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Vekho Loko Khidan To Pehlon Taahniaan To Phul Jhad’de Ne

Posted on: March 23, 2016

This article is written by Avinash Scrapwala, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

23rd March is engraved on our heart forever, we can never forget this date on which Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were hanged by the Britishers.

23 years, 5 months, 25 days!!!

That was the age of Bhagat Singh when he was hanged to death by the British Government.

I specifically mention his age at the time of his death because what he achieved in his lifetime at that young age reminds me of what we the general public achieve in this age in our entire life and the thought processes we go through. Or even in my case, I use to think what I had done by that age. It cannot be even thought what Bhagat Singh had achieved in that young age. We are nowhere near to th,at and even we at that age, do not even think of the purpose of our life or how can we best utilize this human birth.

Just think about and ponder on the legacy he has left behind in this short span of life …

His ideas of freedom, his philosophy, his ideas of socialism, the rights to the proletariat for which he fought for and his ideology which will be there as long as the humanity exists. His life and works have been inspiration for many and will continue to be so for generations to come.

He immortalized himself by willfully embracing death which he could have avoided by tendering apologies or surrendering to the British Government.

But he decided to lay down his life for the freedom of this nation and when you are only a 23 years old, it needs lot of courage, conviction, commitment to take such decision and stand by it ‘come what may’ !!

Today we pay our tributes to Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru on their Martyrdom Day!!

For this occasion I was quite in a dilemma as to which song I should share today. I was looking for something different for today’s occasion (and also different from the common songs that are there almost in every film viz. ‘Mera Rang De Basanti Chola’ and ‘Sarfaroshi Ki Tamanna’). In this search, I came across this film ‘Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh’ from 1974, which was made in Punjabi and later on dubbed in Hindi (as it seems from the links available on YT).

And when I came across this song ‘Vekho Loko …’ from this Film and listened to it, it immediately took over me and I was stunned. I was in tears, I was with goose bumps. I am sure this song will touch your hearts too …

After all it is sung by Rafi Saab!!

I strongly felt sharing of this song because apart from its heart-touching lyrics it also gives a message to the today’s generation and compels us to think about those young martyrs who led their lives to make their country free from the British rulers. And for that matter, also think of those youngsters who recently fought with the enemies on the border and the infiltrators and sacrifice their lives for the country.

But this time the problem for me was that this is a Punjabi film and the song is in Punjabi. But as I listened to it, and I listened to it as many as ten times till sending of this post, it continued to grow on me. Its lyrics are touchy, meaningful and thought provoking. So I tried to note the lyrics as correctly as possible. And I requested our dear Sudhir ji to help me in the presentation of this post with the translation of this song and he immediately agreed to that.

Till this post I was not aware of how many films have been produced based on the life of this great martyr. As per the information available on wiki, I can conclude that the very first film made on his life was ‘Shaheed-E-Azam Bhagat Singh’ from 1954, which is yet to be introduced on this blog. The lead role was played by Prem Adeeb.

The next film was ‘Shaheed Bhagat Singh’ (1963) wherein Shammi Kapoor played the role of Bhagat Singh. Two years later, in 1965 came the iconic ‘Shaheed’ with Manoj Kumar in the role. This film is the most popular and well known, of all films till date. Its songs continue to be immensely popular.

In 2002, as many as three films based on Bhagat Singh’s life were released. These are listed below with the name of the actor who played the title role.
23rd March 1931 Shaheed         –   Bobby Deol
The Legend Of Bhagat Singh    –    Ajay Devgun
Shaheed-E-Azam                         –   Sonu Sood


Out of these six movies listed above, only one so far has all of its songs posted i.e. ‘Shaheed’ from 1965. So there are more songs still available from other five films that are appropriate to today’s occasion.

‘Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh’ (1974) is directed by Om Bedi for Roopesh Films Combine. It is presented by Ram Gopal and is produced by Ram Kishan Gupta. The leading star cast is Som Dutt, Achala Sachdev, Rajni Bala, Lata Arora, Shivraj, Kamal Kapoor, Uma Dutt and Aroon with special appearances by Dev Kumar, Pratap Sharma and Dara Singh. Others in star cast include Pt. Khairatee, Paresh, Nanda, Shatrujeet, Murad, Rajan Haksar, Azad, Pt. Dalili, Baldeo Mehta, Darshan, Uday Kumar, Kamal Deep, Ved Goswami, Kapoor, Chand, Pal Khanna, Master Ratan, Master Happy, Master Kulbir Singh and many others.

The story and dialogues are written by Pt. Dalili. Lyrics of this film are written by Mohinder Dehlvi and music is composed by Surinder Kohli. Mohammed Rafi and Minoo Purshottam have given the play back for the songs in this film.

The film was passed by Censor Board on 12.09.1974. It seems that this movie was made initially in Punjabi in 1974, as ‘Shaheed-e-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh’. Then its Hindi dubbed version was released. The movie itself was re-released in Hindi in 2005 with another change in its title – ‘Amar Shaheed Bhagat Singh’. I request other knowledgeable readers and friends, to kindly throw more light on this movie.

[Note: The Punjabi lyrics are presented in Roman as well as Devnagri script. This followed by lyrics translated into Hindi, also presented in Devnagri script.]


Video (Partial)

Song – Vekho Loko Khidan To Pehlon Taahniaan To Phul Jhad’de Ne (Shaheed e Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh)(1974) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Lyrics – Mohinder Dehlvi, MD – Surinder Kohli


ooo oooo
oo oo oooo
ho ho ooo
oo oo oooo
oo oo ooo

vekho loko..o
khidan to pehlon
taahniyaan to phul jhad’de ne
ghodi chadhan di umar jinaan di
aj sooli te chad’de
vekho loko o
khidan to pehlon
taahniyaan to phul jhad’de ne
ghodi chadhan di umar jinaan di
aj sooli te chad’de
vekhon loko..o

zaalim waqt ne
pyo diyaan qadraan da
kyon aaj boota putteya ve
dharti kyon na dol gayi aj
kyon asmaan na tutiyaa ae
kyon asmaan na tutiyaa ae
kyun maali diyaan
akhkhaan agge
vasde baagh ujad’de ne
ghodi chadhan di umar jinaan di
aj sooli te chad’de
vekhon loko..o

aj duniyaan di
har maan de nainaan to hanju chonde ne
jis maa da dil
tote hoya
o de nain na ronde ne
o de nain na ronde ne
chhaavaan vandan
waale kaanu
dhupaan de vich sad’ de ne
ghodi chadhan di umar jinaan di
aj sooli te chad’de
vekhon loko..o

chaude seene kar ke challe
khaawan maut de teeraan nu
maran da kinna chaa chadeya ve
aj bhaarat de veeraan nu
ek duje to agge vadh ke
maut da palla phad’de ne
maut da palla phad’de ne
maut da palla phad’de

Lyrics in Hindi script (of Punjabi words) (Provided by Sudhir)

ओss ओsss
ओs ओs ओsss
हो हो ओss
ओs ओs ओsss
ओs ओs ओss

वेखो लोको॰॰ओ
खिड़न तो पहलों
टाहनियाँ तों फुल झड़दे नें
घोड़ी चढ़न दी उमर जिनां दी
अज सूली ते चढ़ड़े नें॰॰एं
वेखो लोको॰॰ओ
खिड़न तो पहलों
टाहनियाँ तों फुल झड़दे नें
घोड़ी चढ़न दी उमर जिनां दी
अज सूली ते चढ़ड़े नें॰॰एं
वेखो लोको॰॰ओ

ज़ालिम वक़्त ने
प्यो दियाँ कद्रां दा
क्यों अज बूटा पुट्टेया वे
धरती क्यों ना डोल गई अज
क्यों असमान ना टूटेया ए
क्यों असमान ना टूटेया ए
क्यों माली दियाँ
अक्खां अग्गे
वसदे बाग उजड़दे नें
घोड़ी चढ़न दी उमर जिनां दी
अज सूली ते चढ़ड़े नें॰॰एं
वेखो लोको॰॰ओ

अज दुनिया दी
हर माँ दे नैनां तो हंजू चोंदे ने
जिस माँ द दिल
टोटे होया
ओ दे नैन ना रोंदे ने
ओ दे नैन ना रोंदे ने
छांवां वन्डन
वाले कानू
धुपां विच सड़दे ने
घोड़ी चढ़न दी उमर जिनां दी
अज सूली ते चढ़ड़े नें॰॰एं
वेखो लोको॰॰ओ

चौड़े सीने कर के चल्ले
खांवन मौत दे तीरां नू
मरन दा किन्ना चा चढ़ेया वे
अज भारत दे वीरां नू
इक दूजे तो अग्गे वद्द के
मौत दा पल्ला फड़दे ने
मौत दा पल्ला फड़दे ने
मौत दा पल्ला फड़दे ने॰॰ए

Translated lyrics in Hindi (Provided by Sudhir)

देखो लोगो
खिलने से पहले
टहनीयों से फूल झड़ते हैं
घोड़ी चढ़ने की उमर है जिनकी
आज सूली पे चढ़ते हैं

ज़ालिम वक़्त ने
पिता की कदरों का
क्यों आज पौधा तोड़ दिया
धरती क्यों ना डोल गई आज
क्यों आसमान नहीं टूट गया
क्यों माली की आँखों आगे
बसे हुये बाग उजड़ते हैं
घोड़ी चढ़ने की उमर है जिनकी
आज सूली पे चढ़ते हैं

आज दुनिया की हर माँ की
आँखों से आँसू बहते हैं
(लेकिन) जिस माँ के दिल के टुकड़े हुये
उसके नैन नहीं रोते हैं
जो छाया बाँटने वाले हैं
क्यों वो धूप में जलते हैं
घोड़ी चढ़ने की उमर है जिनकी
आज सूली पे चढ़ते हैं

चौड़ सीने करके चले
खाने मौत के तीरों को
मरने का कितना चाव चढ़ा है
आज भारत के वीरों को
एक दूजे से आगे बढ़ के
मौत का पल्ला पकड़ते हैं


4 Responses to "Vekho Loko Khidan To Pehlon Taahniaan To Phul Jhad’de Ne"

@ Sudhir ji – many many thanks for this post Sir !! and thanks for the translation and lyrics in Devnagri script.
Its because of you that this song is on the blog here.
Thanks again !!
(And , yes I have realized that I still have a long way to go to learn and understand Punjabi language) 🙂


here is an audio link (as the earlier full video/audio link is not working) ;


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