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Tu hi wo haseen hai

Posted on: July 31, 2015

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

“Mujhko mere baad zamaana dhoondhegaa”.
“Caravaan guzar gaya gubaar dekhte rahe”.
These were words that proved to be prophetic. In the monsoon of 1980 we had to bid good bye to The Mohd. Rafi.

It has been 35 years since Mohammad Rafi left this world. Unbelievable. Our statistics page says that there are around 4845 songs sung by him in Hindi films. (Wikipedia puts a figure of around 5000). And we are past 2400 (as per the latest updation). So we still have around 2400 songs to go. That means fodder for our blog for another few years I suppose. And all the fans of Rafisaab in our Atuldom can get to work to reach out to all his songs. It is actually not that difficult a job.

I do not know what to write about this maestro. This gem of the Indian music scene. I have nothing more to add to what has been already said in his praise. So I thought that the best tribute to this wonderful singer is to look for a hither to unposted song. I only knew that I was looking for a romantic song sung by Mohd. Rafi. I am sucker for romantic songs.

I landed on the song which I want to present today purely by accident. I was seeing Rangoli on Doordarshan (a good source I must say) last weekend; when this song made me sit up.

First thing that struck me was that this was a recent song (by the unwritten standards of time frame set in our blog). It was from a 1980 movie. It felt that I had been hearing it for my lifetime. Second thing that dawned on me was “this is a Mithun Chakravarty song; amazing!” Well I was amazed by the fact that it was a Mithun song as at that period of time he was more into the spy Gunmaster G9 roles and this was from a family drama movie which turns into a courtroom drama in the end.

Also it was a revelation that Mohd. Rafi had sung for him because that was the time when Bappi Lahiri was his voice.

Khwaab was directed by Shakti Samanta. It had Naseeruddin Shah, Yogita Bali, Mithun Chakravarty and Ranjeeta Kaur in the lead. It had songs written by Ravinder Jain. He was also the music director. The movie was the story of Pratap Kumar Shrivastav (Mithun) who comes to Mumbai with dreams of succeeding in life and making a lot of money. He gets hired by his father’s friend. He rents a room in a chawl where his friend Gopal (Naseeruddin Shah) lives with his sister Maya (Yogita Bali). He succeeds considerably; falls in love with his boss’s daughter Indrani (Ranjeeta) and also gets promoted. On the day of his engagement to Indrani he gets arrested for the murder of Maya. That is where the courtroom and suspense in the movie takes over.

So here is a soothing song from the velvet voice of Mohammad Rafi.



Song-Tu hi wo haseen hai (Khwaab)(1980) Singer-Rafi, Lyrics-Ravindra Jain, MD-Ravindra Jain


tu hi woh haseen hai
tu hi woh haseen hai
jiski tasveer khayaalon mein
muddat se bani hai
tu hi wo haseen hai
ho o tu hi wo haseen hai
jiski tasveer khayaalon mein
muddat se bani hai
tu hi wo haseen hai
haay tu hi wo haseen hai

rukhe roshan pe zulfein bikhraaye huye
jaise chanda pe
baadal ho chhaaye huye
maine dekha tujhe
toh mera dil mujhe
yahi kehne laga aa
ho maine dekha tujhe
toh mera dil mujhe
yahi kehne laga aa
dhoondhe nazare jise din raat
koi aur nahin hai
tu hi woh haseen hai
haay tu hi wo haseen hai

meri aawara tabeeyat ko
ik raahe mustaqil mil gayi
ab na tarsoonga main rahaat ko
mujhe khwaabon ki manzil mil gayi
sange marmar ki moorat hai taraashi huyi
meri aankhon ko barson mein tasalli huyi
maine dekha tujhe
toh mera dil mujhe
yahi kehne laga aa
haaye maine dekha tujhe
toh mera dil mujhe
yahi kehne laga
aisi hi kisi moorat ki
mere mandir mein kami hai
tu hi woh haseen hai
ho o tu hi wo haseen hai
jiski tasveer khayalon mein
muddat se bani hai
tu hi woh haseen hai
haaye tu hi woh haseen hai

7 Responses to "Tu hi wo haseen hai"

Main race mein fail ho gayaa………


The above provided audio link is longer than the video link regarding ->starting alaapan ……..

Other information about the movie:
Production house:Shakti Films
Producer & Director:Shakti Samanta

Starcast:Yogita Bali,Mithun Chakraborthy, Naseeruddin Shah,
Ashok Kumar(in Special appearance),Ranjeeta Kaur,
Dinesh Thakur,Birbal,Utpal Dutt, Tarun Ghosh,
Sujit Kumar(Guest Appearance),
Subrato Mahapatra,Chaman Puri,Madan Puri,
Yunus Parvez,Jagdish Raj,Hari Shivdasani,
Kishore,Kabir,Robin Kar,


Longer video link which contains alaapan at the starting:


Mithun and Ranjeeta were a hot couple then.

That was a lovely write-up, PVC’s Mom.

Such a lovely song, I am going to be humming this all day long.


Even in 1980(last year of his life) he sounds fresh and lively.


Thanks, Peevisie’s Mom. Indeed like Nitinji says, even in 1980 (last year of his life), his voice had something special about it.

I have seen this video only on youtube – had never heard of the film before that. Though logically I should have, because 1980 falls right in my “active film following” era. 🙂 I seem to have missed this one. I used to like Ranjeeta. 🙂


it was last year of his life not bcoz he was a “buddhha” but bcoz he died. as rajesh khanna said in “Anand” his was a ‘badi zindagi’ even if “not lambi”. who knows what all gems we would have got if had been there for some more time.


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