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Naadaan Na Ban Ae Matwaale

Posted on: August 6, 2016

This article is written by Sudhir, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

Mohammed Rafi – ‘अ’  से  ‘ह’ तक  (From ‘अ’ to ‘ह’) – 25
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“नादान ना बन ए मतवाले”

There are quite a few songs by Rafi Sb, starting with the alphabet ‘न’, and which are still to be posted. As I was in the process to shortlist the song for today’s alphabet, I came across this unfamiliar song from the film ‘Rangeela’ from 1953. The thing that struck me was the title line “Naadaan Na Ban Ae Matwaale”. The first thought that came to my mind – that this is a sad, philosophical type of song, kind of similar to “Moorakh Hai Insaan” (‘Main Aur Mera Bhai’, 1961) and “Mat Bhool Arre Insaan” (‘Mastaana’, 1954). Not really inclined for a poignant song today, I skipped this, and moved ahead in the list. But on second thought; do not know what prompted me to come back to this song, and I decided to listen to it. And I am surprised – this turns out to be actually a fun song, on the topic of eve teasing. And I knew I had my selection for today’s post. 🙂

‘Rangeela’ from 1953 is now a familiar film to the readers, thanks to dear Arun ji, our in house encyclopedia. The film has eleven songs, and six of them are already showcased here. In one of the articles, Arun ji has presented lot of details, anecdotes and trivia about this film, and Bhagwan Dada, its producer. Please see the article for the songs “Sun Sun Meri Kahaani, Mushkil Hai Jaan Bachaani”. As Arun ji informs us in this article, this film was a commercial failure, and it was quite the beginning of the slide of Bhagwan Dada’s career.

The eleven songs are shared between SH Bihari (nine of them, including this one) and Ehsaan Rizvi (two). The music is composed by Jamaal Sen. In the beginning, it sounds like a qawwaali, for just a moment. But then it turns out to be a solo song, and sounds more like a roadside tamasha song. There are comments in a different voice (or voices), which give an impression that this song is possibly a performance that is being watched by many people. But since only the audio of the song is available, this is just a guess.

The words in the song tell about the perils of eve teasing, including being at the receiving end of the blows from a ‘fancy jooti’ and a possible tour of the courts and prison. The song is cautioning against this activity, and confirms that the fairer tribe does not appreciate casual and unwanted attention of such kind on the roadside. The message in the song is quite timeless, so to say. 🙂 Maybe this song can be suggested to the police and security folks, for educating the ‘be’ and ‘would be’ eve teasers – the menace is quite rampant these days, especially in urban centers.

Another gem of an unheard song from Rafi Sb. The legend lives on and on.

Song – Naadaan Na Ban Ae Matwaale (Rangeela) (1953) Singer – Mohammed Rafi, Unidentified Male Voice, Lyrics – SH Bihari, MD – Jamaal Sen


aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaaa aaa aaaaaaaa

nadaan na ban
ae matwaale
kyon husn pe yun deewaana hai
arre kuchh haath nahin aane waala
pachhtaana hi pachhtaana hai
kuchh haath nahin aane waala
pachhtaana hi pachhtaana hai

aaaa aaaa aaaa
aaaaa aaa aaaaaaaa

chhedna yun raah chalte gair ko achhaa nahin
khopdi par fancy jooti na pad jaaye kahin
achhaa ji
maane na maane
teri marzi
par kaam mera samjhaana hai
kuchh haath nahin aane waala
pachhtaana hi pachhtaana hai

aaaa aaaa aaaa

teri ticrchhi nazar ko
dekhte hain dekhne waale
haan samajh..aye
kahin aisa na ho
pad jaayen teri jaan ke laaley
bacho laala
jeete raho
hai kaam bura
in kaamon ka
anjaam kachehri thaana hai
kuchh haath nahin aane waala
pachhtaana hi pachhtaana hai

galey padne ki aadat
husnwaalon ko nahin bhaati
mohabbat aap hoti hai
mohabbat ki nahin jaati
kya baat hai bandhu
ye pyaar nazar ka dhokha hai
ye dil ko fakhat behlaana hai
kuchh haath nahin aane waala
pachhtaana hi pachhtaana hai

Hindi script lyrics (Provided by Sudhir)

आsss आsss आsss
आssss आss आssssss
नादान ना बन
ए मतवाले
क्यों हुस्न पे यूं दीवाना है
अररे कुछ हाथ नहीं आने वाला
पछताना ही पछताना है
कुछ हाथ नहीं आने वाला
पछताना ही पछताना है

आsss आsss आsss
आssss आss आssssss

छेड़ना यूं राह चलते गैर को अच्छा नहीं
खोपड़ी पर फ़ैन्सी जूती ना पड़ जाये कहीं
अच्छा जी
माने ना माने
तेरी मर्ज़ी
पर काम मेरा समझाना है
कुछ हाथ नहीं आने वाला
पछताना ही पछताना है

आsss आsss आsss
आssss आss आssssss

तेरी तिरछी नज़र को
देखते हैं देखने वाले
हाँ समझ॰॰ए
कहीं ऐसा ना हो
पड़ जाएँ तेरी जान के लाले
बचो लाला
जीते रहो
है काम बुरा
इन कामों का
अंजाम कचहरी थाना है
कुछ हाथ नहीं आने वाला
पछताना ही पछताना है

गले पड़ने की आदत
हुस्नवालों को नहीं भाती
मोहब्बत आप होती है
मोहब्बत की नहीं जाती
क्या बात है बंधु
ये प्यार नज़र का धोखा है
ये दिल को फखत बहलाना है
कुछ हाथ नहीं आने वाला
पछताना ही पछताना है

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