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Daudo jee chor chor bhaaga dil chura ke

Posted on: March 30, 2016

This article is written by Arunkumar Deshmukh, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

In our life, we come across many strange things. There are many occasions when we feel disappointed when we don’t find or get what we had expected. This also teaches us not to get misled by external appearances. There are occasions when we find that our neighbour named Shanti Lal is a loud mouth and very quarrelsome person or visit a hotel called Sheraton, only to find that it is a dirtiest and a third grade joint inside !

In case of a person, at least it is understandable, because no one knows how the child will grow like. I knew one Rikshawala in Hyderabad whose name was Nizam. But when the name of a film is misleading, you not not only get disappointed but feel cheated as well!

Film Char Minar-56 was one such example. When this film came to Hyderabad in 1956, everybody in the city was elated thinking that the film was made on the city’s landmark-Char Minar, like Taj Mahal of Agra. The first lot of viewers made a hue and cry in the town that that the film had nothing to do with Hyderabad’s pride structure-Char Minar ! The local papers too warned the readers not to get misled by the name of the film.

Unfortunately, I and some of my friends were among the first lot of audience and we naturally came out thoroughly disappointed. If the producer/director of the film- Ravindra Dave was present there, I doubt very much if he could have gone back to Bombay in one piece !

Char Minar is the name of a way side Inn, on way to Madina, in the film. It is here that the Hero gets separated from his family in his childhood. The film was a fantasy costume film- most unlike the other films that Ravindra Dave was known for in that period.

Char Minar-56 was a Nageena films presentation (which was owned by Ravindra Dave,the Director of Nageena-51. After this film’s tremendous success he opted for its name for his company). The film was produced and directed by Ravindra Dave. Not only that, the assistant director was Narendra Dave, Assistant Photographers were Pratap Dave and Arvind Dave, Assistant Editor was Balwant Dave and the production manager was Surendra Dave. It looked like an employment exchange for Dave family !

Director Ravindra Dave was born in Karachi on 16-4-1919. After graduation, he joined Dalsukh Pancholi’s distribution empire as a Manager. Pancholi was his Mama (Maternal Uncle). It was here that he learnt the art of Editing from Shaukat Hussein (husband of Noorjehan). He wrote Screenplays for Pancholi’s films, till 1941. In 1943, he got his first break as a joint director with Vishnu Pancholi( Dalsukh Pancholi’s brother) for the film “Poonji”-43. Then there was no looking back for him.

After Partition he came to Bombay with Pancholi. His first film here Nageena, with Nutan, was a Hit film. Ravindra Dave directed 30 Hindi films. Some of his films were,Nageena-52, Agra Road-57, Post Box 999-58, Guest house and Satta bazar-59, Raaz-67. His last Hindi film was Road to Sikkim-69. He also wrote story and screenplay of Saajan-69, made by Mohan Saigal.

He used as many as 19 music directors in his 30 Hindi films. He was able to work with major stars like Nutan, Nalini Jaywant, Raagini, Veena, Suraiya,Meena Kumari, Meena Shorey, Nargis, Shakila, Mala Sinha, Sadhana, Babita etc etc. As forn male actors he worked with Raj Kapoor, Rajesh Khanna, Shyam, Sunil Dutt, Al Nasir, Vijay Anand, Balraj Sahni, Nasir Khan. It was during the shooting of his film Post Box No.999-1958 that Sunil Dutt married Nargis secretly and came back for shooting, without anyone knowing it. ( Just like Dev Anand married Kalpana Kartik, during Shootings.). He helped and encouraged New comers like Sunil Dutt, Rajesh Khanna,Vijay Anand, Subi Raj, Kalyanji-Anand ji, Anju Mahendru etc.

He handled mainly Mystery/crime stories during the 50s decade, because that was the trend at that time.

After 1969, he was almost jobless. He was advised to make Gujarati movies.

From 1971, he turned to Gujarati films with Jasal Toral-71 and he directed some 26 Gujarati films. His period in Gujarati cinema is considered as the Golden Era for Gujarati films. He liked to work with known artistes generally. In 16 films out of his 26 Gujarati films, the Hero was Upendra Trivedi. Avinash Vyas was the music director in 17 of these movies.

He had married Jasumati Ben. He had 2 sons and 4 daughters. He died in Bombay on 21-7-1992.( Thanks to Harish Raghuwanshi ji for a Gujarati article on Ravindra Dave)

Filmography- FILMOGRAPHY: 1943: Poonji; 1945: Dhamki; 1948: Chunaria; Patjhad; 1949: Naach; Sawan Bhadon; 1950: Meena Bazaar; 1951: Nagina; 1952: Lal Kunwar; Moti Mahal; 1953: Naina; 1954: Bhai Saheb; 1955: Shikar; Lutera; 1956: Char Minar; 1957: Agra Road; 1958: Farishta; Post Box 999; 1959: CID Girl; Ghar Ghar Ki Baat; Guest House; Satta Bazaar; 1962: Aankh Micholi; Girls’ Hostel; 1963: Band Master; 1964: Tere Dwar Khada Bhagwan; Dulha Dulhan; Punar Milan; 1967: Raaz; 1969: Road to Sikkim; 1971: Jesal Toral; 1973: Raja Bhartrahari; 1974: Hothal Padmini; Kunwarbainu Mameru; 1975: Sant Surdas; Shetalne Kanthe; Bhadar Tara Vehta Pani; 1976: Bhaibandhi; Malavpati Munj; 1977: Jai Randalma; Maa Avret Jivrat; Paiso Bole Chhe; Son Kansari; 1978: Chundadi Odhi Tara Namni; Patali Parmar; Bhagya Lakshmi; 1979: Suraj Chandra Ni Sakhe; Preet Khandani Dhar; 1980: Koino Ladakvayo; Virangana Nathibai; 1981: Jagya Tyanthi Savar; Seth Jagadusha; Dukhda Khame Ee Dikri; 1983: Palavade Bandhi Preet; 1984: Nagmati Nagvalo; 1985: Malo Naagde.( taken from Encyclopedia of Indian Films,with Thanks.)

Today’s song is a duet of Rafi and Geeta Dutt from the film CharMinar-56. This melodious song is composed by composer Sardul singh Kwatra. His younger brother Bhagwant Kwatra was his assistant here.

Sardul Singh Kwatra was one of the very few Sikh Music Directors Hindi Films had. He was born at Lahore in 1928. He was educated and trained in classical music at Lahore. His teacher in usic was Sardar Awatar Singh, who was quite famous in Lahore. Later Sardul singh joined Hansraj Behl as his assistant.

After Partition, his family first shifted to Amritsar and then to Bombay. The family established a film production company and started making films. Their first film was “Ek Teri Nishani”-49. Sardul singh was its MD, along with Pt. Amarnath and Vinod. Later he composed for “Jalte Deep”-50, with T.K.Das. His first independent film was “Man ka Meet”-50.

His family company wanted to make a Punjabi film “Posti”-50. Sardul got new comer Shyama to be the Heroine. Shyama also acted in their second film “Kode Shah”-53. Their next Hindi film was “Goonj”-52, for which Sardul convinced Suraiya to be its Heroine. He was its Music Director of course.

Sardul Singh was a tall,well built and handsome person. Unfortunately his severe inclination towards beautiful women came in the way of his musical talents. He used to proudly say, “I can not create good music without beautiful faces.” He was aware of his looks and used it unabashedly to influence women.

He gave music in 22 Hindi and 13 Punjabi films. In 1970, he visited Chandigarh and established “Chandigarh Film Institute”. He left his wife and children and went to USA with another good looking woman, in 1978. He got 2 children from this association. Sardul Singh Kwatra died in US on 6-7-2004.

Film Char Minar-56 had 9 songs in it. This is the first song from the film to be discussed here and the movie makes its debut on the Blog with this song

THis song is a duet of Rafi and Geeta Dutt. They have given us some of the best duets during the decades of 1950s. Out of the 158 duets that they sang together, almost 100 duets are from the decade of 1950s. Let us now enjoy this sweet song- a love hassle between two lovers.

Song-Daudo ji chor chor bhaaga dil chura ke(Chaar Meenaar)(1956) Singers-Rafi, Geeta Dutt, Lyrics-Vishwamitra Adil, MD-Sardul Kwatra


daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

haaye tumse pyaar hai
jaa inkaar hai
ho thhanda bukhaar hai
maula ki maar hai
daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chilana chhod chhod
le ja dil utha ke

nazren mila ke toone
bijli gira ke toone
haaye mujhe loot liya
apna bana ke toone
aansoo bahaaye kaahe
dhong rachaaye kaahe
bholi si naar hoon main
tohmat lagaaye kaahe

naata na tod tod
zulfon mein uljha ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

tumse pyaar hai
jaa inkaar hai
ho thanda bukhaar hai
maula ki maar hai
daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil utha ke

nanhi si jaan hoon main
bada pareshaan hoon main
sun lo fariyaad meri
tooti hui taan hoon main
ja re beimaan hai tu
jhootha insaan hai tu
dagmag paanv tere
banta jawaan hai tu

nazron ki dor dor khencho na tadpa ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

haaye tumse pyaar hai
jaa inkaar hai
arre thhanda bukhaar hai
maula ki maar hai
daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

pehli mulaaqaat nahin
naya naya saath nahin
chori chori pyaar karna
koi buri baat nahin
haathon mein haath nahin
koi nayi baat nahin
ulfat nibhaane waali
aashiq ki zaath nahin

mukhda na modd modd zaalim yoon tarsa ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke

haaye tumse pyaar hai
jaa inkaar hai
thhanda bukhaar hai
maula ki maar hai
daudo ji chor chor
bhaaga dil chura ke
chillana chhod chhod
le ja dil uthha ke


3 Responses to "Daudo jee chor chor bhaaga dil chura ke"

Not a word about the lyricist? Vishwamitr adil was a leading light of IPTA. He also worked as the General Secretay of that organisation. Due to organizational work, He could not give much time to writing lyrics for the films, hence was not a front-rank lyricist.But he did write some lyrics which became quite popular, including the one chosen here.If my memory serves right, He started by Zia Sarhadi’s film ‘Ham Log’ in 1951. The Lyrics were mainly written by Uddhav Kumar besides Adil. It is not possible to tell who wrote which song as they are put collectively in the names of the two lyricists. Zia was himself a first rate lyricist and he must have had sound reason to assign this task to Adil and Uddhav. Adil is fondly remembered by Shaukat Kaifi and A K Hangal in their memoirs.He married Zakia, a close relative and friend of Shaukat and was very friendly to the Kaifies. Adil was his penname, which means one who does justice. This indicates that He was a sort of a poet who also wrote lyrics in some films. Unfortunately, I am in no position to throw any light on his poetry.

kantimohan ji,
Thanks for your comments.
I have not written about the Lyricist for two reasons.
One- his detailed info has already been posted earlier on this Blog,so there is no point in repeating it and secondly, the article would have become too long . I try to keep the articles at readable lengths. However, the first reason is more important.

Thanks for the prompt response. I must confess I was wrong.I tried to know something about the lyricist in this blog but failed. Besides, facts given by me need to be corrected. Adil is older than I thought. He wrote for Neecha Nagar, a film made in 1946. Ham Log was much later. I resolve to be more careful in future.

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