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Sainyya ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi

Posted on: July 19, 2011

It is on 19th july 2008 that this blog was born. Today this blog has completed three years. This gives me an opportunity to look back and reminisce on the musical journey that this blog has undergone in these three eventful years.

Though I have been a regular user of internet ever since internet came into existence, I became aware of internet forums in 2004. I was interested in cricket related forums and I joined a couple of such cricket forums, before I managed to find just the kind of cricket forum that I was looking for, and I joined that forum called

This forum had some likeminded cricket lovers, who were also into fun discussions on other topics. One such topic of discussion was Hindi movie songs. In that forum, we discussed Hindi movie songs on some chosen topics and we called them “Geetmala”. This term was obviously inspired from Binaca geetmala. We had some awesome geetmalas presented in that forum. I and Raja were the members of that site who actively participated in these geetmalas.

It was during those days (in mid 2007) that I read an article about blogging in a magazine and that is how I learnt the term and knew about blogs. After lots of dilly dallying and procrastination, I finally took the plunge into blogging by creating a blogspot blog called squarecutsblog, In this blog, I wrote articles on topics like binaca geetmala, Radio Ceylon, Vividh Bharati, life in India in 1970s etc.

Then I discovered another blogging platform called wordpress and found it to be quite user friendly. It was then that the idea of song a day blog occured to me and then this blog came into being on 19 july 2008.

I have mentioned the fact in the past that the blog was initially actually one song a day blog. Since only one song was discussed in one day initially, I had all the time in the world to do things like translate the lyrics, offer comments on the song etc. But after one month I realised that one song a day was too low a rate of discussing songs, considering the sheer volume of great songs lying out there. If I had decided to continue at the original rate of one song a day, I would have barely reached 1000 songs by now. Fortunately, I decided that I needed to discuss more songs a day, and that ensured that I began to discuss over 100 songs a month.

When the first year of the blog came up on 19 july 2009, I was not even aware of it, so there was no celebration on that day. During the second anniversary of the blog on 19 july 2010, I was aware of it and I posted a song where I mentioned this fact.

Now, it is the third anniversary of the blog today. It goes without saying that the blog has come a long way from its first tentative steps in 2008. Those days, I used to be happy if I got visits in three digits in a day. For the first one month, I had only one person commenting on the blog, and that was none other than Raja. After one month, another cricforum regular Shalini joined in commentating. To her goes the credit of giving me the first farmaish in this blog.

It was towards the end of 2008 that Greta (Memsaab) discovered the blog and spread words about this blog. This gave me some much needed shot in the arm as many visitors began to come to the blog through Memsaab’s blog. It is not that it was purely a one way traffic. Raja discovered Memsaab’s blog through this blog.

It was towards the end of 2008 that Lalitha made her first comment in this blog. Then slowly and steadily things began to look up.

In this blog,many changes have been made based on the suggestions of visitors. One was the farmaish page, then I thought of the list of songs, which helps visitors locate songs in the blog. Statistics page, which was a suggestion of Raja, has been a great idea as it has enabled me to keep track of the number of songs of various artists.

Earlier, the blog would celebrate every century of songs, now we also know when individual artists complete their centuries, and we celebrate those occasions too.

Guest posts have been a great idea as they have added a new dimension to the posts of this blog. And I cannot thank my guest posters enough. I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of them, viz. Raja, Memsaab, Santosh Ojha,Lalitha and Sudhir Kapur.

Likewise we have had a few regulars who have been sending lyrics. I am very thankful to such members viz. Atif M,nahm, Prakashchandra etc. In fact, several guest posters are also defacto lyrics senders.

And what about the knowledgeable readers of the blog ! Whenever I get stuck for some information, be it identifying some old time actor, or finding out details of songs, movie etc, I have rarely had to wait long. We have some amazingly knowledgeable readers in this blog who have added immensely to the cause of old Hindi movie songs by sharing hitherto unknown nuggets of information. My special thanks goes to Mr Arunkumar Deshmukh, who is an amazing walking encyclopaedia on Hindi movies and its songs. We have been privileged to have him among us.

In fact, all regulars of this blog are amazing treasures of information, and their collective contributions in the form of comments, suggestions, infomations etc had made this blog what it is today.

I am pleased to inform that this blog reached 1.5 million visits yesterday. So many visits for a hobby blog on a non populist topic like old Hindi movie songs is just unbelivable. Getting nearly three thousand visits every day is something I could not have imagined three years ago when this blog was started.

This blog has survived through thick and thin and has continued almost seamlessly despite there being disturbances, viz relocating, ending up with poor internet connectivity etc.

At present I find myself travelling in a train and that is how it will be for me for much of the week. Yes, it is the celebratiion of three years for this blog, but I am hampered by the fact that I am at present travelling on a train and my wireless internet has to wait for the train to reach some important enough place so that I may be able to get internet connectivity.

I will be able to post far less number of songs this week than what I would have liked, but then so is life. Hopefully normal service will resume soon.

In all this lengthy discussion, I absolutely forgot to mention the song. Here is a song from 1976 that was quite popular those days but then it got forgotten because this song belonged to a B grade movie called “Sajjo Rani” (1976).

This superb song is sung by Asha Bhonsle, Jaan Nisaar Akhtar is the lyricist. Music is composed by Sapan Jagmohan.

Prakashchandra mentioned a few days back that this song no longer gets played on radio and will I be able to locate this song and discuss it here. I had forgotten all about this song after 1970s. Fortunately I was able to locate this song.

Here is this fantastic forgotten gem from “Sajjo Rani” (1976). On the occasion of the third anniversary of this blog, enjoy this awesome song.
PS-The video of this song has also become available now. As one can see, this song is picturised on Rahana Sultan.



Song-Sainyya ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein (Sajjo Rani) (1976) Singer-Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Jaan Nisaar Akhtar,MD-Sapan Jagmohan


Sainyya ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
sainyya ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi
pehne paayaliya
gotey ki angiyaa
khud se bhi sharmaaungi
sainyya ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi

saasu khadi ghadi ghadi mora
ghunghtaa uthaaye
dekhen mohe jiya bhare kahaa
balihaari jaaye
boley sasur bade pari bahu
chunke laaye
hoke magan naji khushi khushi
moti lutaawe
kahwe nanadiya
bhaabhi ko bhaiyya
main to churaa le jaaungi
sainyya ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi

morey bhaari resham ke jode
pal pal khanke chaandi ke tode
baala jewra peechha na chhodey
anchra khenche bainyyaa marode
kehwe jethaani
main tohe rani
sone ke jhumke laaungi
sainyya ke gaaon mein
taaron ki chhaaon mein
banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi

17 Responses to "Sainyya ke gaaon mein taaron ki chhaaon mein banke dulhaniyaa jaaungi"

My heartiest congratulations on your anniversary, and for having achieved so much in a short while. One small suggestion. The three ways of indexing the songs, movie-wise, year-wise, music director-wise are all very useful. Very often the song is on our tips, but we have no knowledge or recollection of its movie or the music director. In this situation one wishes for an alphabetical index or the singer-wise index. I do not know how feasible it is. But if you could do that it would be immensely helpful.


Atul ji,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this wonderful occasion.The heights you have scaled are simply amazing.That too in a short span of just 3 years.I know many blogs………… anyway,why talk of others ?
You have been able to gather so many enthusiasts and specialists around you,because you have made them comfortable on this platform and given them the due credit every time-without competing with them.
To ackowledge and say good about others is a quality rarely found these days.
I thank you for providing us a congenial platform to share knowledge,information and enjoy the bliss of melodious music from the past !


Atul ji,
SAJJO RANI(1976),was produced and directed by Govind Saraiya(Saraswatichandra fame) who also shared the screenplay credits.Story and Dialogues were of Jainendra Jain and the cast was:
Ramesh Deo,Rehana Sultan,Urmila bhat,Krisnakant,Romesh Sharma,Satyen Kappu,Seema,Sumati Gupte etc.
The story was of a courtesan’s daughter who leaves her profession and marries a boy from decent family.
How her past haunts her and meddles in her life making it miserable and how the brave couple win over all obstacles,by the end of the movie is the entire routine story.
It was a total flop.



sorry sorry, I am late, Please accept my congratulation on the anniversary of our favourite blog, aur kya kahoon????!!!, SILENCE will speak many a words Am I right ?

Thanks again for this song,it is one of my favourite song.I will alawys remember your this gesture, as you have posted this song on the anniversary day.

lots of love and regards


Wow! What a wonderful trip down memory lane, Atul! I am straightaway transported to the day when you started the blog and you had just one song a day. I remember that time as if it was yesterday. I must admit I used to be very impatient at that time to get more songs on the blog. 🙂
Was it all just 3 years ago? It seems like much longer ago. Just goes to show how much has happened, how much the blog has progressed in just 3 years’ time.

I remember Shalini putting in the first farmaish. But then I took over. 😉 It is like Gambhir getting the opening run and handing over strike to Sehwag. 😉 I remember torturing you with lists of farmaishes (about 10 songs at a time) – and you patiently used to post the songs within a few weeks, or at the most, a few months.

Then Lalitha, Peevisie’s mom and others joined with their farmaishes. Then we had Prakashchandra ji coming up with HIS lists. That was like Sachin Tendulkar. 😉

More fans joined – and the blog became more and more busy and active. Soon it became the first link to be shown when people searched for a song. When we got people like Sudhir ji and Arunkumar Deshmukhji actively participating and contributing, this blog, to me, became a national treasure. 🙂 I am amazed at their knowledge, esp Deshmukhji’s.

You can safely say “Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil, magar log saath aate gaye aur caravan banta gaya”.

You can be justly very proud of the blog as it turns 3 today – many congratulations. And congrats on hitting 1.5 million visits too. Awesome!

And yes, I got to know about memsaab’s blog only through this blog. She had left an interesting comment here and I ended up spending hours on her blog that day. 🙂


Happy Birthday Atul,

We will hear some nice and rare songs in coming year so I can expand my collection of rare songs.

Happy Birthday



Happy birthday and many more happy returns to my favorite blog! Congratulations, Atul, on this important milestone! In honor of this day, I am thinking of making some mithai now, and since I cannot distribute it to all my fellow dedicated followers (most of whom are a whole lot more dedicated than I am, bringing with them valuable input and information), I will gladly make the sacrifice and eat it all, thinking of all of you as I do so!

Jokes aside, it is indeed a tribute to your monumental patience and devotion to old Hindi songs that has brought this blog to this stage, and I admire your dedication through all the changes and twists and turns in your daily life. You have given so many of us so much pleasure as we went down memory lane and revisited these melodies which gave us so much pleasure in the past and continue to do even now. Thanks, thanks and thanks again! Through this blog, I have had the fortune to meet so many enthusiasts like Raja, Sudhir, peeveesie’s mom, memsaab and so many others, and marveled at the knowledge that they possess and so willingly share with all of us. Thanks to all of you!


Congratulation on third birthday. I am very much honoured to be small part of this blog. Since this is about Hindi Film Songs of the Golden Era, here is wishing some futuristic goals.

The belief that these songs (known/famous/unknown/forgotten) are the true national wealth, which belongs to all, is strengthening day by day.

And the shair:
Main akela hi chala tha…….
is visually somewhat like this :



hi atul
First of all A very Happy Birthday To all of us Atulites on completing 3years.
Second i should thank my Peevesie for introducing me to this blog in the spring of 2009 (i think) when she asked me for the lyrics of the Dev Anand Waheeda Rehman song “chupke se mile pyaase pyaase” and for once i was “stumped”. she put a farmaish to you and had me hooked on to this place in cyber sphere forever. and the situation is such that she is so caught up with her studies that she looks up the site through me.
third, even though i saw this post as soon as you posted it i am the last in wishing as i am always the to wish my friends their birthdays


Since internet connectivity is an issue, so I made use of the available opportunity to discuss songs quickly. Instead of thanking each of you valuable readers individually, I thank you all for your encouragement wihout which we would not be here at this stage, May this association contibue for long, and may we contnue to savour thousands more of wonderful musical gems together


Atul sir,
Heartiest congratulations on this happy occasion.
When the task is monumental,one does need help from others.None of the museums,libraries or monuments in the world were done by any ONE man.
You not only deserve a great thanks for doing a historical work,but also for attracting talented contributors,like Nahm,Prakashchandra,Sudhir Kapoor and above all, the “walking encyclopaedia of Hindi old films and music”,Arunkumar Deshmukh ji.
I wish you and your team(including Rajaji,Lalitha ji,Peevesie’s mom ji,memsaab ji,and others) a fruitful year ahead and May God help you in your endeavour !


Atul Bhai,
Mubarak Ho !
Let the Almighty give you and your team strength,perseverance and ability to build an UNIQUE old hindi film music collection which will become a reference point for future.
Your contributors like Sudhir bhai and Arunkumar Deshmukh provide so much information that ‘ Yeh aapke gaanonko char chand lagaa detaa hai ‘.


Love this song . It is very nice to have lyrics on your blog. Thanks.



at Youtube the video of this song has been uploaded by MRSAPANJAGMOHAN(MRSAPANJGMOHAN`S CHANNEL).
This song has been picturised on Rehana sultana.You can add the video of this song to the blog.


Video link:




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