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Ik Dil Ne Kahaa Ik Dil Ne Sunaa

Posted on: December 24, 2015

This article is written by Mahesh Mamadapur, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mohammed Rafi, a name which hardly goes unheard for each day of our lives and a voice which has filled our lives with ever-lasting songs for every occasion and reason.

Mohammed Rafi was born in a small village near Amritsar on December 24, 1924. As with many others, the one voice which influenced him in music since childhood was that of KL Saigal. He started his singing career at the age of 20 in 1944. From 1944 to 1952, Rafi did sing many memorable songs for almost all composers, but struggled to find a hold in terms of being recognized as a voice of a particular hero. This was a period in which the transition to playback from actor-singer was taking place. Also, amongst his well-known contemporaries Mukesh was initially the voice of Dilip Kumar (Andaz, Mela, AnokhaPyar, Shabnam ) and then from ‘Barsaat’ (1949) become the voice of Raj Kapoor. Talat Mehmood was also very much the voice of Dilip Kumar in many movies beginning with ‘Aarzoo’ (1950).

However in this period, Rafi saab was more often heard in chorus or on songs not featuring the hero. In fact his association with Naushad started as a chorus singer in ‘Pehle Aap’ (1944). Thereafter also ‘Anmol Ghadi’ (1946) with its high-profile star cast had Rafi singing a solo not exactly featuring on the hero. ‘Andaz’ (1949) had a rather insignificant duet with Lata while the four towering solos featured Mukesh singing for Dilip Kumar. ‘Mela’ (1948) again had a solo by Rafi, but not on Dilip Kumar. The same effect was followed in ‘Babul’ (1950) where Talat Mehmood sang for Dilip Kumar in a big way and Rafi was reduced to providing some very pleasant high-vocal rendering to a boatman.

Even the initial movies of Shanker Jaikishen did not have Rafi’s voice on the heroes. Their very first film Barsaat had a Rafi solo, but it was again a background song. It was only during the making of Basat Bahar that Rafi had two prominent solos.

It was only after Mukesh moving to the Raj Kapoor club and Naushad discontinuing Talat saab after some misunderstanding that Mohammed Rafi started gaining prominence in Naushad’s compositions. Of course even before ‘Babul’ (1950), Rafi did have some good songs in films like ‘Chandni Raat’, ‘Dillagi’, ‘Dulari’ etc, but then the fame of being the playback singer for either of the big three was somewhat missing.

The above two paras have been mentioned for the initial songs with Naushad only, considering the fact that the two had a great association thereafter. However it must not be forgotten that Mohammed Rafi sang many songs for almost all the composers of that period. In fact he got some rare once in a lifetime opportunities that many of his famous contemporaries could never get.

For example, he got a lifetime opportunity when he sang a few verses with KL Saigal in ‘Shahjehan’ (1945). He also got to sing a duet with Noorjehan in ‘Jugnu’ (1947). It may sound out of context, but even a composer of Anil Biswas’s stature could not get an opportunity to work with either KL Saigal or Noorjehan.

Mohammed Rafi in this period sang many excellent songs for composers like Shyam Sundar who was very instrumental in shaping his career, Ghulam Mohammed, Hunslal Bhagatram, Sajjad Hussein, Khemchand Prakash and many others. One such great song is featured in this post.

Again coming back to Naushad, it was after a few more films like ‘Dastaan’, ‘Jaadoo’, ‘Deedaar’ etc, Rafi sang for ‘Baiju Bawra’ in 1952. What followed after this film is known history and an association which lasted till Rafi’s demise in 1980. The songs sung by Rafi in this film are priceless treasures which will be cherished forever.

While Mukesh and Talat Mehmood took risks by acting in films at the cost of their playback careers, Rafi struck to his singing career and became almost indispensable for many composers. For more than two decades he was the undisputed ruler among the male playback singers till, arguably, Kishore Kumar took over after Aradhana in late sixties.

As reiterated above, Mohammed Rafi sang a good number of songs for virtually every composer and many of his associations have become separate chapters in the history of HFM. For instance his association with Naushad, Shanker Jaikishen, Roshan, Ravi, OP Nayyar, SD Burman, Madan Mohan etc and later on Kalyanji Anandji, Laxmikant Pyarelal and RD Burman bring several memorable songs to the mind.

The wiki page on him is quite illustrative and deals in depth his various associations, awards, early life etc. Even the figures pertaining to the number of songs sung etc seem quite reasonable and correct.

Looking back at his impressive reign in the Hindi music world, it can be noted that his sincerity and dedication to singing remained intact throughout. The popularity of the composer or the actor for whom he was giving playback did not matter at all. He sang with equal passion for all.

For me, his songs from forties and early fifties are personal favorites. I especially like his duets with Lata Mangeshkar and Shamshad Begum in this period and the sad solos. In fact I could write a separate post on his sad solos in this period. There is a very innocent and complaining touch to his voice in these songs. It’s a very long list and songs like “Hum Ishq Mein Barbaad Hain, Barbaad Rahenge”, “Main Zindagi Mein Hardum Rota Hi Raha Hoon”, “Suuhaani Raat Dhal Chuki”, “Sab Kuchh Lutaaya Hum Ne Aakar Teri Gali Mein”, “Hum Apne Dil Ka Fasaana Unhen Sunaa Naa Sakey ”, “Thukra Ke Hamen Chal Diye”, “Dil Ki Lagi Ne Hamko”, “Akele Mein Wo Ghabraate To Honge”, “Huye Hum Jinke Liye Barbaad”,“Ik Dil Ke Tukde Hazaar Huye”, “Mohabbat Ke Dhokhe Mein Koi Na Aaye”,and a host of similar songs come to the mind.

Almost all these songs are already featured on the blog and I was looking for a similar one for this post. I am sure there are a few more yet to be traced. About a month back I came across this song which I had not heard for a few years. I was pretty surprised that it’s not yet posted. Off course it is a well-known song to me as I played it quite often. It definitely belongs to the class and the era in which the above mentioned songs featured. I suppose the song is better heard than watched. The voice is simply amazing.

The film is Parda (1949) under the music direction of Sharma ji better known as Khaiyyam to all of us. So on the birth anniversary of Rafi saab, let’s once again hear this pristine voice from over six and half decades back.

On screen, the song is performed by an actor, who I am quite inclined to identify as Amar. There is some references online that also mention this name. A little difficulty is that this name does not figure in the list of actors for this film in the Geet Kosh. The other person that can be identified is actress Rehana, in a wedding attire. The clip sequence indicates that Rehana is the lady love of Amar, but the fate has intervened forcing her to be married to someone else.

Listen to the voice of the maestro, recorded more than six and a half decades ago. When the recording would have happened, he would have been just past his 24th birthday. Listen and wonder upon the age of the young man, and depth and the tenacity of the emotional fiber in the voice. Listen and wonder.



3 Responses to "Ik Dil Ne Kahaa Ik Dil Ne Sunaa"

Mahesh ji, nice write up /tribute to my most favourite Mohammad Rafi . For me he is the best ever male play back singer in Hindi films. I laud him for versatility, consistency, giving many memorable all time great songs.
It is interesting to note that it took quite a while for him to sing for lead actors.

One of a kind. Thanks to ‘Him’. ‘He’ does not make them anymore.
I think the actor is Amar and dulhan is Rehana.
The other details are
Film cast: Kusum Thakur, Ansari, Chand
Lyricist: Anwar Hussain, Nandram, Swami Ramanand Saraswati
Music Director: Sharmaji
Film Director: A G Surma

अभिनंदन महेश जी बहुत ही खूबसूरत और सटीक आकलन किया है आपने। रफी साहब के बारे में कुछ भी कहना सुरज को दिया दिखाने जैसा है। मैं आपसे सहमत हूँ शुरूवाती पचास के दशक तक रफी साहब की आवाज कमाल की थी। दुसरा लता जी और रफि साहब के युगल गीत का मजा 🎉 अवर्णनीय है। उस वक्त के संगीतकारों में दो नाम और होने चाहिए थे हंसराज बहल तथा सी रामचंद्र ऐसा मुझे लगता है। इन्होंने भी रफीजी से बेजोड़ गीत गवाये । अब समय की विडंबना देखिये हुसनलाल भगतराम के संगीत में लता रफी के शायद सबसे अधिक बेहतरीन युगल गीत होगे । लेकिन सोलो की बात करें तो सारे के सारे दुख भरे गीत है रफीजी और हुसनलाल भगतराम के संगीत में। शायद एक भी सुखद एकल गीत नहीं है अर्थात् रफीजी के हिस्से इस महान संगीतकार जोड़ी से सिर्फ़ दर्द ही दर्द आया।

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