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Koi haseena jab roothh jaati hai to

Posted on: March 30, 2016

This article is written by Peevesie’s mom, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Hullo atulites

A very quiet weekend here for me after two weekends of extreme activity. So here I am penning (typing) my thoughts.

Last Saturday we had Sholay playing on a ZEE channel. I knew that it was scheduled. But had completely forgotten it by telecast time. Now we have a small number of Atulites who are also connected to each other through WHATSAPP — the chat medium that everyone is so addicted to these days. (God bless the human being who thought of it.) The advantage of Whatsapp is it allows unlimited sharing of thoughts, music, videos and pictures.

The Atulites group was founded by the founder of the word YYIIPPEEEE!!!! In 2013 just around the time of the first Atulites meet. And from then on we have had a lot of wonderful pictures, songs and filmy quizzes on our group. It also helped us in organizing various Gangouts over the last two years. We have a lot of silent members also in the group (founderji ishaaron ko samjho!)

Oh! Ho! I am deviating….should get back on track. So as I was saying last Saturday we had a message from our Avinashji, on whatsapp, that he was drowned in “Sholay”. And that is when I remembered. I thankrd him profusely for the reminder. Then there was a slight leg-pulling by our Peevesie—there is a limit to the number of times a person can see any movie 😉 But “Sholay” is one movie for which INFINITY is the limit. Am I right? All “Sholay”-addicts please answer 😉

So as the movie was playing I just asked my son “How about a drive till Ramanagaram?” The drive takes around 2 hours from Bangalore and that is where the shoot of Sholay happened 45 years ago. I was 100% sure the whole region would have changed drastically from back then. But I still felt like going there.

My son readily agreed (and for all her comments about my Sholay-addiction I am very sure even my daughter would have come with me if she had been here in Bangalore, I missed her.) Even my husband was game for it. So last Sunday we drove down to Ramanagaram which had doubled as Ramgadh in the movie. What was a village back then is a town trying to grow up into a city now. It has a lot of schools and colleges. The boundary between Bangalore and Ramanagaram has almost vanished.

But what still remains there is the hillock which had the temple that Radha (Jaya Bhadhuri) frequented in the movie. Basanti’s Shiv Temple is also still there with a climb of 300 steps. Plus a large part of the area around the hillock is still the same though not frozen in time. I mean we can see a few dish antennas over the houses, mobile numbers scribbled on house walls— modern gadgets have reached all of India’s villages. We didn’t reach the Ramanagaram station but the road that ran parallel to the railway line for the song “koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh” now is a National Highway parallel to an electrified broad gauge double line… another sign of progress that India has achieved.

At around the same time last year I had visited our in-house encyclopedia Arunkumar Deshmukhji when I was on a visit to Mumbai. At that time I had carried my copy of “Sholay-The Making of a Classic” by Anupama Chandra with me. I tried to show off my latest acquisition –actually it was a birthday gift to me by my son. But I was floored by the number of books he owns. He had advised me then that I can and should use material from the books I read to enhance my write ups. That advice and the extent of his knowledge made me start addressing him as “Guruji”. So here is an interesting incident that occurred during the shoot of the above mentioned song. This is directly copied from the book I spoke of.

‘Koi haseena jab rooth jati hai toh’ needed a coordination between the camera which had to follow the tanga, the cycle and the local train which passed through Ramanagaram once a day at 7.50 a.m. The lyrics made the train essential. The timing of the train was inflexible and Dharamendra and Hema Malini were to leave the same day for another shoot. So losing the shot would have meant it would be canned only in the next schedule.

The crew was in place by 7 a.m. The shot had been rehearsed several times; the trolleys were in place; Hema in the tanga and Dharamendra, on his cycle, were ready. Then it was discovered that a crucial ingredient was missing: the flowers that went into Hema’s hair. She had already done part of the song with the flowers embellishing her hairdo. The shot couldn’t be done without them. ‘Where are the flowers?’ Ramesh Sippy asked. At that precise moment the flowers were still on their way from Bangalore on a truck that had gone to collect breakfast for the crew. Obviously someone had miscalculated. Panic ensued. It was perhaps one of the few times that Ramesh Sippy screamed. Precious minutes were ticking and there was little that they could do. Khalish Lukhnavi, a mild mannered, god-fearing assistant from G.P.Sippy’s directing days was in charge of continuity. He prayed hard.

Seven minutes before the train passed by, the truck arrived with the flowers and the breakfast. The flowers were rushed from the truck to the tanga, where Hema waited. They were hurriedly fixed in her hair, the vehicle carrying the camera was rolled back, the tanga moved and at exactly the right moment the train passed by. A crisis was averted.

Now after having said so much about the song let us have the song itself. It was written by Anand Bakshi, R.D. Burman was the music director and Kishore Kumar the singer.

Today (30 march 2016) happens to be the death anniversary of Anand Bakshi. so this song is a tribute to him on this occasion.



Song-Koi haseena jab roothh jaati hai to (Sholay)(1975) Singer-Kishore Kumar, Lyrics-Anand Bakshi, MD-R D Burman


koi haseena jab roothh jaati hai toh
aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai
koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh
aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai
tesan se gaadi jab chhoot jaati hai toh
ek do teen ho jaati hai

chal hut saale
hathon mein chaabukh,
honthon pe gaaliyan
hathon mein chaabukh,
honthon pe gaaliyan
badi nakhre waaliyaan hoti hain taange waaliyaan
koi taange waali jab rooth jaati hai toh
hai to,
hai to aur namkeen ho jaati hai
koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh
aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai

zulfon mein chainyya
mukhde pe dhoop hai
hey zulfon mein chainyya
mukhde pe dhoop hai
bada mazedaar gori ye
yeh tera rang roop hai
dor se patang jab toot jaati hai to
hai to
hai to rut rangeen ho jaati hai
koi haseena jab rooth jaati hai toh
aur bhi haseen ho jaati hai
tesan se gaadi jab chhoot jaati hai toh
ek do teen ho jaati hai
ek do teen ho jaati hai
ek do teen ho jaati hai

7 Responses to "Koi haseena jab roothh jaati hai to"

We had gone to Bangalore in 1973 while doing Engineering from Pune and when we were on visit to Vidhan Sauda we saw a huge crowd opposite the red brick building of the Karnataka High Court.
It transpired that Sholay shooting was underway with Sanjeev and Amjad.
I told my friends that I want to meet Sanjeev! They thought I was mad. I happen to wear a filmy, flimsy flowery shirt with googles. I just shouted hato hato telling the surprised crowd that Sanjeev is beckoning me. Soon I was nearing Sanjeev who was surrounded by the crew and Amjad moving in the corridor heavily chained.
Some one told me sit in one of the court rooms to be part of the background. While waiting I went through the script books where it was mentioned that so many goats to be arranged etc..
It was taking lot of time and I was worried whether my friends would go away leaving me alone. After some time I was with my friends.


That is a nostalgic anecdote. V ve all been touched by the movie at some point in our life one way or other


Peevesie’s Mom ji,

Thanks for an excellent write up. I observe that as time passes, you are flowering into an expert writer. Your language is so flowing that the reader gets along with your story automatically.
The details of shooting this song are very interesting.
Thanks again and all the best.


I am so glad that u liked the post.
I found it was easy to write about my own experience in the pursuit of not indulging in mentioning gossips and not knowing much abt the songs and their making. But of course it helps if you have a book on hand about the making of the movie. Thanks once again for appreciating


Nalini ji,

Many Thanks for the post.
Sholay…..Infinity……Addicts…….Count me in please.


Nalini Ji,
Yaad taaza karne ke liye shukriya. I remember this song because of my friend, ( who had no knowledge of Hindi) who used to sing
“koi haseena jab roothh jaati hai toh
aur bhi Haseena aa Jate hain..”
My friend was optimistic 🙂


Peevisie’s mom,

A great film in the decade of not so great films. What it lacked in originality, was covered by its ingenuity. I have seen the film many times too. I have seen it in Minerva too on re-releases. Have always thought something missing in it. You should see ‘ The good, the bad and the ugly’ .



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