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Jai Hind kaho Jai Hind

Posted on: January 26, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Today(26 january 2016) is our Republic Day.

I wish all our readers a very happy Republic Day. Let us all resolve today to make some contribution to India’s progress, in whatever way possible to us.

Independence Day and Republic Day are the days viewed by people in two ways. One set of people enjoy it as a Holiday. These people love these days more if they fall on Fridays, Saturdays or Mondays. The second set of people look at it as a National Day and become very Patriotic. They display flags, listen to Patriotic songs, see the Republic Day Parade or Flag Hoisting in Delhi, on Television and generally be Patriotic minded on these days.

Should an Indian really need a special day to be Patriotic ? Why are people more patriotic only on these two days ? What is the need to celebrate these days ? In this connection, I remember an anecdote ascribed to Swami Vivekanand…

One day someone asked Swami ji,” When God is everywhere, why do we need Temples ? ”
Swami Vivekanand smiled and said, ” Air is also everywhere, but we do need a Fan to feel it “.

Likewise, we are all engrossed in our day to day life so much that feelings like patriotism just remain hibernated. They do exist, but they do not come to the fore on a routine basis. At least on Independence day and Republic Day, we become alive to this feeling and we think about the Nation for a while.

In 1947,India was divided into two countries. The Partition was a sad and torturous experience for the people on Borders and created thousands of Refugees on both sides. Thousands of families were separated and almost a million died during the Riots. No wonder that this provided inspiration to the film industry to make films on this topic-the event and its aftermath. Some Hindi commercial films based on trauma of partition were made like, Lahore-49, Apna Desh-49, Firdaus-53, Nastik-54, Chhalia-60, Amar rahe ye pyaar-61 and Dharmaputra-61 etc etc. Three of these films revolved around tales of women abducted in the aftermath of partition.

APNA DESH-1949 was a brilliant film made by V.Shantaram, famous for making offbeat, socially relevant films. He made this film which was distributed all over India and in Ceylon as well. Within a few days, the film came under severe criticism and there were cries of banning the film. Baburao Patel, with his acidic style dubbed this film as Anti-National. In several cities, the film shows had to be cancelled due to Mob troubles.

What was there in this film to invoke such reaction ? This was a story of a Punjabi Hindu woman-Mohini. During riots of partition, she is abducted and raped in Pakistan by Muslims. Her family escapes to India. After some time a devastated Mohini returns to India. Her family and the society refuse to accept her. She is insulted and thrown out. in vengeance of this rejection, she decides to become a smuggler. She sends clothes and arms to Pakistan in exchange of Gold and Money. She falls in love with another refugee, Satish. Finally, when the secret is revealed and Satish is arrested and accused of smuggling, Mohini comes out and surrenders. She is arrested. End of the film !

Most Indians felt that Indian women will never react in this way. They would rather commit suicide. The film was even called ” Apna Trash”. Almost every newspaper viz The Times, The Hindu,The patriot etc condemned the film as Anti national. 1949 was also the period when Pakistan had infiltrated the army and Tribesmen in Kashmir. This had already created an Anti-Pakistani feeling in the country. Under the barrage of opposition, the film was forced to be withdrawn from the Theatres, not because of any legal reasons, but because to commercial considerations.

The strangest thing about this film film is, while ALL other Prabhat and Rajkamal films are available, ONLY THIS FILM is missing from the archives. Its copy is not available even in the Film Archives at Pune. V.Shantaram never gave any explanation for this while he was alive. Just a few years ago,long after V.Shantaram was gone. a pirated copy of the film came from Pakistan and now this film is freely available in India. It is also available on You Tube.

I had not seen this film. The simple reason was that Shantaram’s films were rated very low on entertainment, as they were films with social causes. By the time I realised the film’s importance, the film was withdrawn and I could never see it. As such 1947 onwards and especially in 1949, so many musical films were released that Shantaram’s films were low on priority. The film details, background, contents and the aftermath of this remarkable film can be found in ” Mourning the Nation-Indian Cinema in the wake of Partition”, a book by Bhaskar Sarkar as well as in ” Violent Belongings, Partition, gender and National Culture” another book by Kavita Daiyya.

One interesting point about Apna Desh 1949 was that Shantaram had given the work of Music composition of this film to a Newcomer-Purushottam.
PURUSHOTTAM SOLANKURKAR or S. Purushottam ( 9-4-1919 to 30-1-1958 ) was from Kolhapur district. Born in a poor family and bereft of education, Puru started learning to play various instruments, Violin, Sarangi, Harmonium and Tabla. When he was 21 years of age, he started playing in the concerts of Kumar Gandharva or Shivputra Siddhramaiah komkalimath- as an accompanist. Vasant Desai-who was a ‘de facto’ Talent Hunter for V.Shantaram ( he had already discovered Promodini and Vinodini Desai and Vatsala Kumthekar) spotted him in one Mehfil and called him to Bombay. Shantaram gave him his film ” Bhool”-48 and Maharashtra Chitravani’s film Mere Laal-48 as a Music Director. He was an excellent singer himself and had a very good voice. Noted composer Sudhir Phadke, who was his classmate in school, used to praise his singing, but Purushottam never sang any film songs in his career. He believed that his job was to compose music and not singing.

Impressed with his style, Shantaram gave him his revolutionary film ‘Apna Desh’-49. True to his salt, Purushottam presented 2 Ghazals of Ghalib, “Koi ummeed nahi hain” and “Dil e naadan” in a totally nontraditional tune and style. Later Shantaram gave “Dahej” to Vasant Desai and Purushottam.

Discarded, without reason, as was his habit, by Shantaram, Purushottam did Devyani-52 and Durga Khote’s Sandesh-52. In all he did six Hindi films and 2 Marathi films as Music Director. Realising that he had no scope in films anymore, Purushottam returned to Kumar Gandharva once again, as his accompanist. Thus he disappeared from the film line and there was no trace of him afterwards. One more name was added to less known and forgotten composers’ list !

The film’s cast was Umesh Sharma, Pushpa Hans, Manmohan Krishna, K.Datey, Parshuram etc. The film was directed by V. Shantaram, made under his own banner Rajkamal Kalamandir. The lyrics, story and screenplay was by Dewan Sharar. There were nine songs in the film. A Few songs and videos are available on You Tube nowadays. Two songs from this film- both Ghalib Ghazals sung by Pushpa Hans- are already discussed on this Blog.

Here is a video song from this film showing the Hero Satish( Umesh Sharma), his family and neighbours…all exited and filled with patriotic fervour.



Song-Jai hind kaho jai hind(Apna Desh)(1949) Singers- Umesh Sharma, Unknown female voice, Lyrics-Dewan Sharar, MD-Purushottam


jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind
dekho apne tirange mein shaan apni
? nishaan mein shaan apni
dekho aan pe shaan pe jaan apni
jai hind kaho
jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind

ye desh hamaara daata hai
ye hind hamaari maata hai
veeron se apna naata hai
jai hind kaho
jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind

shri krishn ke ham
arjun ke ham
sriraam ke naam se lete dam
sati sita ke sat ki sabko kasam

jai hind kaho
jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind

jai budhha ashok aur vikram ki
jai jai akbar
jai mahaabali
jai veer shivaaji chhatrapati
jai hind kaho
jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind

jai laxmiraani jhaansi ki
jai subhash ki
jai kraanti ki
aur jai ho baapu gaandhi ki
aur jai ho baapu gaandhi ki
jai hind kaho
jai hind kaho jai hind
jai hind kaho jai hind

jag jaag uthhe jaikaaron se
jaikaaron se
oonchi oonchi lalkaaron se
lalkaaron se
aakaash hila do naaron se
jai hind
jai hind
jai hind

4 Responses to "Jai Hind kaho Jai Hind"

?? I hear “Sati Sita ke sar ki sabko kasam”.


correction of typo – ‘sar’ should be read as ‘sat’.


Quite a joshbhara gana.
I remember some one asking Where is God..we do not see him.
Reply was Do you see Electricity?
We can just feel it.

Mere Lal (1948)
Bhool (1948)

Deewan Sharar>>
Shahenshah Akbar (1943)
Shakuntala (1943)
Mali (1944)
Parbat Pe Apna Dera (1944)
Panna Dai (1945)
Jeevan Yatra (1946)
Dr Kotnis Ki Amar Kahani (1946)
Andhon Ki Duniya (1947)
Hindustan Hamara (1950)
Subah Ka Tara (1954)


The old man is Keshavrao Datey.
Manmohan Krishnan also sang a patriotic song in the movie.


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