadi ko
main taiyyar hoon shaadi ko

inio maaja yonka nung maung chaa
??. . . . . .?? taung maung chaa
yin min malya maun kao leung chaa
taun myun tau myu ??….??
maia heung taa ho taaung taaung taa

aao mere sajna
samaa hai suhaana
hil mil aise mein
gaayen cheeni gaana

ching ching ching ching
chaaon chaaon ching
ching ching ching ching chee chee

ting ting ting ting
teon teon tee
ting ting ting ting tee tee

papa papa pa pa chi
pappa pappa peen peen

babba babba ba ba chi
babba babba beon beon

lallar lallar lla lla chi
lallar lallar lee lee

daddar daadar da da da
daddar daadr deen deen

24 Responses to "Cheen se aaya Cheeni baaba"

Hearty congratulations to Atul ji and his bandwagon on the occasion of the 7th ‘birthday’ of the Blog. The hits the Blog gets in geometrical proportions in the recent years point out that it has become not only a source of entertainment but also an authenticated source of information and a reference point to all those who are interested in HFM.

I liked the idea of making this special occasion a progress report of the Blog.


Thanks for your comments. I am surprised that there is silence in the blog today for some reason till now.


I have observed this since yesterday.
Probably, the week-end syndrome in the monsoon month 🙂


@ Atul ji – Congratulations !!!
and many Congratulations to all associated with this blog !!
(for your kind information the very first msg of the day was at
03:44 am on ‘Anniversary Dates’ page 🙂
Thanks !!


Yes, I had noticed that. Comments on the articles began to get posted quite late though.


Subah se,Mera dil toh blog ke taraf hi kheench raha thaa, na jaane kyon……..
par Sunday jo tehraa, ghar ka cleaning ka kaam, aur subah se Baarish jamke ho rahaa hai idhar, …………
abhi dophar ko mera ghar ka kaam poora nahin huaa thaa, khaanaa nahin khaaya, par, blog ko visit kiya……..maine……baad mein khaana khaayaa 4:30 PM ko….


Arre, I too have eaten only at 4 PM, but then this happens to me on most holidays. 🙂



Atul ji
I want to confess one thing here, that Aajkal main blog contribution ke kaam mein pehle ki tarhaa participate nahin kar paa rahaa hoon, hameshaa yehi guilt feeling mujhe khaaye jaa rahaa hai, …………..


Atul ji and all my friends of blog
Congratulations to ALL, on this special occasion ………



@ Atul Ji – Congratulations on covering of all songs of ‘Mastaana- 1954’ …!!!


A very happy birthday to our blog on turning 7.
Actually I had wished in the morning on our watsapp grp. I didn’t ve enough data connection at that tym as I was in train and I was getting ready to alight
Now here is my formal wishes


Atul ji,

Heartiest Congratulations to you for effectively leading a dedicated Team of contributors of articles,songs,Lyrics and Comments. This has made the Blog reach its 7th ‘Happy Birthday’ proudly.


I have just returned to Mumbai.I had been out of station since yesterday,therefore I could not post my ‘mun ki baat’ earlier.

Atul ji,you have mentioned that some regulars are invited as guest speakers etc by organisations elsewhere. I am convinved that their name became famous because they write on this Blog. This has helped them to spread their wings and try flying higher,thus coming into view of music lovers all over the world. I know they must be Grateful to you.

Running a Blog,uninterrupted for 7 years and going stronger by the day,is not only creditable but also a wonder. Not many single handed Blogs qualify for this,I am sure.

You got us together,we will support you and be with you always,in everything that is needed.

Aagey badho…..Hum tumhare saath hain !


I hope that what we and our regulars have achieved is only the trailer and we will go on to much bigger heights in future.




Atul ji,
Many Thanks and Hearty CONGRATULATIONS.
The party for the seventh birthday started a few days back with the blog scoring a mind blowing 7 million visitor hits.
Abhi tho Sudhirji ka grand entry baaki hai…..


Atul ji, a very happy birthday to your blog baby 👶 I am sure that it will grow sturdier as days go by. How else can it be when it has you for its father 👍


Congratulations to the entire team on the 7th anniversary of this amazing blog!
“Happy Birthday And Many Many Returns of the Day” 🙂


Many Many HAPPY Returns of the Day !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


What a lovely post, Atul!

Reminiscing each birthday of the blog is so nostalgic! It is so wonderful that a blog that started as just an idea to share your favourite songs with “a few” people has now completed 7 years and is into its 8th. And, has got over 7 million hits till now! That’s an average of a million hits a year!!!

May this blog go from strength to strength. Thanks to this blog and you, so many music lovers have been able to come together – this is one of the most wonderful things to have happened in the last 7 years.


I was missing your comments on that day. Der aaye, durust aaye. 😉


Atul ji,

The video clip of this song is now uploaded, and added to the post.

This song is child’s birthday party song. I have added a ‘PS’ note to the post above, giving some story line details to provide the context for this song.

Please see.



Thanks for the video and the accompanying information on the video.


The actress with Yashodhara Khatju-> Is she NIGAR SULTANA ???
(with a different hair style)


The main child artiste may be Master Romi (that`s a pure guess-the child wearing t.shirt with lines)


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