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Do do aane chaakoo chaar aane kataari

Posted on: December 24, 2015

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It has been a while since my last post here on this blog. I feel extremely guilty for this – and hasten to clarify, as I always do when I get into this situation, that it has nothing to do with any diminution of my love for this blog.

This time I feel doubly guilty because there is a long overdue post from me.

I was supposed to do a write-up on a gangout some of us Atulites had in Bangalore on the 7th of November. Although I did start on it, I never got around to completing it. I keep telling myself I need to finish it, but as at the moment of writing, it is still not done. Nowadays my brain is just not working – I find I am unable to string a few lines together into anything that remotely resembles a comprehensible piece of text.

If I were a writer, I’d call it writer’s block. But not being one, I can only say I’m experiencing the same feeling without having the privilege of using a term for it.

Anyway, the good news is that I have at least started writing today’s post. So that’s a start – I’ll hopefully be able to complete it.

The not-so-good news is that this is NOT the gangout write-up. That remains half-done and will hopefully be ready sometime before the new year starts. Already the delay has reached embarrassing proportions.

Today’s write-up is to celebrate a date that most HFM lovers are very familiar with – the birth anniversary of our beloved singer, Mohammad Rafi. Or Rafisaab, as I (and many others) fondly and respectfully call him.

Many of my posts here have been about Rafisaab – I’ve regularly written on his birth and death anniversaries. I might miss any other dates but I never miss these two dates.

I always try to write a post on the occasion. It is the least I can do to show the immense amount of respect I have for Rafisaab.

Rafisaab has given me SO many hours of listening pleasure, he has transported me to a different world (figuratively only, of course) on so many occasions, his songs have been part of my life for SO long now that this write-up is nothing, absolutely nothing, in comparison.

So I thought a short while ago that I just HAVE to write something. No block is ever going to stop me from writing a post about Rafisaab. I would feel tremendously guilty if I couldn’t muster even a few words on his birth anniversary.

So here it is. This post will be brief from here on (I can sense some readers heaving a sigh of relief 🙂 ). Ok, brief, by my standards.

Well, what can I say about Rafisaab that hasn’t already been said? Nothing really. Rafisaab the singer, and Rafisaab the person, are both very well documented by many far more knowledgeable about him than I am. In fact, in my previous posts on him, I’ve touched on these aspects – and also mentioned how I got to become a big Rafisaab fan, seeing as I grew up in an era that was dominated by Kishore Kumar (who also I am very fond of, by the way).

I will therefore not repeat myself.

I will just say that I have spent many late hours, often not sleeping at all, just listening to Rafisaab. Nowadays, with youtube available to us, it is very easy to go on and on. You listen to one song – you see another suggested to you on the side. You click on it – and the cycle goes on. This has happened to me several times – and Rafisaab is largely to blame for it. 🙂

I have many “go-to” Rafisaab songs. These are songs that, when I’m just in the mood to listen to something but not sure what, I listen to. The very first song almost always puts me in a “right mood”. From then on, I keep listening randomly to songs – which may or may not be Rafisaab ones, but the mood is set. An example of a go-to song is “na to kaarvaan ki talaash hai”. Or “abhi na jao chhod kar”. Or “man tadpat”. Or “aaja re aa zara”. Or “parda hai parda”. Or “main nigaahen”. Or “aap ke haseen rukh”. Or “sar jo tera chakraaye”. Or “nain lad jayihen”. Or “aaj puraani raahon se”. Or, if I am in a morose mood, it could be “ye duniya agar mil bhi jaaye to kya hai”.

For every mood, there is a Rafisaab song. In fact, many. I can just get so absorbed listening to his voice, that nothing else seems to matter. I feel we are just so blessed to have been born at a time when we have this opportunity to listen to his voice. I am eternally grateful for this.

Anyway, moving on to the song for today, it is a light song from the film Raaj Singhasan (1958). It is a Rafisaab-Geeta Dutt duet.

I have no idea who the song is picturised on – hopefully somebody will throw some light on this. Two songs from this film are already posted – the storyline can be found here.

I fell in love with this song the very first time I heard it late one night on one of my youtube listening binges. I am a fan of Geeta Dutt too, so a Rafisaab-Geeta Dutt duet, that too a fun song, is not just right up my alley, but can safely walk into my home anytime. 🙂

Please do listen to it. I think there’s a good chance you will love it too. On Rafisaab’s birth anniversary, I wanted to post a fun song – and this one is a lot of fun.

Music is by the much under-rated Chitragupta.


Song-Do do aane chaakoo chaar aane kataari (Raaj Singhaasan)(1958) Singers-Geeta Dutt, Rafi, Lyrics-Anjum Jaipuri, MD-Chitragupta


Do do aane chaakoo
Chaar aane kataari
Dil ke badle dete hain hum
Dil ki duniya saari
Do do aane chaakoo
Chaar aane kataari
Dil ke badle dete hain hum
Dil ki duniya saari

dekhe tere chaakoo
Dekhi haaye kataari
Dil ka sauda nahin karenge
Humko jaan hai pyaari

Aaj sauda kar le pyaare
Kal warna pachhtaayega
He he he he
Ho ho ha ha ha hahahahaha

Aaj sauda kar le pyaare
Kal varna pachhtaayega
Is saude se baaz aaya main
Dil ka khoon ho jaayega
Chaaku se bhi tez hai zaalim
Nazar teri do dhaari
o dil ka sauda nahin karenge
Humko jaan hai pyaari

Do do aane chaakoo
O ho ho
Chaar aane kataari
Waah waah waah waah waah
Dil ke badle dete hain hum
Dil ki duniya saari

Bachpan se is dil ko humne naazon se hai paala
Aaha ha ha ho o o
aa ha aa ha
Bachpan se is dil ko humne naazon se hai paala
sair Kara duniya ki isko lagaa diya kyun taala
Haldi paapad choohe jaise bano na tum byopari
Dil ke badle dete hain hum
Dil ki duniya saari
dekhe tere chaakoo
Dekhi haaye kataari
o Dil ka sauda nahin karenge
Humko jaan hai pyaari bhaai

Jitna tum inkaar karoge
utna hi dil aayega
Haay haay haay haay o ho ho ha ha ha ha
Jitna tum inkaar karoge utna hi dil aayega
Dil ki baaton mein jo aaya
jeete jee mar jaayega
Shirin aur farhaad ke dil ko yehi to thhi beemaari
Dil ka sauda nahin karenge
Humko jaan hai pyaari

Do do aane chaakoo
Chaar aane kataari
Dil ke badle dete hain hum
Dil ki duniya saari
Haaye dil ka sauda nahin karenge
Humko jaan hai pyaari

4 Responses to "Do do aane chaakoo chaar aane kataari"

Welcome Rajaji again,
Song as sharp as chackus and kataris.
Fit song for Johny Walker. But there is no him. May be on Mahipal.


Please correct the title of the film as “RAAJ SINGHAASAN” and not just “SINGHAASAN”. It is misleading.Thank You.


Hullo rajaji
Nice short sweet writeup🙌😉thank you
Still waiting for ur post on gangout. I have faced the opening over long bk 😁😇
Jaldi karo


Very good write-up, Raja. It happens to me sometimes as well. I just don’t have the energy to do anything beyond the mandatory minimum.

But no matter, it will pass.


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