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Chhalke chhalke sharaab e jawaani ke pyaale

Posted on: January 30, 2017

This article is written by Sadanand Kamath, a fellow enthusiast of Hindi movie music and a regular contributor to this blog. This article is meant to be posted in If this article appears in sites like and etc then it is piracy of the copyright content of and is a punishable offence under the existing laws.

In my last write-up kyun dil mila hamaara tumhaara jawaab do, I had discussed the confusion about ‘Kalyanis’- Kalyani Bai, the actor-singer and Kalyani Das, the playback singer. I had also mentioned therein that their distinct voices help listeners distinguish between the two. The song I had presented in that write-up was sung by Kalyani Bai. I was toying with the idea of presenting a song sung by Kalyani Das immediately after my last write-up. I had already identified her song from ‘Manmaani’ (1947).

However, when I was listening to old audio clips of Radio Ceylon’s programme ‘Puraane Filmon Ke Geet’ on YT, I came across one of the rarest songs of Kalyani Das from the film IRAN KE EK RAAT (1949). I liked the song so much that I changed my mind from presenting the earlier earmarked song of Kalyani Das to the new one which I heard for the first time.

IRAN KI EK RAAT (1949) was produced under the banner of Solar Films and it was directed by P C Barua. The star cast included Jamuna, S D Narang, Chandravati Devi, Ghulam Mohammed, Ramesh Sinha etc. No other details about the film are available except that it belonged to the genre of costume drama.

An interesting thing about this film I noticed was that the film’s first advertisement was published in January 1946 issue of ‘Filmindia’ magazine with the name of the distributor for the film. But the film was released sometime in 1949 only. I tried to find out as to why the film was so much delayed as those days, most of the films would be ready for release in about 4-6 months’ time from the start of the films’ shootings. Based on some facts, I can visualise why the film may have taken a long time to get released.

After the success of P C Barua’s film ‘Jawaab’ (1942), there were films produced/directed by him such as ‘Raani’ (1943), ‘Subah Shaam’ (1944) ‘Ameeri’ (1945) and ‘Pehchaan’ (1946) which were commercial disasters. P C Barua was in heavy debt. There were court cases against him. And for a sensitive artist like him, rejection of his films by the audience was the worse kind of stress than even the financial one. All these factors increased his dependence on the alcohol to such an extent that doctors had declared his liver beyond redemption. He was often hospitalised. In 1948 he went abroad for medical treatment and stayed out of India over six months. All these factors, in addition to financial constraints might have affected and delayed the shooting schedule of ‘Iran Ki Ek Raat’ (1949). The film flopped badly at the box office. Incidentally, the film was P C Barua’s last Hindi film which he directed. He died in November 1951.

The film had 10 songs written by Mile Lucknowi, Nausher Rizvi and Sunder. However, distributions of songs among the lyricists are not known. All the songs were set to music by Kamal Dasgupta.

I am presenting a rare song ‘chhalke chhalke sharaab-e-jawaani ke pyaale’ from ‘Iran Ki Ek Raat’ (1949) which is rendered by Kalyani Das. From the lyrics and the musical composition, the song appears to be a dance song.

With this song, the film ‘Iran Ki Ek Raat’ makes its debut in the Blog.

Song-Chhalke chhalke sharaab e jawaani ke pyaale (Iran Ki Ek Raat)(1949) Singer-Kalyani Das, MD-Kamal Dasgupta


chalke chalke sharaab-e-jawaani ke pyaale
chhalke ae ae
chhalke chhalke sharaab-e-jawaani ke pyaale
chhalke ae
koi honthon se apne lagaa le
lagaa le
o mere raaja
lagaa le
lagaa le
honthon se apne lagaa le
lagaa le
chhalke ae ae

koi nazren lagaane lagaa hai
jee mera sansanaane lagaa hai
koi nazren lagaane lagaa hai
jee mera sansanaane lagaa hai
har kadam dagmagaane lagaa hai
koi mujhko sambhaale
sambhaale ae ae
koi mujhko sambhaale
sambhaale ae ae ae
chhalke ae ae

husn angdaayiaan le raha hai ae
?? masti lutaane lagaa hai ae
ishq ab intzaar aur kya hai
husn ko aaj apna banaa le
banaa le
haan haan ji
apna banaa le
bana le
banaa le ae ae ae
chhalke ae ae
chhalke chhalke sharaab-e-jawaani ke pyaale
chhalke ae ae


9 Responses to "Chhalke chhalke sharaab e jawaani ke pyaale"

?? – I would suggest “Aish-o-masti”.

Yes. It fits well.

You have still NOT answered my querry. Which Kalyani it was who sanf in the famous quwali from film Zeenat, ‘Aahen Na Bhari’.
Do you want a ‘Raasta Roko’ andolan to prevent you to move from Borivali to S Mumbai?

This means that you have not read my reply.

He has already replied to your query.

Kalyani Das
Badmash (1944)
Kurukshetra (1945)
Bindiya (1946)
Zameen Aasmaan(1946)
Ghar Ki Bahu(1947)
Paaro (1947)
Ghar Ki Bahu(1947)
Giribala (1947)
Manmani (1947)
Roop Lekha (1949)
Jannat (1949)
Dil Ki Duniya(1949)
Sunehre Din(1949)
Swayam Siddha(1949)
Parda (1949)
Hope I got it right

Nitin ji,
You have given the list of films in which songs sung by Kalyani Bai is also included. I have to check in detail. But off-hand I can identify few films like Badmaash (1944), Ghar Ki Bahu (1947), Paaro (1947), Parda (1949) in which songs were sung by Kalyani Bai.


Catchy song. Thanks for the post

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