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Tu mera copyright main teri copyright

Posted on: December 2, 2015

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.


After having lost the melody and sweetness in their music post Junglee and after an attempt to redeem their prestige with a few sporadic melodies, Shankar Jaikishan came closest to their earlier magic with Teesri Kasam-66. Mukesh was just superb. Except for their songs made for Shammi Kapoor films, rest of their songs failed miserably. There was a talk in the industry about their differences and decline. This of course did not bother them much.

Between the two of them Jaikishen was luckier. He died first while Andaaz-71 was a hit with Kishore’s ‘zindgi ek safar hai suhana’. he died of Liver Cirrhosis,caused by excessive alcohol. Luckily he escaped seeing the failure of Mera Naam Joker-71. He was also saved from witnessing the failure of Shankar. Raj Kapoor deserted him in favour of Laxmikant Pyarelal for Bobby-73.

It is said that Lata took her protege Laxmikant Pyarelal to Raj kapoor with a strong plea to get rid of Shankar (Sharda effect?) from Raj Kapoor camp. Raj Kapoor told Laxmikant Pyarelal that they have to work only as Arrangers. He had all the Tunes ready with him ( he reportedly had a bank of about 500 Shankar Jaikishan tunes with him). They don’t have to compose any songs. Laxmikant Pyarelal were shocked and they complained to Lata. She coolly told them that this was Raj Kapoor style and he behaved the same way with Shankar Jaikishan as well. To get into the famous Raj Kapoor camp, they must keep quiet and do as he says. Reluctantly, they agreed and indeed Raj Kapoor used Shankar Jaikishan tunes for Bobby-73.

Without Jaikishen, Shailendra and Lata, Shankar’s music declined. People started saying that the real brain behind their success was Jaikishen. This proved true when 40 of Shankar’s solo films flopped without a trace. When Shankar died in 1987, he sure was a sad man.

In this series, however, we are enjoying the songs of Shankar Jaikishan from their Best period,i.e. the 50s. Almost all the popular and famous songs are already covered on the Blog, but one thing is for sure. Their ‘Not so popular’ or unknown songs too were very melodious. A song being popular and famous is a matter of chance, but making a song melodious was Shankar Jaikishan’s forte.

Both Mohd.Rafi and Kishore Kumar were famous singers. Of course till Aradhana -69 happened Kishore never was heard more than Rafi. For me, both were Great singers. I liked Kishore’s song of the 50s more than his other songs. In Hindi film industry sometimes an actor – singer had to accept a playback from other singer, due to various reasons. And this has happened many times for Kishore Kumar. In that also, Mohd. Rafi has given playback to Kishore Kumar more number of times than others.

S No. Movie Song
1. Miss Mala-54… chori chori aana naa
2. Bhagam Bhag-56 Chale ho kahan
3. Bhaagam Bhaag (1956) Hamen koi gham hai
4. Raagini-58. Man mora Bawra
5. Shararat-59 Ajab hai dastan teri aye zindagi (happy)
6. Sharaarat (1959) Ajab hai daastaan teri ae zindagi (sad)
7. Sharaarat (1959) Tu mera copyright
8. Baaghi Shahzada-64 Main iss masoom
9. Pyar Diwana-72 Apni aadat hai

Incidentally, the other singers who gave playback to Kishore kumar are Manna Dey ( 3 times), S D Batish (1), Amanat Ali (1) and Asha Bhosle (once in film Baap re baap-55.)

Today’s song is from the film Shararat-59, in which Rafi has given playback to Kishore Kumar. While seeing the video, one never feels that Kishore is not the singer, that is how well Rafi has sung this song! The songs of this film were recorded in 1957, but the completed film was censored only in January 1959. I have read once that originally Kishore’s role was being done by Bharat Bhushan. That also explains why Kishore got Rafi’s playback in three songs. Looking at the role of Kishore Kumar in the second half of the film, I wonder how Bharat Bhooshan would have done this role. Obviously, lot of scenes must have been reshot. The same article said that with Bharat Bhooshan, the film would have been too serious, hence Kishore Kumar was roped in.

Whatever the reality, let us enjoy this song video. The song is picturised as a party song on Kishore Kumar and Kumkum.

Song-Tu mera Copyright main teri copyright(Sharaarat)(1959) Singers-Rafi, Lata Lyrics-Shailendra, MD-Shankar Jaikishan


lushka lushka lushka lui lui sa
lui lui sha
iska uska kiska
lui lui sha
lui lui sha
tu mera copy right

main teri copy right
ho ho
tu mera copy right
main teri copy right
duniya bright bright bright
duniya bright

lushka lushka lushka
lui lui sha lui lui sha
tu mera copy right
main teri copy right
duniya bright bright bright
duniya bright

ho mister
do listen
oh sure
gairon se ab na miloge
jahaan ho

jidhar ho
ho ho
hamaare kahe pe chaloge
lushka lushka lushka
lui lui sha
lui lui sha
ye to hai ibteda
aage hoga kya
ye to hai ibteda
aage hoga kya
sitam ki height height height
sitam ki height
tu mera copy right
main teri copy right
duniya bright bright bright
duniya bright

kisi se
suna thha
pyaar hai andha panchhi pyaara
dil behke
o ho
o chahke
o o
isko andhera hai pyaara
lushka lushka lushka
lui lui sha
lui lui sha
ulfat ki kasam
andhe ho gaye hum
ulfat ki kasam
andhe ho gaye hum
kindly light light light
kindly light
tu mera copyright
main teri copyright
duniya bright bright bright
duniya bright

ye halchal
aa aa
ye masti
o ho
aa raha hai jeene ka mazaa
o maalik
o ho
o daata
aa haa

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Last stanza is different from Record Version. Entire Film Track also not available for this song. Please help to get the full track.


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