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Bah dheere dheere naiyya

Posted on: December 2, 2015

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Forgotten Melodies of the 1940s – 5

Continuing my search for some rare songs which are not available on YT, I came across mp3 clip of a song ‘bah dheere dheere naiyya’ from the film ‘Paraaye Bas Mein’ (1946) on Dr Surjit Singh’s Website. Pran and Asha Posley were in the lead roles in the film. The film had 7 songs written by two lyricists – Tufail Hoshiyarpuri and Aziz Kashmiri and were composed by two music directors – Niaz Hussain Shami and Vinod. It is said that originally, Pandit Amarnath was to compose the songs for the film. Due to deterioration of his health, Vinod and Niaz Hussain were entrusted with music direction.

What attracted me to this mp3 clip of the song was that Pran along with Zeenat Begum have been accredited as singers. The only song I am aware of where Pran had lent his voice for himself was a song ‘dil ki umange hain jawaan’ from ‘Munimji’ (1955).

I thought that this could be either a mistake or in keeping with the practice in those days, the record discs would have carried the name of the actor/character played in the film as singers instead of the name of the playback singer. The search on showed that the song was listed without attributing to any singer.

I heard mp3 clip of the song a number of times. The male voice almost resembles that of Pran saab. In fact, when I was listening to the song, the voice vibrated in my mind as if Pran saab was delivering in the similar voice some of his famous dialogues such as ‘raashan par bhaasan bahut hai, bhaashan par raashan nahin’ ‘Tokyo mein rahte ho par tokne ki aadat nahin gayi’ etc and his takiyakalaam ‘barkhurdar’. With this kind of a feeling, I felt that the male voice in the song could be of Pran.

But how can that be? I have not found any mention of Pran’s singing of this song in the website including (Pran’s own website). Also I did not find any mention of Pran having sung this song in some of the prominent websites on HFM. I have gone through Pran’s biography ‘And Pran’ (2011) which is silent on his singing the song under discussion.

The point to ponder is if the male voice is not of Pran then whose voice is?

Sudhir ji has solved the mystery of the male singer who has been identified as Imdaad Hussain as per the gramophone record. He has further indicated that as per HFGK, 5 songs have been composed by Niaz Hussain Shami and the remaining two by Vinod. However, I note that on YT, 4 songs of the film (including two already covered in the Blog) were uploaded by Kelly Mistry, son-in-law of Vinod (Veera Robert’’s husband) who has accredited all 4 songs to Vinod.

The music of the song under discussion is composed by Niaz Hussain Shami. Since Aziz Kashmiri mostly worked with Vinod, I guess, this song may have been written by Tufail Hoshiyarpuri. Incidentally, both Niaz Hussain Shami and Tufail Hoshiyarpuri belonged to Hoshiyarpur district of Punajb.

Here is some information about music director Niaz Hussain Shami as gathered from an article appeared in June 3-9, 2011 issue of ‘The Friday Times’, Lahore, written by Ustad Ghulam Haidar Khan.

Niaz Hussain Shami was born in 1921 in Sham Chaurasi, district Hoshiyarpur to a family of dhrupad singers. Initially he studied music with his father Ustad Kharait Ali. Initially, he started his carrier as dhrupad singer but could not make much headway. So he channelled his knowledge of music into the art of music composition. In 1940, he joined All India Radio’s Lahore station as a staff artiste and there began to compose a series of memorable tunes.

After Partition, he became the main promoter in Pakistan of the Sham Chaurasi Gharana, of which the emerging stars were his nephews, Salamat Ali and Nazakat Ali. It was Niaz Hussain Shami who persuaded his nephews to ditch their teacher Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan and instead promote the teachings of their own gharana.

Shami was always looking for pupils who would cite him as their mentor. And he found his ideal pupil in the young Farida Khanum, who in those days was carrying out her own struggle in the world of music. Shami identified in Farida’s voice a great ability to render a raag in the unconstricted and full-throated voice. The songs that emerged out of their collaborations are considered the best of Farida’s career. They include a composition in Raga Anandi Kalyan of Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal ‘Muddat huyi hai yaar ko mehmaan kiye huye.’

Niaz Hussein Shami died on 2nd November 1972 in Lahore after a short illness.

Since I could not find the audio/video clip of the song on YT, I have created the video from the mp3 clip of the song downloaded from Dr Surjit Singh’s website.

Song-Bah dheere dheere naiyya (Paraaye Bas Mein)(1946) Singers-Zeenat Begam, Imdaad Hussain, Lyrics-Tufail Hoshiarpuri, MD-Niaz Hussain Shami


bah dheere dheere naiyya
bah dheere dheere naiyya
daroon kyun main bhanwar se ae
mere paas hai khewaiyya
mere pass hai khewaiyya

sajni kaahe ghabraaye hai
naiyya kabhi naahin doley
laakh toofaan aaye ae
laakh toofaan aaye ae
hamen bhool naahin jaana
ab bane ho jo saathi
ab bane ho jo saathi
sainyyaan saath nibhaana
sainyyaan saath nibhaana
tumhen kaise bataayen
jo dil mein basa ho o
tujhe kaise bhulaayen…aen aen
naiyya behti chali jaaye
naiyya bahati chali jaaye
do o o dilon ki kahaani
do o o dilon ki kahaani
naiyya kehti chali jaaye
naiyyaa kehti chali jaaye

do dilon ki kahaani ee
chaar aankhon ne samjhi ee ee
chaar aankhon ne jaani
chaar aankhon ne jaani
chaar aankhen na keeje ae
ye moti hain jhoothhe ae
inhen mol na leeje
inhen mol na leeje
hum pyaar ke vyaapaari
karen ankhiyon ka sauda
yahi reet hai hamaari
yahi reet hai hamaari
badnaami ka dar hai
badnaami ka dar hai
iss pyaar mein sanwariya
iss pyaar mein sanwariya
naakaami ka dar hai
naakaami ka dar hai ae ae ae
naiyya behti chali jaaye
naiyya behti chali jaaye
do o o dilon ki kahaani
do o o dilon ki kahaani
naiyya kehti chali jaaye
naiyya kehti chali jaay…..e

3 Responses to "Bah dheere dheere naiyya"

Wah Sadanandbhai, Majha aa gaya. aise puraane gaane ki tune mujhe khub aanand deti hai. Aapse binati hai ke SADA aisa AANAND dete raho !!


Good job done. Thanks


Nice oldie. Great effort in locating, decoding & presenting. Thanks.


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