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Bahut achche lago to

Posted on: December 30, 2016

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Mukesh and his Composers – 13

What is common to Anil Biswas, C Ramchandra, Hemant Kumar, Usha Khanna etc ? Well, apart from being successful composers, they were also good playback singers. There are many other names in this category such as SD Burman, Chitragupt, and Ravi etc.

These composer-singers also engaged other playback singers more often than they sang their own songs. So what compels the composer for getting songs sung by others ? There could be many reasons as enlisted below or maybe other factors too.

1. Financial and/or friendship issues amongst artists.
2. The playback singer’s voice may be more suited for the actor on the screen.
3. Insistence of the producers, director or even the actor.
4. The composer may assign the song and singer for rehearsals to his assistant while he concentrates on other works in the making of the movie such as other songs, background score etc.

Here are a couple of anecdotes which we have read on the blog in the past.

1. Anil Biswas overheard or heard from someone about Mukesh complaining that if music directors sang their own songs, then what is the future for playback singers.

2. Manna Dey who has composed for a few films engaged Mukesh for this song from Chamkee 1952 whereas from hindsight we know he himself could have rendered it quite easily.

Coming to the next post in this series, we today take up the case of Hemant Kumar engaging Mukesh for his compositions. Arguably, Hemant Kumar was the most successful amongst composer-singer artists. He however engaged a lot of playback singers too. The list of Mukesh singing for him is quite short and also there are no popular hits, if I may say so.

S.No Name of song Movie (Year of release) Co singer if any Lyricist
1 * ye hansta hua caravan Ek Jhalak (1957) Ms. J.B.Bhasaniya S H Bihari
2 * gori chori chori jaana Ek Jhalak (1957) S H Bihari
3 maine kahaa Maa Beta (1962) Lata Prem Dhawan
4 mujhko mohabbat ho gayi Biwi Aur Makaan (1966) Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey, Talat Mahmood, Joginder Gulzar
5 suno aur nahin hotaa.. Biwi Aur Makaan (1966) Hemant Kumar, Manna Dey Gulzar
6 bahut acche lage to Us raat ke baad (1970) Asha Bhonsle Gulzar

* Version Songs

#1 and #2 are only version songs and were not included in the movie.
I have no hesitation to say that song number #1 sung in the movie by Hemant Kumar is more popular in comparison to the Mukesh version. It also the most familiar in the list I suppose. #2 is a solo and is again sung by Hemant Kumar in the film version. #3 is a romantic duet with Lata featuring Manoj Kumar and Ameeta.
#4 was discussed by self a few days back. #5 is a similar comic song with Manna Dey and Hemant Kumar.

There are also two Bengali songs that Mukesh sang for Hemant Kumar and I am not including them here for obvious reasons. Shri Harish Raghuwanshi ji advised me to add the information of non-hindi songs in the post as it will be useful for the knowledge of music lovers. I also thank him for going through details of the above table that I sent and confirming the same.

For this particular post, I have picked up the last song in the table above. It’s a nice romantic duet with Asha Bhosale picturised on Sailesh Kumar and Tanuja. I am particularly fond of Mukesh-Asha duets. Most of them are not so popular unlike the ones with Lata, but there is certain freshness and a different tone in the duets when Asha joined with Mukesh. This particular song is also one of them. Enjoy.



Song-Bahut achche lago to(Us Raat Ke Baad)(1970) Singers-Mukesh, Asha Bhonsle, Lyrics-Gulzar, MD-Hemant Kumar


bahut achche lago to
bahut achche lago to
jaan keh loon
izaazat do o o
izaazat do o o
izaazat do
tumhen imaan keh loon

bahut achche lago to jaan keh loon
izazat do tumhen imaan keh loon
bahut achche lago ho

akele mein aen
tum kabhi
khud se sharmaate to hoge
akele mein kabhi tum
khud se sharmaate to hoge
mujhi ko soch kar tum muskura dete to hoge
tumhaari muskuraahat ko agar ehsaan keh loon

bahut achche lago to
bahut achche lago to jaan keh loon
izaazat do tumhen imaan keh loon
bahut achche lago to

nigaahon mein aen
yeh nazar
jab tumhen aadaab kehti hai
nigaahon mein tumhe jab yeh nazar aadaab kehti hai

mujhe maaloom hai
kya aarzoo betaab rehti hai
tumhaari aarzoo ko main agar be-imaan keh loon
bahut achche lago to
bahut achche lago to jaan keh loon

izaazat do tumhen imaan keh loon
bahut achche lago to

kareeb aakar
tum suno
saansen kiska naam leti hain
kareeb aakar suno to
saansen kiska naam leti hain

labon se jab gire aahen
to saansen thhaam leti hain
sureeli saans ko apni agar pehchaan keh loon
bahut achche lago to
bahut achche lago to jaan keh loon

izaazat do tumhen imaan keh loon
bahut achche lago to

3 Responses to "Bahut achche lago to"

Obviously as the 2 version songs did not figure in the movies they are less popular. If they had figured they also would have become ‘more popular’ Tweaking the famous phrase it is ‘out hearing, out of mind’
I do not know why there should be any version songs when they are not going to be used in the first place.
Hemantda was not a regular singer like Mukesh and others. When Hemantda felt that a more professional singer would do justice he employed them.
It is the question of familiarity. The standard phrase does not hold good here as far as HFM is concerned. Here familiarity breed popularity and success.
Anyway Mukesh has the maximum hit ratio then any singer.






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