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Naina bhar aaye neer

Posted on: August 30, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Our film industry is is not a level playing field for artists, that is for sure ! There were actors, directors, composers and singers who became famous. At the same time there were many ‘not so famous’ artists in all categories. But the largest group of artists are those who can be clubbed together as ‘unknown or less known’ artistes. The industry got enriched with the contributions of all these categories of artists. The ‘Famous’ artists may be 20%, the ‘Not so famous’ may be 30%, but the ‘Unknown or less known’ artistes must be 50% of all the artists in the industry.

To make this point clear,I shall give some examples.

Raj Kapoor was ‘Famous’, Shakti kapoor was ‘not so famous’ but S.Kapoor (Ek do teen-53) was ‘Unknown or less known actor’.

S D Burman was ‘Famous ‘, Snehal Bhatkar was ‘Not so famous ‘, but Shankar lal (Khushboo-54) was ‘Unknown or less known’ composer.

B R Chopra was a ‘famous’ director, P N Arora was “Not so famous”, but Bal Chhabda (Doraha-52) was an ‘Unknown or less known’ director.

Mohd. Rafi was a ‘famous’ singer, Balbir was “not so famous”, but Jawer Hussain (Chaar chaand-53) was an ‘Unknown or less known’ singer.

To complicate matters further, there were several ‘same name artistes’, operating in the same period. This not only created confusion, but also lot of injustice to the lesser known artistes when their works were credited to their famous ‘Name Alike’s ‘. Thus films of Narayan Dutt, a lesser known composer were credited to the famous composer N.Dutta or the films directed by the comedian/actor Asit Sen were credited to Director Asit Sen. Even the songs of Noorjehan Senior ( Ummeed-41 and Sasural-41) were coolly added to the list of songs of the famous Noorjehan. Child roles done by Shashi Kapoor Sr. were credited to the famous actor Shashi Kapoor ( brother of Raj Kapoor).

Likewise hundreds of controversies remained unsolved. Many of these were solved as a result of hard work of selfless workers in this field of old films and music.

Why I remembered all this was because the composer pair, who gave music to the film, ‘Mahatma”-53 was also one such victim. Today’s song is from this film, sung by Manna Dey. The composer pair of this movie is VASANT- RAMCHANDRA. It was very conveniently assumed that they were the pair of famous Vasant Desai and C.Ramchandra. Till 2013, even I was under this impression and in a comment on this Blog in 2012, I had even stated so- wrongly !

However, later in 2013, the fact came to light that this pair consisted of VASANT PAWAR AND RAMCHANDRA WADHAVKAR, both composers from the Marathi film world. Together they gave music in five Hindi films. Vasant Pawar individually gave music in 50 Marathi films and 8 Hindi films. Ramchandra Wadhavkar gave music in 5 Marathi and 5 Hindi films.

Vasant Pawar ( 1927 to 6-8-1965) was from Kolhapur. He was professionally trained in Sitar. He was also proficient in playing Flute, Sarangi, harmonium etc. He was assistant to Khemchand Prakash in Ranjit. From 1946, he worked for Sudhir Phadke. He gave music ( under guidance of Sudhir Phadke) in the film Jai Bhim-52, Earlier he had composed one song in the film Do Kaliyaan-49, where his co-composer was P.Shankar. Finally, he composed music for Shivleela-52 (Bilingual in Hindi/Marathi). His music was extremely popular in Marathi films. He also composed NFS sung by Lata, Asha and many others. He died in 1965 at a young age of just 38 years due to alcoholism.

Ramchandra Wadhavkar ( 1919 to 2-12-1972) started with Prabhat films in 1935 as a Harmonium player. He also played Organ and Sitar. Along with V Shantaram, he too left Prabhat and joined Rajkamal. For a few years he worked in a private company too and hence he was unable to accept Shantaram’s offer for films on two occasions. He joined Vasant Pawar in 1952 as a composer. He died in 1972.

Vasant Ramchandra gave music in 5 films.

1. Nanhe munne-52 ( Remake of Marathi film-Chimni Pakharen)

2.Mahatma-53 (Bilingual in Hindi and Marathi)

3.Suhagan-54 ( Remake of Marathi film Suwasini)

4. Kalakaar-54


All the above films were produced by Datta (Dada) Dharmadhikari, under the banner of his “Aalhad Chitra-Poona”. He also directed three films. Only Kalakaar and Suhagan were directed by his protege Anant Maane. (Information compiled from ‘Marathi Sangeetkar Kosh’ and other sources).

Today’s song is an excellent one, soulfully sung by Manna Dey, doing full justice to the song. The film Mahatma-53 is making a Debut here, with this song.

Song-Naina bhar aaye neer (Mahatma)(1953) Singer-Manna Dey, Lyrics-Ehsan Rizvi, MD-Vasant Ramchandra


Naina aa aa
bhar aaye neer daata
naina bhar aaye neer
naina bhar aaye neer daata
naina bhar aaye neer

chanchal man kee bhool se jeewan
jaise kaali raa aa aa aat
jaise kaali raaat
darshan kab dikhlaaoge
kab hogi parbhaat
mitegi kab ye peer daata
naina bhar aaye neer
naina bhar aaye neer daata
naina bhar aaye neer

kab honge gun gaate gaate
sufal mere sangeet daata
sufal mere sangeeeet
meethha hai jab naam tumhaara
madhur bana do geet
hirday kar do thheer daata
Naina bhar aaye neer
naina bhar aaye neer daata
naina bhar aaye neer

paap aur punn donon se chhudaa do
de kar naya sahaara aa aa
de kar naya sahaara
paap aur punn donon se chhudaa do
dekar naya sahaara aa aa
de kar naya sahaara
tum bin sab aasha jhoothhee
bin diya kahaan ujiyaara
chaahe jale shareer daata
naina bhar aaye neer
naina bhar aaye neer daata
naina bhar aaye neer

2 Responses to "Naina bhar aaye neer"

sunke neer bhar aaye>>soulfully and profoundly emotionally sung by Mannada. Only he could have sung the song; doing full justice.

One site gives credit to both VR and Ram Wadhavkar for all its songs

Ehsan Rizvi
Meri Duniya (1942)
Shama (1946)
Jigar (1949)
Bachke Rehna (1949)
Bhedi Bangla (1949)
Daman (1951)
Bada Bhai (1957)
Beqasoor (1950)
Suhagan (1954)
Suhaag (1958)
Rangeela (1953)
Babooji (1950)
Arab Ka Sitara (1961)


I ditto Shah Sir.
Excellently rendered by Manna Da, as he always does.
Avadh Lal


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